The God Virus


Volume 2 - 50 Press Conference

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"This is very good! We could definitely use this, let's think about a plan we could use with this info." The CEO from the US said, his eyes were s.h.i.+ning too like everyone else.

After The CEO from England who goes by the name of Jacob explained what he had heard from his friend Ethan, everyone thought this was good information, that they could probably use to cause the most damage to the enemy company while showing themselves as victims.

So they started thinking of a new plan and finally after putting all their brains in this, they had a new and better plan.

They completely tossed away the previous plan about being in an alliance which was going to make the two sides of the scale equal.

"Hahaha, this plan is even better than our previous plan, with this we're not only going to equal the scales, heck, we're going to surpa.s.s that and reverse the scale!" The CEO from Korea said while laughing.

They spend around two hours to make this plan by the information they had heard from the CEO from England and now, they just needed to execute the plan.

"Okay, then we shall continue as we planned and immediately set the plan in motion, the meeting is adjourned." The CEO from the US said as the meeting was finished.



As Virus was sitting bored on the couch talking to the golden beauty in the highest floor of his 4 Times Square, he said with a smile. "Turn on the TV, it seems I'm not gonna be bored for a short period of time as the entertainment is finally starting."

Hearing this the golden beauty was confused but still followed what his master told him and turned on the TV.

Changing to the channel that Virus told her, she saw that the channel was showing a press conference held by the major phone companies around the world.

Virus just silently watched this entertaining monkey show without talking.



The CEO from the US was talking while everyone else was just listening.

"h.e.l.lo everyone, please note that I am standing here as the representative of all of the major companies that have released advanced phones to the world, these companies include..." He started naming all of the companies that were part of the allied phone companies.

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"So most of you should have already guessed why we're holding this press conference, as lately we have introduced and released very advanced phones to the market, I'm sure you all of you have lots of questions related to this matter, like how is it possible for us to release such advanced phones all of a sudden, but please be patient and let me say all the things I want to say first and I'm sure most of your questions will be answered naturally. So please don't interrupt me while I'm talking and explaining until I'm finished, thank you."

"At first we didn't want to believe it because how can anyone gain access to all of our technologies together, as this was truly impossible! But then we remembered a similar event that had happened recently! An incident that no one knows who has done or how it was done! Yes, I'm sure all of you are thinking about the same thing as we thought at the moment, the 'Ghost Theft' incident where money was stolen from almost all over the world, no one can explain how can something like that happen just like what happened to us!"

At this point everyone at the press conference and everyone watching the press conference around the world was shocked!

This was truly shocking news! But the more they thought about it, the more it made sense.

The only answer that could explain how this Virus Industries had gotten their hands on the technology from all over the world, from all of the phone companies around the world, to make such advanced phones was that Virus Company was the culprit behind the 'Ghost Theft'!

"Now we don't have any evidence of our claims and that's why we didn't say the name of that company so as not to be accused and sued for slander and libel."

"Anyway, after that we decided to share all of our technology pieces together to start anew, from a place that all of the major companies, whose tech was stolen are equals, because that company has already released our technology to the world, if we don't do this... we won't be able to continue keeping our companies alive."

"But from now on we will separate our ways from each other and whatever advancement we achieve from now on, belongs solely to that company itself and not related to the other companies at all."

"That was everything the major companies whose names I announced earlier wanted to say."

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