The God Virus


Text - 380 Mysterious Phenomenon

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Several minutes later, just as the piercing torment had momentarily gone quiet, the shadow of a person which was gradually getting closer and closer was spotted by Amara.

Soon, the visage of the other being was clear to her as she mouthed, "It's him! He's back!"

Simultaneously, pus.h.i.+ng the car's door open, Amara got off the limousine wanting to welcome him. However, the next instant, noticing the motionless body of a woman on her arms, her face slightly went pale as she stopped in her tracks.

Next, raising her head in order to catch a sight of Virus's current facial expression, she became entirely quiet. She went silent because she was seeing a type of visage over his face which was totally unfamiliar to her.

Although he looked just as expressionless as ever, there was a dark quality to it now. A type of darkness that didn't exist before his departure.

At this time, the golden beauty who had been just momentarily relieved of her agony also got off the car and went to greet her master only to be faced with the corpse of Hu Yuexin.

"I-Is that the woman who was in charge of providing us with the necessary services at the hotel?" The golden beauty queried speechlessly. She was speechless because she was caught off-guard by Virus's somewhat caring yet dark face. She had never realized that Virus had gotten close to this woman until now.

Nonetheless, putting the matter aside for the moment, wanting to confirm something, she directly went ahead and grabbed Hu Yuexin's unmoving hand, searching for any pulses that might exist on her body.

Unfortunately, what she felt next immediately clarified the entire situation to her. 'So she's dead and master's sad about it.'

Meanwhile, the moment she touched Hu Yuexin, a strange sensation was felt by her, as if a burden had just left her. But she didn't pay that invisible feeling any heed and instead focused her attention on her master's well-being.

"Please don't be sad, Mas- Ai…" Honestly, this was all she could do and say to comfort him right now, and to be frank, that came to torture her even more than the throbbing affliction she had felt previously.

However, shaking his head, Virus denied, "It's okay, I'm not sad. Let's go… we need to take good care of her body and-"

Just as Virus was about to finish his sentence, something happened which instantly dumbfounded the trio present at the scene.

Right now, much to their disbelief, the corpse within Virus's arms started to give off a somewhat vigorous light as Hu Yuexin's entire figure started to inexplicably lit up before it forcibly separated itself from Virus's arms and began hovering by itself on the very air itself!

Next, incomprehensible transformations seemed to be occurring on her body as the petrifying wounds of various degrees of gravity started to close up and heal by themselves!

"W-what's happening to her!!!" Cried Amara in a stupor. She was so appalled that she no longer knew what she was seeing anymore.

"M-Master… what's happening to her?" Even the golden beauty had been greatly dismayed by this incomprehensible phenomenon before her eyes as she questioned Virus.

"I-I… don't know." The most confused and aghast person among the trio, however, was perhaps Virus himself as he gazed at the hovering body in utter bewilderment.

'What the actual f.u.c.k?!' His pupils constricted to the size of a tiny dot as he stared at the flying corpse in front of himself.

Since Virus did not even have the most basic understanding of the situation in front of him, he was thunderstruck very much indeed.

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Subsequently, slowly but surely, every wound covering her body closed up and before soon, Hu Yuexin's entire physique was as healthy as before!

Promptly, the results of his various examinations displayed themselves to him as he took a short gasp full of disbelief.

'How is this even possible?' Just as this notion popped into his head, Hu Yuexin's eyelids began to tremble as they slowly fluttered open.

"Whu a'a xuia? (Who are you?)" A sharp glint of went past her eyes as she p.r.o.nounced an incomprehensible set of words as soon as focus seemed to have returned to her.

Nonetheless, what astonished Virus to no ends at first was what he saw within those extremely deep eyes of hers which coerced a s.h.i.+ver down Virus's spine.

It was following afterward that he momentarily put the matter of her profound eyes aside and instead focused on her strange words which forced a frown to sit on his face while various possibilities instantly crossed his mind. 'Could she have suffered from some sort of brain damage which resulted in a type of aphasia[1]? A severe case of Global Aphasia[2] perhaps? Or is it a kind of Xenoglossy[3]?'

"Can you understand what I'm saying? Do you know who you are?" Wanting to collect more data in order to come to the most narrow conclusion and diagnosis, in fluent Mandarin Chinese, he questioned further.

Meanwhile, listening to him, Hu Yuexin's brows promptly creased as uncertainty shrouded her eyes.

Afterward, she continued watching Virus, Amara, and the golden beauty talk for nearly half an hour without responding in any way.

In this half an hour, Virus tried everything he could to force her to respond more to his stimuli. He even tried grabbing her hand so as to drag her into the car before continuing the process. Unfortunately, that seemed to make her very angry as she immediately threw his hand off and freed herself violently.

Nevertheless, just as the clock hit thirty minutes, her lips at last parted from one another as she mouthed calmly. "Who are you? Where am I?"

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