The God Virus


Chapter 418 WAIT!

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Chapter 418: WAIT!

Woos.h.!.+ Whoosh~


Several ice shards instantly pierced through the targeted bear's flesh, successfully injuring it as a result while its fur began bleeding on those particular areas in a nonstop and fatal manner.

Next, a new set of hovering ice took shape around her as she swung her arms once more, forcing them into the roaring bear-in-pain.

Coincidentally, one of the shards sank into the bear's eyes as it went ahead and penetrated its brain, resulting in the instant death of the creature.

Meanwhile, watching the sweat-filled foreheads of Thread-Mistress and the so-called Frost, Virus merely continued observing them. 'They seem to be fatigued and depleted already… the Thread-Mistress due to restraining the monsters until now, and Ella due to her own special trait… hmm.'

Simultaneously, producing a new group of ice, Frost started attacking his second target. And by the time she had launched her second attack, the second bear was already dead.

"F-Frost, I've been constraining them all for far too long, you'd have to deal with the other two by yourself." After seeing the second bear dead, the Thread-Mistress's nigh-invisible threads seemed to have lost their might as they disappeared gradually and that freed the monsters.

"N-No problem!" Exclaimed Ella in determination, however, seeing her breathing with some difficulty, it was clear she was also somewhat struggling with the situation.

Nonetheless, raising her arms, she was just about to put the third bear to eternal rest, when abruptly, Virus took shape between the two remaining bears as he went ahead and shattered their skulls one after another.

"Eh… didn't you say you'll leave those four bears to us, you perverted b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What's the meaning of this!?" Annoyed, exclaimed the Thread-Mistress immediately as she jumped to conclude the possible connotations behind this act of this man which she still deemed nothing but a pervert that would take advantage of a lady at any chance he got.

"Haha, see? I knew something like this would happen! As expected of a loser like him. He didn't deserve your a.s.sistance from the beginning, that's why I told you not to help!" In the meantime, Reign, who had been watching everything quietly until now, as if he had finally found his chance, started talking as he ridiculed and branded Virus as a loser.

Deciding to ignore Reign for now, however, the Thread-Mistress patiently waited for Virus's antic.i.p.ated justification as she felt like he was at least ent.i.tled to that. However, no matter how long she waited, no such a thing happened as Virus simply closed both his eyelids as a satisfied expression took shape over his face. He seemed to be even enjoying the entire development.

Seeing his satisfied look, however, made the Thread-Mistress misunderstand the situation even further as she yelled in anger, "You perverted b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You're enjoying this, aren't you? You enjoy abusing others, right?! Just like when you kiss-" When she reached the final part of her sentence though, a blush formed on her cheeks as she was no longer capable of continuing with her words.

On the other hand, a rueful glimmer was clear on Ella's face as she also recalled that particular scene she had witnessed over the television years ago, the scene of Dark Savior kissing the Thread-Mistress before the eyes of the entire world.

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Of course, going back to Virus, obviously, he wasn't feeling pleasure due to stealing the bears, but because the fusion rate within his second currently-forming synthesized pa.s.sage had started reacting and rising once again.

Not only that, he even had the audacity of showing a happy face as he was clearly enjoying the entire situation while ignoring her.

But now, when she at least wanted him to try justifying himself, he called her 'annoying'. All of this was now making the Thread-Mistress feel very wronged.

"Yes, you! If you had just shut up and stayed quiet for a while until I'm finished thinking, I would've informed you that all of the, even those that were killed by me, are yours to do as you desire… but you just wouldn't shut up and let me think in peace." Answered the Dark Savior with a fl.u.s.tered frown still apparent on his forehead.

This answer made the Thread-Mistress a little stunned as she was feeling even more confused and wronged now. "How do you expect someone to not misunderstand a situation like that! Moreover, why would you need to think for so long! It was clearly a case where anyone would come to misunderstand naturally!" However, although her mouth was uttering those words as she still sounded upset, unconsciously, she began seeing Virus in a more positive light as her tone was also clearly much softer compared to the past.

"Forget it…" Shaking his head, however, not wanting to argue any further, Virus simply ended the topic before vanis.h.i.+ng from their sight in flash.

Appearing beside the motionless corpses of the two humanoid bees next, without any delay whatsoever, he went ahead and extracted the two Red-Crystals from within their bodies.

"Since you two were helpful indeed, everything else here other than these two Red-Crystals belongs to you now, do with them as you see fit. Goodbye." Having already said everything that needs to be said, his figure… disappeared.


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