The God Virus


Chapter 351 Bidding War 5

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Learning of the incoming section which was only about rift-related materials, everyone's eyes began s.h.i.+mmering with fervor. As a matter of fact, the reason why this round of auctioning was so popular around the globe had been especially due to this part. Thus, one could even call this segment the 'main' part.

"The first item of this section is the shockingly tender meat of a monstrous beast known as the White Tiger!"

"Now as most of you are already aware of this, the flesh of many of these monstrous beasts can be extremely toxic to the human body. However, that is not a case applying to all of them! Some of them are not just rich in taste… but, according to the scientists who have experimented on them nonstop, can be also very beneficial to your body! Talking about those nontoxic ones, the benefits each of them bring varies according to those creatures' special traits since… while some of them are very nutritious and even super nouris.h.i.+ng to your anatomy, some can be unbelievably delicious! Some even have been said to strengthen the body! I mean how amazing is that?!"

Pausing at this point, she signaled her a.s.sistant to reveal the chunk of meat. Then, as it was displayed before the eyes of everyone, she continued, "And concerning this White Tiger meat, I can only say that studies have shown it to be so very nutritious to the body, to the point that even caviar pales in comparison!"

"The starting price shall be $100 thousand, I'll let you all be the judge of the actual worth of this amazing tender meat!" As she was done with her introduction, she patiently waited for the bids.

"$200 thousand!"


"Going once, going twice, sold! This top-quality chunk of meat has been won by that lady at seat number 87!"

Afterward, different types of meats or even complete corpses were pushed on the stage before the eyes of everyone present. However, to this point, all of them were said to either possess a new type of top-quality taste or have the end result of nouris.h.i.+ng different parts of the body to various levels.

One of them, in particular, was even introduced as being extremely nouris.h.i.+ng for men's kidney and as one can expect… it was the one that was sold for the most expensive price among the auctioned-meat to this moment!

"Okay everyone, the following merchandise is something very unique! It's the meat of the famous six-legged coyote! Yes! That famous coyote whose meat is rumored to permanently increase the strength of your body by one kilogram the first three times you devour it!" It was clear that even the auctioneer herself was very impressed by the astounding attribute of this creature.

"Now, as I'm sure you're all already aware of this, for each person, there is a limitation of only three kilograms increase in body strength. Still, that's a permanent increase!!! When you eat this delicious meat, you'll immediately start feeling power coursing through your stomach and veins!!! Moreover, there is enough meat here to increase the strength of five people! Meaning, you can share it with your family members and empower all of them!"

"I believe that's all I had to say, oh, also, its initial bid is a mere $500 thousand!"

"$1 million!" The first bidder said proudly.

"$5 million!" The second bidder stated arrogantly while looking at the first bidder in contempt for thinking $1 million was something to be proud of.

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"$15 million!" The third bidder also proclaimed while looking down at both of the initial bidders wearing a smirk.

"Yay!" She exclaimed feeling jovial. As it happens, Amara also had this obsession of getting more powerful.

"Okay everyone, this upcoming item is something I'm sure everyone's excited about!!!" Going silent at this point, the auctioneer stayed quiet for some time, obviously in order to build suspense.

After making sure everyone was now impatiently looking forward to her opening statement, she revealed two Red-Crystals in front of everybody before starting her speech in a loud tone, "Two Red-Crystals everyone!!! But before anything, let me thank guardian Atish for providing us with these two precious crystals! Thank you very much miss Atis.h.!.+" Vocalized the auctioneer while pointing at a certain wavy redhead woman, a beauty.

Showing a mesmerizing smile, that redhead who was sitting in her own special seat without the knowledge of anyone up to this point nodded her head in return.

"It's really Atis.h.!.+ She's here too!!! Ah!" Someone shouted in disbelief. Atish was one of the currently rather famous guardians who were shown many times on the television, thus, she was like a celebrity to a lot of people!

"Yeah! Wow, she's such an enchanting beauty! How old is she? Twenty-five? Twenty-six?" Someone else voiced.

Virus too, turned toward the ending point of the auctioneer's finger as he muttered wearing a grin, "Oh, it's that woman I saw on the television the other day… her Trait was rather interesting…"

Meanwhile, seeing Virus sneaking a peek at that woman called Atish, Amara couldn't help but be a little jealous, 'Could it be… he likes redheads?'

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