The God Virus


Chapter 435: Worthy

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Chapter 435: Worthy

And indeed, just as those reckonings were finalized, Hu Yuexin quickly unsheathed her sword before rus.h.i.+ng behind Virus and brandis.h.i.+ng it at him with no mercy whatsoever. She was intent on taking him down with a lethal attack!


Seeing the flash of the blade coming at him directly from behind, Virus knew he had to get serious, therefore, connecting to his ring at once, he sent two commands.

'Trigger Initial Configuration – Longsword!'

'Divide Median Configuration – Fragmentary Integument!' 

Promptly, the ring on his finger started to transform and change at breakneck speed as it simultaneously reconstructed itself to a very lengthy unsheathed longsword on his left hand while the rest of the reconstruction was focused on Virus' limbs as they were all covered in pitch-black scales with blue s.h.i.+mmering lines covering between each of them.

Following that, Virus straightly raised the awe-inspiring longsword that was giving off a grand blue hue before clas.h.i.+ng and pus.h.i.+ng it against Hu Yuexin's dull sword in comparison. 


With the swords crossed horizontally between the two in opposition to each other, both Virus and Hu Yuexin continued pus.h.i.+ng against the clinch. Internally, Virus had also concentrated his energy on his feet and arms already.

Their blades continued to lock as they both tried to knock the other one off balance while gazing intensely into one another's pupils in that close position.


At last, due to the frightening amount of force being put behind both of the swords, a shattering sound was heard as one of the swords broke down into two parts.

Without further ado, that coerced Hu Yuexin to retreat at once as her dull sword had been the one to give out.


Before they could even charge at one another again, however, the sound of gla.s.s breaking into many pieces reverberated around the area, this unconsciously forced the two to look at the source, only to realize that one of the two Rifts was finally triggering.

Subsequently, many types of monstrous beasts were poured out. However, not having the time to pay them any heed, the two combatants once again stormed at each other!

In this round, unfortunately, Hu Yuexin had already thrown away her broken sword as she rushed at Virus with her bare hands while on the other side Virus was swinging his sword at her bare arm with no second thoughts whatsoever! He was about to cut off one of her limbs in order to temporarily immobilize her.

Nevertheless, just as the two were upon each other and a grave injury was about to be dealt at Hu Yuexin, she suddenly screamed. "Don't think you're the only one with a worthy sword!"

Not stopping there, she murmured in a low tone.

"Evil Myriad Arts – The First Sword of Devil!"

Abruptly, the energy within Hu Yuexin's body began to leave and gather on her right hand as they created the shape of a barely visible, faint sword!

A sword that adjusted its size to the same size as that of Virus', turning into a longsword at once.

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Even though it was faint, looking at the various ancient-looking patterns on the pitch dark sword which were giving off and s.h.i.+ning in an extremely b.l.o.o.d.y red light, Virus acknowledged the longsword was not to be underestimated. He even felt somewhat threatened by only gazing at the sword which looked like the sword of the devil itself!

This was the very first time since coming to this world that Virus was going against someone as strong as her!

True, he had been against tough or impossible to beat enemies before, but the only reason those people had the upper hand was due to their much higher level of cultivation that could suppress him easily. It had nothing to do with techniques and skills and it was merely a battle of cultivation.

But this time, he felt as if he was facing someone that could truly keep up with him! 

Their combat proceeded to intensify and heat up for around ten minutes. By now some small wounds were apparent on both Virus and Hu Yuexin's bodies. Fortunately, they had been all merely shallow injuries that had been strategic schemes to make the other fall into their trap. Alas, none was successful so far.

No matter, when the clock hit the twelfth minute, finally, some changes started to take place as Virus noticed that she had gotten a little bit slower. And looking at the beads of sweat covering her forehead, he grinned. 'Looks like the advantage of my True Sixth Level of Corporeal Tempering is starting to show itself.'

And indeed, the next moment, identifying an opportunity and weakness, Virus brandished his weapon at her chest.


"AhhRgh!" Screaming in agony, Hu Yuexin retreated in a hurry as a rather grave injury had been dealt on her chest as blood was now flowing out in ma.s.sive amounts.

"Just listen and come with me, I don't want to kill you no matter what since your body still belongs to Hu Yuexin in the end." He declared while frowning at her.

However, this instead forced Hu Yuexin to grit her teeth in annoyance and rage. After that, looking around momentarily, having thought of an idea, she suddenly sprinted at the closest monstrous beasts and annihilated several of them with only one strike each.

Next, all their blood rushed into her before great transformations began transpiring inside her as she sensed a sharp rise in her energy. This unconsciously forced a triumphant smirk to appear on her face as she successfully broke through to the fifth level of Liberation unexpectedly!

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