The God Virus


Chapter 372 Not In The Mood

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This was some of the acc.u.mulated killing intent that had formed and come into existence as a result of countless kills—directly or indirectly—Virus had committed throughout both his lives!

And feeling this psychotic killing intent directed at itself, even though the infant Kraken was an entire block away, a s.h.i.+ver went down its whole plant figure as it froze in its current spot into an unmoving state.

At this time, the creature was feeling as if it was being targeted and stared at by the most horrifying predator it had ever come across. It knew something extremely horrifying was gazing upon itself as it had this illusion that it was going to be minced into countless pieces even at the slightest of movement. And that was why it was frozen still.

Meanwhile, desiring to annihilate the Plant Kraken as quickly and brutal as possible, Virus's body shot in the direction of the beast as a fissure was left on the ground!

Soon, Virus was already in front of the monster as he jumped high into the sky. The next moment, his body was already at the same height as the head of the Kraken as he sent the heaviest punch he could muster right at its head, "Die."


Promptly, one section of the creature's head was blasted as if it had just been hit by a grenade.

With his scale-covered fist having successfully connected to its intended target, Virus was just about to decide his next course of the attack, when, to his surprise, four gigantic plant tentacles were thrown in his direction.

And of course, while still floating in the air, Virus immediately began calculating the best course of action he could take in order to dodge or counterattack the approaching tentacles.

However, what he faced next could only somewhat astonish him in return.

He was astounded because he realized the speed of the incoming tentacles was even faster than his fastest speed and that no matter how hard he tried to dodge them, he still wouldn't be able to leave the enormous and overarching attack perimeter of the tentacles as they were simply too big and too many to evade by basic limited movements of various parts of the body.

This meant that although his mind was fast enough to come up with possible solutions to avoid the attacks, his body just could not keep up with that kind of speed.

Therefore, all Virus could do now was to watch the approaching tentacle exposedly.


And just like that, Virus's figure was slapped a dozen meters away into a random building, creating a crevice on the wall of the building as a result of the hard impact.

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Meanwhile, to everyone else who was still alive to watch the creature in horror, the whole chain of Virus jumping and attacking the monster, and then the infant Plant Kraken's counterattack had merely taken around a single second or two!

In this regard, Virus judged that the two Horned-Pigs that he had gone against in the past were also at this level of power; the 2nd level of Liberation.

And then comes the Flying-Pig which was even mightier than the two Horned-Pigs. Virus appraised the Flying-Pig to be equivalent in ability to that of a cultivator at the 3rd level of the Liberation stage.

Virus was able to go against and defeat the Flying-Pig while utilizing both his tempered body and [Median Configuration – Fragmentary Integument] together; meaning, he was at least as strong as someone in the 3rd level of Liberation while utilizing both of his perks.

Then there's the 4th level of Liberation Stage which Virus believed he would be somewhat able to go toe to toe with and most likely defeat while making use of all three of his perks; his ring, his internal energy, and his tempered body.

Unfortunately, Virus had never gone against any creature who might be similar to cultivators at the 4th level of Liberation in their sheer competence.

Instead, what he was against right now was the infant Plant Kraken before him which had directly skipped the 4th level and had the strength-level of someone at the 5th level of Liberation. And this fact alone was slightly irritating and even bugging Virus at the moment.

Frankly, Virus wasn't in the mood to engage in any fight whatsoever, he just wanted to gut the insides of the creature, shower in its green blood, and taste his sweet revenge while trying to control his currently gus.h.i.+ng fury which didn't seem to have an end to it. However, since it was stronger than expected, doing that was proving to be harder than antic.i.p.ated.

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