The God Virus


Chapter 439: I Promise

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Chapter 439: I Promise

"About that… well, see for yourself." Pointing his finger at the spot where thousands of robots were currently hard at work a.s.sembling hundreds of pieces and parts of various sizes, he waited for around thirty seconds when finally the last segment was put in place. 


At once, with the device at its very center, a dome of light began to expand at an extremely fast pace.

In merely a minute, due to how far it had expanded and was covering, the dome of light was now barely perceivable with the naked eye because of its great distance.

From the device itself, a pillar of light was also reaching out disappearing off right into the clouds in the sky. That ray was the connection of the dome to the piece of device that was supporting its maintenance.

"Woahh!" Awestruck at the scene she was witnessing, the golden beauty's eyes were glittering, "Was that dome a s.h.i.+eld? How far exactly is it covering right now?"

"Yep, that's my temporary plan for dealing with the Panumans. The s.h.i.+eld covers a radius of thousand kilometers."

"Amazing! Will that really be able to keep all the Panumans outside?" Curious for real, the golden beauty wanted answers. 

Spotting that look of antic.i.p.ation and curiosity plastered all over her face, Virus didn't hold back, "Of course! Other than the Panumans that are already within the radius of a thousand kilometers, considering the means they have access to, they will be kept out no matter how hard they try to breakthrough."

Following that, as he held a marble over his palm, the 3D image of a thousand kilometers in every direction spread from the marble itself while many red dots could be seen on various locations, "As for the Panumans or anything else that's still inside, the Security ugly will be able to take care of them using this marble."

By now, the trio was already outside the great Transportation s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. 

Walking right beside the river of Water of Life, Virus pulled out a particular flag from within the case Security ugly was carrying on his orders.

Inserting it on the ground next, he declared, "By my words and this flag as a witness, let my civilization begin!"

By the side, looking at the inserted flag that had the image of a brain, half artificial and half organic, with the letter 'V' striking through it, the golden beauty had gooseb.u.mps as she felt her hair raising all over her body.

She had this foreboding that the events of today were maybe the beginning of something much bigger!

Two hours later, inside a rather large and convenient tent that was set up by the Worker Robots, Virus was currently drinking the tea that had been brewed using the freshwater of the river, the Water of Life.

"Master, can you please tell me why you told me to tag along here? I mean what are your specific orders?" The Island ugly inquired while standing still, awaiting the decree.

"Hmm, what a fragrant smell, this type of tea is the best indeed." Taking a sip from his tea, Virus continued, "why else would I bring someone called 'Security ugly' if not for the purpose of security? Your main duty here will be to protect my Lil Belle. Toward achieving that goal, cleaning our territory of all its former inhabitants might be helpful."

"I understand, master." Bowing in respect, the Security ugly humbly accepted the instruction while throwing a short glance at the golden beauty who was busy quietly watching Virus drink his tea.

However, Virus wasn't finished yet.

"Be warned though, no mistakes are permissible this time. You are absolutely not allowed to be careless and make another mistake like last that."

Witnessing Virus' chilly pupils suddenly directed at him, a s.h.i.+ver went down the Security ugly's spine as he could feel the tension increasing from zero to a hundred percent abruptly. He knew Virus was referring to the lapse of judgment he had made while protecting Ella at the nightclub in the past.

"Yes, sir! I'll either protect her successfully or die trying."

"Good." Satisfied with his words, he retracted his gaze before adding, "besides that, your secondary mission will be to lead the Worker Robots and develop our territory."

"Whatever you deem necessary to speed up the process, just request the CEO and Island uglies to prepare, buy, and transport them using the big s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. Fully utilize the resources Earth has available. We have all the money you might need, so go buck wild!" Just as he completed his sentence, countless amounts of knowledge began to overwhelm and invade the Security ugly's brain.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Feeling the overload, the Security ugly couldn't help but scream outwardly. Virus had just uploaded too much information all at once to the point it had exceeded the Security ugly's maximum capacity. 

If he had done it throughout the duration of one second, it would've been fine, but he did it in an instant. The Security ugly understood that was a warning for him to perform his duties better this time around.

"That's the knowledge you will need in order to catch up to Earth's current level of technology and exceed it beyond to the level I require." In fact, although the amount of scientific knowledge had been too great for the Security ugly to the degree he felt horrified at the mere extent of the advanced blueprints he could gain access to now, to Virus, it was nothing but primitive knowledge.

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Inside the Security ugly's head, he could now find all kinds of knowledge necessary in order to create a self-sustaining country. It covered every type of manufacturing such as food, petroleum, chemicals, plastics, clothing and textiles, metal, electronics,  transportation, wood, paper, etc.

In fact, even Virus himself a.s.sisted when there was too big of a group gathered in a single location with rebellious intentions.

Of course, many of the scared Panumans who feared for their lives were still successful in escaping outside the range of the s.h.i.+eld since the dome worked only in a one-way manner. One could exit, but not enter without permission.

And now, since Virus was confident the Security ugly would be capable enough to handle all the remaining illegal inhabitants scattered around, he decided to leave today.

Currently, standing right in front of his own small private s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, Virus was gently kissing the golden beauty's forehead.

Separating from each other soon, the golden beauty looked into Virus' eyes in dejection as she said, "master, I'll get super strong as quickly as  I can and join you in your following journeys! But this time… please… please come back to me safely, promise me!" 

By the end of her sentence, a drop of tear rolled down the golden beauty's face as she was no longer able to tolerate the thought of separating from her master for possibly a long time!

This was the first time that she was splitting from her master who literally meant the whole world to her. Before this moment, she didn't feel it much, but now that he was truly leaving, an odd sensation of unconnectedness was eating her inside out as she even had this notion of throwing caution to the wind and tagging along with him.

However, being aware of how that might put Virus in grave danger, she steeled her heart against the idea.

"I promise, my Lil Belle, I'll be safe. I'll try to do my thing at lightning speed and come back running to you immediately. You won't even notice it."

"Y-you promise?"

Wiping the tears gathered around her eyes with the back of his finger, he a.s.sured her. "Absolutely!"

"Also, remember, I already transmitted everything you might need regarding your cultivation up to the Embryonic Consolidation stage, it's all stored in your Communication Device and you just need to refer to it. Even though you won't be needing that far ahead before I return, one day you will, so I did not hold back."

Turning toward the Security ugly, he demanded one last time. "Keep her safe."

Then, turning around, he left inside the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p which soon vanished into the sky leaving behind a tearful golden beauty. "MASTER!" She screamed, running behind him, albeit, he was gone already.

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