The God Virus


Chapter 376 Dark Savior!

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Following that, his figure was slapped out of the vicinity of the fire as he crashed right into a ma.s.s of rubble.

"Dark Savior!!!" Cried Atish, extremely worried about Virus' current condition within the rubble.

Of course, it didn't take long before Virus emerged from within the debris again. Only this time, his surface injuries seemed even worse than before.

'As expected, it seems I'm still rather disadvantageous in this situation even with her a.s.sistance… the odds are indeed on the Plant Kraken's side.' He concluded calmly while gazing at the Kraken in the distance.

Actually, Virus had known the possibility of this type of situation developing was rather high from the very beginning. Still, since this was his only option and because there were still some chances of success left, he had decided to go along with it and see how the situation would proceed from thereon.

But now, he had failed indeed.

"This won't work, the Plant Kraken's smarter and shrewder than I thought." His eyes didn't leave the sight of the creature while he shook his head repeatedly.

"Ah… then, what do we do now?" Helplessness flashed through Atish's eyes. By now, perspiration had filled her forehead. "I can't hold it off for much longer either…"

Without responding at all, Virus merely placed a hand beneath his jaw before beginning to contemplate and calculate the alternative possible answers to this particular circ.u.mstance.

'I need to be quick and deal with the monster as soon as possible before rus.h.i.+ng to check Hu Yuexin's current situation. Though extremely unlikely, she might've survived by hiding somewhere that was able to keep her safe from the crash.'

'But how do I deal with this f.u.c.king veggie?' Closing his eyes, as he wondered about this particular question, ma.s.sive amounts of calculations started to pa.s.s through his head nonstop.

Moments later, his eyelids abruptly fluttered open as a few sure-fire solutions revealed themselves before him.

'Solution number one requires me to wait for the other guardians to get here before dealing with the monster together with them.'

'Solution number two… I can summon my transportation s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p here and crash the c.o.c.kroach veggie beneath it.'

'Solution number three… I need to…'

Unfortunately, solution number one was against his goal of dealing with the Plant Kraken, which was to kill it as quickly as possible before charging to see how Hu Yuexin was doing currently. So this option was instantly denied by him.

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Solution number two was rejected as well since that would draw too much attention and suspicion to himself. This option was rejected with the foresight to the future when his ident.i.ty was finally revealed to the world.

Next, controlling all of the internal energy, he led them to the thirteenth knot straight away as he crashed them against it. 'Sigh… if I want to break through the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th twists in my Energy Pathways, I would need several decades at least before successfully breaking through to the [Liberation] stage. But considering the strange phenomena happening all over the Earth, I don't have the time for that.'

He continued, 'Therefore, the only option I'm left with is to discard the idea of untwisting those remaining knots and instead forcefully bring about the first circulation within my Energy Pathways utilizing only twelve of my Pathways. Sigh… what a pity.'

In fact, since the very beginning, Virus had known that he would be able to forcefully break through to the [Liberation] stage from the moment he had affluently untwisted the twelfth obstruction and entered the thirteenth level of [Energy Disentanglement] stage.

This was the case because the moment a person disentangled his twelfth knot, a kind of gate of law would be opened for that person as the world itself would permit the said being to directly breakthrough to the next stage of cultivation on will.

Of course, the more knots one had and the more he untwisted of those knots, the greater one's cultivation would become after breaking through.

Sadly, however, it seemed that opportunity was not going to present itself to Virus as he was now about to head on connect his twelfth pathway to his first, thus completing the first circulation within his body and forcibly breaking through to [Liberation].

Anyhow, after guiding every bit of energy within his pathways to the twelfth one, he immediately tried joining the first one to the twelfth by trying to push the internal energy gathered within his 12th pathway directly to the very first itself, thus creating the first circulation.

Virus was expecting a great deal of obstruction on this path of trying to forcibly progress to the next stage since history had proven that when those with more than 12 Energy Pathways tried to break through earlier, before untwisting all their pathways, they would face a great hindrance that would result in the process of progressing to the following stage extremely hard.

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