The God Virus


Volume 5 - 341 What's Your Name?

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"Sigh…" releasing a helpless sigh, he pondered, 'hmm, this makes me wonder though… why is it that there were no knots from the first to the twelfth level? And why did they appear from the 13th level onwards? Is there a particular reason for this?'

With that thought, he started contemplating intensively on the possible reasons as to why this odd phenomenon had happened.

'Why only twelve disentangled pathways? Hmm, normal people only have twelve energy pathways… could it have something to do with that?' Notions like this kept pa.s.sing through his head one after another, but unfortunately, he couldn't be certain about any of them.

"Forget it." Shaking his head, he decided to put the matter aside for now.

Then, opening his already heavy eyelids, Virus realized it was already in the middle of the night. So he decided, "I'm going to be very busy tomorrow. I better sleep and replenish my energy."



The FBI beauty was sitting inside the surveillance room of 4 Times Square as she was pa.s.sively checking the screens in front of her.

"Ahh… I'm bored!" She screamed abruptly, startling the other security employee sitting beside her.

Since the day she had become a part-time employee of Virus Corporation, sitting like this had almost become her normal daily routine. This resulted in Sara dearly missing the days where she used to engage in thrilling cases of action where she dug crime or went chasing after them.

But now, from the moment she was sent here to work for the Virus Industries, her boss had gradually dismissed all of her other cases with the excuse that it was more important for her to keep watch over the Virus Corporation.

To be honest, Sara did understand this notion, she knew the Virus company was one of the most crucial organizations on the entire planet which absolutely had to be kept under close surveillance.

This corporation was currently the undisputed leading company in the field of mobile phones. It would be even better to say there were no longer any other phone companies capable of competing with their unique technology.

Of course, some new or old companies roughly copied or adjusted their phone technology from time to time, but with how fast they were advancing and releasing new types and new generations of phones, no one could even come close to holding a candle compared to them. They couldn't keep up.

However, obviously, this wasn't the only factor as to why the government of the United States of America was so interested in them.

The most essential element of their curiosity was mainly the unfathomable secrets still concealing themselves behind this unknown corporation!

The sudden appearance of the temporary cure of the [Mutated HIV], the advent of advanced technologies like the high-quality cameras, and lately, the abrupt emergence of waves of indescribable lights from 4 Times Square building that sent waves of shock and horror all around New York were some of the most important reasons as to why the government felt like they had to 'subtly' get behind the truth of this giant.

Human beings always feared the unknown. Thus, now that such an ent.i.ty shrouded within mists and clouds had displayed the tip of its feet in front of them, they felt like they wouldn't be able to put their mind at ease at least before they brought the creature outside the concealment of the mist.

Truthfully, the FBI beauty had long somewhat understood that for the most part, the reason she had been tasked to work in this dull company was so that she could gather information regarding this mysterious creature hiding within the mists of shadow. However, even with those thoughts in mind, she was still feeling crazy-bored because almost nothing worth mentioning had happened in this place for the past year. At least not anything she could gain access to.

She still remembered the time when her boss had interrogated her regarding the matter of the waves of glowing light, but unfortunately, no matter how hard the FBI beauty investigated the matter at the time, she was unable to bring the matter to light.

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'Why isn't there anything for me to do at all?' This line of deliberation had just gone through her mind, when all of a sudden, her phone started ringing.

Afterward, she had to rush over to the scene of the murder where the police had already surrounded.

"Sigh…" Letting out a powerless sigh after catching the sight of a corpse, she walked in front of the responsible detective, presented her FBI badge right at her face while declaring, "The FBI will take over from here on. You're dismissed."

Surprised by this sudden intervention, a frown sat on the detective's face as she proclaimed, "What? Why would the FBI bother themselves with such a case?"

Shaking her head, however, the FBI beauty declined to answer, "I'm not obliged to answer that. Just go away if you're not looking for trouble."

This was a very sensitive matter which she had been ordered to hide at all costs by her supervisor, so there was no way she was going to open her mouth and respond.

Annoyed by her reply, the detective glared at the FBI beauty while saying, "Is that so? Then… I'm sorry, but I won't be handing over the case before I'm at least ordered to do so."

This in return irritated the FBI beauty as she inquired, "What's your name?"

Releasing an impatient harrumph in response, the detective mouthed, "Hmph, I'm detective Argent."

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