The God Virus


Chapter 371 Goodbye 6

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Soon, all that was left of the once magnificent hotel that had just been razed to the ground was its pathetic remains.

And taking a glimpse of the entire show, Virus' expression had long gone extremely dark.

She was gone now. That was the only notion that kept pa.s.sing through Virus' head. Repeating itself over and over again.

And that notion itself was followed by the lucid memories of Hu Yuexin herself.

Their first meeting at the entrance of the hotel itself…

Their first kiss…

The time he went running into the middle of nowhere in order to save her…

The time she had narrated the tragic story of her life and her son…

The time she cried her heart out after hearing he was leaving…

Everything simply flashed in front of Virus' eyes as he experienced this strange feeling of loss; a type of feeling he didn't think he would experience over the loss of Hu Yuexin.

But he was. And that pained him.



After watching Virus leave, the Chinese beauty was now once again serving different rooms of the hotel. However, all that was occupying her mind was Virus himself.

'He must be close to the airport already, right?' She pondered to herself while wearing a blank expression.

'Will he really come back? Or did he say those words just to comfort me?'

Different lines were going through her head when abruptly, the ground started to quake and shake.


"Ahh, what's going on?!" Shrieked the guest Hu Yuexin was serving at the moment. Both of them were terrified.

"I-I think… it's an earthquake! Let's leave to the lobby quickly!" Said Hu Yuexin out loud, her own face long gone pale by now.


Soon, just as they were about to reach the lobby, a terrifying howl was heard.


This instantly sent intense s.h.i.+vers down to Hu Yuexin's spine. She was greatly confused while not understanding what exactly was happening.

Notwithstanding, finally arriving at the lobby, she rushed at the already gathered crowd before asking the receptionist who she was familiar with, "Lian Tai, what's going on? Why doesn't the quivers stop?"

"H-Hu Yuexin! A g-gigantic monster is wreaking havoc everywhere outside! We need to remain inside the building until the Guardians deal with it!" Trembling all over, the receptionist replied before also adding, "They say the monster's already destroyed a few buildings! d.a.m.n it!"



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"Ahhhhh…" It was at this time when another round of intense shaking was felt by everyone as various people started screaming in fear.

'W-will… will I see my son… again? Will I see that man agai-' her last line of deliberation was cut off at this point as she drew her final breath of despair before her body powerlessly fell on the wreaked rubble as her consciousness retreated into oblivion, never to be lit again. Forever.

Hu Yuexin… was gone.

Meanwhile, outside, Virus continued to gaze at the remains of the hotel in all quietness.

Slowly, he started to feel something missing inside himself. As if he had just become… less.

This sensation at first annoyed him. And before soon, it started to frustrate him somewhat.

Then with frustration came anger as it ended in… rage.



Something that belonged to him alone had just been taken away; never to be returned again!

This was Virus' first time in his new life that he had lost something permanently. And that was starting to blind him in endless wrath of insanity.

Despite everything, however, none of that rage or maddening wrath of his was exhibiting itself on his expression at all. The only change his rage caused on his face were those freezing eyes of his which were emitting an extremely piercing glint inside them.

The coldness and the sharpness exuding from those eyes of his were so extreme that anyone who took a momentary glimpse of them would instantly get the illusion of straightly gazing into the deepest abyss of the frozen h.e.l.l itself!

Simultaneously, accompanied by those deadly eyes of his, an invisible yet blood-curdling murderous intent began to be emitted and released from all over his being!

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