The God Virus


Chapter 346 Y-you're...

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On the other hand, the thought of last night when he was punched into being unconscious to the point of even losing a few of his teeth sparkled Fan Tong's wrath to new heights. Now naturally, after regaining consciousness in a hospital bed last night, gathering his lackeys, he had come running into the hotel. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the hotel seemed to put extra care and importance on his a.s.saulters for some unknown reason, he had to return empty-handed in the end.

"It's you! b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You dared to raise a hand on me! I'll f.u.c.king kill-" Talking to this point, he was just about to walk and lead his bodyguards toward Virus when abruptly, a hand stopped him in his tracks.

"Sir, with all due respect, please return to your seat or I'll be forced to escort you outside. Please note that any disturbances caused within the area of the salesroom will not be tolerated at all."

The source of this voice was, of course, one of the security guards wearing who was in charge of keeping the salesroom safe.

Seeing someone stopping him from taking his revenge, a few veins popped up on Fan Tong's forehead before he shouted in irritation, "You! Do you know who I am? How dare you stop 'me'?! Me!!! I'm 'the' Fan Tong of Shanghai! I'll give you one more chance, let me go… or face the consequences!"

Uttering these several words in absolute confidence, Fan Tong was expecting the other party to cower away and let him have his way while drowning in his own p.i.s.s of terror.

However, much to his surprise and even anger, he realized that the security guard, who was still maintaining his calm demeanor, was as unmoved as a mountain while continuing not to free his grabbed arm.

Anyway, seeing him about to burst in a fit of rage, the guard finally opened his mouth, "I know exactly who you are Mr. Fan Tong. But to be honest, I don't give a d.a.m.n." At the same time, the guard's eyes started to change as his irises turned scarlet red, giving a bizarre quality to it.

This in return, instantly sent s.h.i.+vers down to Fan Tong's spine while he realized in utter dread, 'H-he's a f.u.c.king Abnormal!'

Meanwhile, not stopping there, the security guard continued, "So what do you say, Mr. Fan Tong? Give me some face and return to your seat."

By now, under the horrifying pressure of those abnormal b.l.o.o.d.y eyes, beads of sweat had already covered Fan Tong's forehead while he contemplated seriously, 'Although one of my guards is an Abnormal too… I can't easily offend one… I don't even know his guardian rank, so I might be facing someone powerful... I better retreat for now.' Having made a decision, turning toward Virus, he voiced in contempt, "Count yourself lucky, boy. But don't you think this is over! Not even close! Let's go."

Then, turning around, he left the area.

Meanwhile, observing his retreating figure, the security guard's eyes changed back into its normal color while he advised amicably, "He won't be able to bother you while you're within the area of the auction house, however, be careful while you're leaving." Having finished giving this friendly advice, he also went off in a random direction.

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Watching the disappearing back of the security guard, Virus couldn't help but murmur, "Interesting…"

"But why aren't you? Isn't he gonna be a big threat for you like this?" This time, it was the golden beauty who was questioning the old man. She was a little intrigued by the elder now.

"Hahaha…" to this, however, the old man started laughing loudly before finally responding, "you're right. His family can pose a true threat to my current position if they indeed decide to act upon it. However… how can I abandon a young friend I just made that easily? I wouldn't be in my current position of power if I did that anytime trouble came looking my way. Moreover, what's his clan worth in front of the globally influential Virus Corporation, right?"

Satisfied with his answer, Amara proclaimed displaying a sweet grin, "I like you old man. Anyway, if you ever lose your position because of this, just call this number and I'll grant you an even better seat in my family company." Simultaneously, she placed a business card in front of the Chairman.

Not taking her words seriously at all, the Chairman casually picked up the card while vocalizing, "Hoh, an even better seat than my current one you say, young lady? That's not an easy thing to-" At this point, however, as his eyes fell on the card, he could only eat his own words speechlessly as a realization hit him, "Urgh… y-you… you're Amara Martin! The daughter of Aston Martin Corporate's chairman!"

"Hehe… yep, one and only. You didn't see that coming, did you now?"

"Oh… that makes sense, right, right, right! I should've known those accompanying the Chairman of Virus Corporate can be no one ordinary!" Grinning from ear to ear, replied the Chairman while thanking his ancestors down to his eighteen generations for giving birth to an intelligent person like him.

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