The God Virus


Chapter 397 The Lis

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Chapter 397 The Lis

During the rest of Test of Knowledge, another cheater was discovered and thrown out by the invigilator. Afterward, no longer did anyone dare to cheat as they finally understood the invigilator must be some type of Abnormal with a trait that helps him prevent others from cheating.

To that, they could only think helplessly, 'd.a.m.n it, isn't his trait a cheat for being an invigilator?!'

It had been only thirty minutes since the start of the two hours long examination when suddenly, noise arose from a certain desk.

And looking over, everyone noticed the dark-haired youth going ahead as he handed over his answer sheet to the invigilator. This promptly shocked everyone at first before they shook their heads while various thoughts of disappointment went through their mind.

'There's no way anyone would be able to answer everything in just half an hour. Even within the entire two hours, some would be barely able to answer more than half of the questions. The only possibility is that he must be leaving since he hasn't studied at all.'

'Sigh, that dude Victor Goodwin, what a disappointment he is. He should've studied a little at least.' Obviously, this person knew Virus's name since everyone's ident.i.ty was attached to their own respective seats in a very large font.

'Must be another one of those people who had come to the cla.s.s with the hope of cheating. What a loser.' These were some of the notions that popped into the examinees' head. However, the point was, no one reasoned that Virus might've been truly finished with his examination.

They all a.s.sumed he was merely leaving after experiencing the horrifying level of Test of Knowledge for himself!

Nonetheless, as the invigilator received his paper, he couldn't help himself but throw a deep glance at Virus' face. He could've sworn he had previously sensed a wicked yet challenging smirk from this man as he appeared to be the only one who was totally unfazed by him catching cheaters one after another. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he studied all over this partic.i.p.ant's physique in secret, he could not find anything wrong with him.

But now that he saw him standing up and coming over in order to hand his paper over to him, he couldn't help but shake his head in some disappointment and regret. 'Sigh, so he wasn't anything special after all. What a let-down, I expected more from him.'

Of course, he didn't hesitate to accept his piece of paper before telling him to wait or return in two hours in order to receive the results of Test of Knowledge and to see whether he advances to the next test or not.

Throwing a simple nod at the man, Virus exited the cla.s.sroom as he strolled toward the counter casually.

"Eh, you're done already?" Next, he was faced with the surprised and soon regretful face of the lady in charge of reception.

"Sigh, don't lose hope, you can pa.s.s the exam next month if you study well." She said. Still, she couldn't stop herself from lowering the image of this young man in her heart. It was also at this exact moment when she decided that she was not going to give him any chances to court herself.

Beaming a casual grin at her, Virus didn't argue or deny. Instead, he unfussily decided to not bother himself with her as he exited the Abnormals a.s.sociation at once.

He was leaving because he wanted to make the best out of these two hours.

Soon, he was walking on the crowded streets of New York as he enjoyed the various sightings he was perceiving. People calling a taxi, buying food from the various food trucks, and couples walking side by side were the most unique sights that attracted his attention to themselves.

A while later, feeling hungry himself, he also didn't hesitate to walk over as he ordered a burger from a certain busy food truck.

Just like that, in what felt like a simple snap of one's fingers, two hours flew by. Throughout this time, Virus continued to enjoy his burger to its very last bite.

And in the end, as he was done, it was finally time for the announcement of results, thus, he strolled back into the Abnormals a.s.sociation.

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[1. Victor Goodwin – 100/100 (Full marks), Pa.s.s]

[2. Anastasia Foster – 99/100, Pa.s.s]

[3. Ismail Archer – 74/100, Pa.s.s]

[4. Damian Cline – 68/100, Pa.s.s]

[5. Abby Wu – 67/100, Pa.s.s]

[6. Lydia Ross – 52/100, Pa.s.s]

[7. Ian Brown – 51/100, Pa.s.s]

[8. Rita Buck – 48/100, Fail]

[9. Amir Gross – 39/100, Fail]

[10. Lukas w.a.n.g – Failure due to cheating]

[11. Mason Holland – Failure due to cheating]

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