The God Virus


Chapter 417 Fros

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Chapter 417: Frost

23%, 24%....

And finally…


Only when the bar displayed 25 percent did the odd energy disperse as the Origin went quiet again.

"YES!" Clenching both fists, Virus loudly exclaimed, instantly drawing Ella's and the Thread-Mistress's focus on himself.

"Eh, why does he seem so excited?" Asked the Thread-mistress while feeling gooseb.u.mps under her skin. All she had witnessed was Virus shattering the skull of the bear apart like a savage and then shouting in utter joy as if he had done something that was making his blood boil in elation. 'Could he be a psychopath who enjoys slaughtering?'

"Well, he said he wanted to experiment something, so he probably discovered something which is making him happy." While on the other hand, Frost who knew Virus better responded calmly.

'I wonder what you're experimenting Ai… but whatever it is, I'm sure no one can even dream about imagining it.' Recalling all of the insane tools and stuff she had seen Virus randomly take out during the times of them being together forced a s.h.i.+ne of curiosity to be lit up within Ella's pupils.

Meanwhile, staring at the remaining three bears in front of him, licking the corner of his lips in antic.i.p.ation, he commanded, "Free my three teddy-bears."

Watching his psychotic act of licking the corner of his mouth while saying 'release my teddy bears' promptly sent a cold s.h.i.+ver down the Thread-mistress's spine as she confirmed, 'HE'S DEFINITELY A PSYCHO!'

Still, not having any intentions of wanting to bar this crazy psychopath's path, she went ahead and liberated the bear monsters with a simple flick of her fingers.

Thereafter, the moment the bears were set free, even before the beasts themselves had the chance of charging in his direction, beating them to it, Virus rushed at them with apparently very hungry eyes.




Following that, three respective noises of skulls cracking, blowing up, and exploding traveled through the ears of the trio who gazed at him with some traces of sweat running down their foreheads.

'He's bats.h.i.+t crazy. H-He's d-drooling!' Thought Reign to himself while feeling his blood run cold.

"HAHAHAHA!" At the same time, as if to confirm their hypothesis, spreading both his arms, looking upwardly, he suddenly started to laugh like a true maniac while feeling the amazing transformations within himself.

25%, 26%, 27%...

'He's truly a Dark Savior…' Feeling enlightened all of a sudden, the Thread-mistress pondered to herself in some anxiety. She felt like she had truly come to understand why he t.i.tled himself as the Dark Savior.

31%, 32%, 33%...

Beside her, Ella was also feeling somewhat shocked since this wasn't how 'Aizen' behaved usually. 'Is he… perhaps… acting this way so no one suspects his true ident.i.ty?' This was the only reason she could think of which could maybe justify the strange way he was acting.

45%, 46%, 47%!

When the percentage bar shot up to 47%, the increasing process finally halted.

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This, however, abruptly stopped Virus's unbridled laughter as a sharp glint went through his eyes while he a.n.a.lyzed, 'Eh, I killed three bears, so I was at least expecting the percentage bar to break through 60%… but it only increased to 47%...'

Thereafter, no longer wanting to bother himself regarding the subject, he vanished and appeared before the other bee and casually separated its head too.

Next, as he was, at last, over with his own share of monsters, his attention was finally drawn on the stunned figure of Thread-mistress who was still looking at him with her mouth fully agape.

"Eh, why haven't you killed your own share of bears yet?" Indeed, all four bears were still alive and kicking in their restrained spots.

"Eh… w-we just wanted to watch you first. We'll kill them now." Unwilling to reveal her true thoughts on the matter, with a little stutter, the Thread-Mistress responded.

"Frost, I'll restrain them, you finish them off."

'Finally! I have a chance to show Aizen how strong I've become.' Pondering in elation, Ella said, "Alright, please keep them still."

At the same time, seeing the two about to make their move at last, barely able to maintain his fading interest, he remained standing in a corner. Temporarily.

Meanwhile, under the watchful gazes of the three, Frost then raised her hands while aiming them toward one of the bears.


Immediately, small crystals of ice started to take shape all around her as they grew bigger and bigger by every pa.s.sing second.

Very soon, as the clock had hit its third second, many fist-sized ice shards with extremely razor-sharp edges were pointing at the bear.

Subsequently, she swiped both her arms toward the beast as they all shot at it without any delay whatsoever.

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