The God Virus


Volume 2 - 39 No Meat Bun Delivery

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Amara was at work right now, at one of the branch companies of the Aston Martin Industries.

Her father had made her in charge of this company wanting to see if she was qualified for more or that even the current one was too much for her.

That was how things worked in the Martin Family as you were judged by your qualifications and talent.

You had to be very good at handling and dealing with matters of the company to get to a higher place in the company.

It didn't matter to Amara's father whether the person who was going to inherit the company is a man or woman, thus all of his sons and daughter were in an internal war inside the family.

This kind of att.i.tude which only cared about who was the best and who would make the company thrive and lead it to greater heights, also it was a very good strategy for the company, this has made the siblings distance from each other in the long run, to a degree now they didn't even talk to each other and their att.i.tude had even turned hostile against each other.

So it was obvious this was a very bad decision Amara's father had made for his family as a father.

Amara Martin was the branch manager of this branch of the company which was in New York.

They had branch companies almost all over the world and this New York branch was one of the very big ones only behind the Main Headquarters.

There was only a couple of such size branch companies and almost all of them were being managed by Amara and his brothers right now.

As she was sitting inside her office signing some stuff related to the company, but her thoughts were elsewhere right now.

She was thinking of her prince charming which she had seen two weeks ago at that restaurant, since then she had gone to that restaurant a couple of times but she never saw him again there.

'it's been over two weeks and Detective Lock still hasn't called, he usually does even the most difficult investigations in at most 2 days but now it's been more than two weeks and still no news from him.

Thinking of this She took her Virus iPhone 1 from over the table and went through her contacts until she found Detective Lock's phone number and started calling him.


~~Beep ~~Beep

"h.e.l.lo, Miss Martin." Finally, the phone was answered as a cold voice started being heard from the other side of the line.

"Hey Detective Lock, you didn't call back to let me know of the result, so I finally couldn't wait and called back. How is everything going?" Amara told him after hearing his voice.

"About that where are you? I'll come to you personally and talk." Detective Lock said.

"I'm in New York in the branch company I'm the manager of currently... but you should know that... don't tell me, you're in New York?" she replied and then asked surprised.

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"Yeah, we will talk when I get there, text me the exact address and tell your employees to lead me to you when I get there." He said as he hung up without waiting for her response.

"Okay..." The secretary did as ordered as went out of the office going to buy some Meat Bun.

After the secretary was gone they could finally talk, looking at Detective Lock, Amara said "Why are you in New York Detective Lock?"

"Well, it's because of you actually." Detective Lock answered.

"Me? why?" Amara asked confused.

"Because investigating the person you wanted me to investigate wasn't possible and I had to come to the city where he was at to investigate him." Detective Lock said.

Hearing this Amara's eyes shone as she asked excitedly "soo... what was the result? tell me."

Hearing how excited she was he smiled bitterly before saying "I've been investigating him for more than two weeks but still I could find a very little amount of information about him."

"Oh... still what are those information you've found, tell me everything," Amara said even though she was a little disappointed by the news, she thought he would be able to figure out everything there is to know about Aizen if it was Detective Lock, but now she thought maybe she was overestimating him.


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