The God Virus


Chapter 424: Who Can Stop Me!

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Chapter 424: Who Can Stop Me!

Leaving the area of the bought Rift, not having much else to do for the moment, Hu Yuexin took a taxi as she left to visit her sick son in the hospital. 

On the way to the hospital, a deliberation pa.s.sed through Hu Yuexin's mind. 'If only I was one stage higher than my present level of cultivation, I would've been able to cure my son already. Alas, that's going to take a while with my current speed of cultivation.'

After arriving in the hospital, while sitting beside her son's bed, she wasn't just idle as she took out her phone and registered herself on social media with fake information.

Next, she searched Fan Tong's name to see whether she would be lucky enough to find him.

And indeed, due to his rich family background, it was clear that Fan Tong was rather well-known with a good number of friends and followers.

Thus, having already found him, Hu Yuexin started checking Fan Tong's uploaded pictures one after another.

'Let's see… what do you do all day long? Where do you frequent? With what friends do you usually hang out with?' As these questions popped into her brain, Hu Yuexin carefully checked every post one by one while paying close attention to its various details such as locations, tags, texts, pictures, videos, etc.

"Hmm?" After a few minutes of active scanning and a.n.a.lysis, something attracted Hu Yuexin's mind to itself at last.

But just as she was about to continue, a childish voice abruptly distracted her. "Mommy? Are you listening?"

"Oww, my baby Xiao Wei, of course, mommy's listening, so you found a new friend in the hospital, huh? You must really like this friend of yours!"

"Yes.h.!.+ And…" While keeping a little bit of her attention on her son's description of his new friend, Hu Yuexin a.n.a.lyzed her previous findings.

'Nearly every week in this very day, every, he uploads a photo of himself fooling around in this specific club… but where is it at?' Already having discovered a clue as to where her plan was going to be carried out, Hu Yuexin resumed checking all the photos uploaded every until finally, her eyes fell on the name of the nightclub which had been printed on a certain board behind the counter.

Afterward, it was very easy to find the address of the nightclub. All she needed to do was to search the name online.

'Looks like I'm going to be busy tonight.'

That night, at some distance from a certain club, inside a dark alley, a masked woman was standing still apparently waiting for something or someone to come her way.

What made this woman very distinct, however, was the fact that she was wearing a scary mask of a devil with two diabolical horns.

'I wonder if he's here tonight…'

At the same time, already having had a blast of drinking and dancing, with a woman in his arms, Fan Tong was exiting the club while reeling toward his sports car as he took out his car keys from his pocket. It was clear although he could barely walk, he still had every intention to drive.

'Oh, of course, he'll be here. How can that trash skip one night full of debauchery? I blame myself for even doubting that.' Hu Yuexin mused to herself while going into action.

"Let's go! Imma let yee experience a great night tonight! But you promised to act like that b.i.t.c.h Hu Yuexin! If you can't act like her… Imma throw you out! Let's g-" Just as he had unlocked the car door while continuing with his gibberish, an unknown masked person, obviously Hu Yuexin, grabbed him by the neck and started running toward the dark alley before she was gone in a mere second.

And deducing from the casual manner she had effortlessly grabbed and dragged him by the neck, it was plain to see that the concealed woman was an extremely strong person, obviously a Guardian.

Meanwhile, witnessing this horrifying scene of Fan Tong being kidnapped by who appeared to be a devil woman, the other girl who was tagging along with Fan Tong became scared s.h.i.+tless as she ran away. She was so horrified that she even forgot to report to the police. She was only grateful that she wasn't the one to be grabbed away.

Everything had transpired so fast that no one even realized a person had just been abducted and gone missing.

In the meantime, inside the alley, the first course of action Hu Yuexin took was to throw him at the wall very viciously.


"Ahhh!" Immediately, Fan Tong screamed in pain. He was in such an affliction that all his drunkenness had gone away as he was completely awake and sober now!

"W-who are you?" He interrogated in some fear. "Do you know who I am?"

"Pffft! Hahaha! You just had to say that cla.s.sic line, didn't you?" Laughing her guts out, Hu Yuexin casually took off her mask, wiped away the tears on the corner of her eyes that had gathered due to her cry-laughing before talking again, "Do you know how many times I've heard that line?"

"Y-you! You b.i.t.c.h! You dare abduct me?" On the other side, witnessing the countenance of the culprit, a stupefied expression covered Fan Tong's face.

"Hmm… why wouldn't I dare?" Amused by his words, Hu Yuexin decided to tagalong for the moment. 

Just as Hu Yuexin was done speaking, suddenly, both of Fan Tong's hands started transforming. 

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This immediately made Hu Yuexin completely vigilant, that is until she witnessed what Fan Tong's hands had transformed into.

Understanding that didn't work as well, Fan Tong began to curse in hatred. "You f.u.c.king b.i.t.c.h! You're a c.u.n.t! A wh.o.r.e! Just wait for me to go back! I'll kill you a thousand times over! Even if I don't go back, my grandfather will-"

Before he could even finish, however, a knife slit through Fan Tong's throat. "Uh, what a fan tong life you led…"

Gurgh~ Gurkha!

A gurgling noise was all that came out of Fan Tong's mouth as blood flowed down his neck in ma.s.sive amounts.

Still, even until the very last moment, he didn't stop staring at her with dreadful eyes of despise, sorrow, regret, and hatred.

"Don't look at me like that, I told you you would regret it. Blame yourself for being such trash. You should have never threatened my path of power."

At long last, drawing his final breath, Fan Tong was no more.

"So it's over." Looking at Fan Tong's lifeless corpse one last time, she turned around, about to leave.

Yet before she could even start moving, she sensed something within herself. 

'My Trait is reacting!' 

Feeling absolutely thrilled, Hu Yuexin turned back again in order to see what exactly was causing her Trait to react.

Nonetheless, what she saw next dumbfounded her very much. 

Currently, all of the dead Fan Tong's blood was in motion as they all left his corpse before flowing toward Hu Yuexin's feet before disappearing into her body.

And the following second, she felt a sharp rise in her cultivation!

'Ah!' Sensing the swift increase in the level of her cultivation, Hu Yuexin felt as if she had been thunderstruck as she remained speechless for a while before finally bursting into a peal of maniacal laughter. "Who would've thought my Trait to be this! Hahaha! It fits me the best indeed!"

'Now… let's just see who can stop me!'

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