The God Virus


Chapter 366 Goodbye 1

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To Virus, this was a real nightmare indeed!

It was a real nightmare because no matter how hard he deliberated trying to come up with a possible solution, in the end, no results revealed itself before him. He was truly lost.

Even after including every single available pill, pellet, drug, serum, etc. which he could get his hands on according to his database, there was absolutely nothing that could a.s.sist him this time. Virus was truly in a pickle.

With that being said, the only option, the only path he could partake now was to persist through with no alternatives whatsoever!

And 'that' made it a nightmare!

'Is my cultivation going to remain this weak for many years to come? Is there really nothing else I can do? f.u.c.k…'

Knock~ Knock~

With his brows knitted together, he was just about to begin the process of thinking even outside the box, when the knocking on the door interrupted him at once.

"Aizen, it's night time and we're ready to leave!" Immediately, Amara's barely hearable statement forced Virus out of his long contemplation.

Opening his eyes, Virus gazed outside his window at the dark night, 'Time sure flies. Especially when you're cultivating.' He had been so lost while concentrating the small particles of energy on his thirteenth knot that he a.s.sumed an hour had pa.s.sed at most.

No matter, understanding it was time to move, standing up, he began walking toward the entrance of his presidential suite for one last time. Of course, he also didn't forget to leave half of his awareness on the concentrated motes of energy inside him since he didn't want the particles of internal energy to dissipate allover his Pathways.

"Have you two packed already?" He probed while taking pleasure at the mere sight of the two dressed up luscious beauties standing in front of his door.

These clothes were specially selected from the mountain of clothes the two had bought during their stay time in Shanghai.

"Yes, let's go." Mouthed Amara with a cute twirl, smiling rather plainly.

"Okay." Nodding in agreement, Virus directly closed the door behind himself since his stuff was already put in a suitcase by the golden beauty herself.

Sometime after that, Virus, Amara, and the golden beauty reached the lobby.

"Okay, I'll settle the bills, you two stay here for a second." Declaring this, Amara left for the reception quickly.

Virus too, recalling something he had to do before leaving, turned toward the golden beauty and phrased, "Lil Belle, you and Amara wait for me inside the car, I'll be back right away." Having said that, he disappeared in a random direction.

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Seeing this intense reaction from her, Virus could only exclaim apologetically while grabbing her shoulders gently, "Woah! It's me, Aizen. Why were you startled like that, I just wanted to surprise you. But didn't expect you to be that triggered…"

Rather worried about her at this point, Virus asked, "Seriously though, are you okay, Hu Yuexin?"

"I-I'm okay… why are you here anyway? If you need anything, you could've just called the room service." Pulling herself back together, she queried while evading making direct eye-contact with him.

Looking into her dodging eyes nonetheless, Virus informed her while displaying a brilliant smile, "Um, actually, I'm here to say goodbye, I'm leaving."

Hearing this unforeseen piece of news, Hu Yuexin's eyes promptly went wide-open as she gaped at Virus silently. She was frozen still. To be honest, she was totally caught off-guard by the sudden news of him leaving.

In fact, she was frozen still because she didn't know how to react to this piece of news at all.

Notwithstanding, beneath that irresponsive figure of hers, she was certain that she was experiencing a sense of loss. As if she was about to lose something very precious to her. Again.

'Put yourself back together, you stupid woman! It's not like this relations.h.i.+p was ever going to work out!' Just as this line of thought had flickered through her head, feeling ridiculous yet numb, she could only reprimand herself even further, 'heh, what relations.h.i.+p? There wasn't even a relations.h.i.+p to begin with between the two of us. He was always destined to leave. Moreover, isn't it better that he's going to leave anyway… since it means I might be free from that promise too?'

While it was true she was thinking that, on the contrary, the faint light within her eyes which fate had already hushed to a great extent previously subsided even further.

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