The God Virus


Volume 5 - 334 Shanghai

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After she exited the large device, without any words, Virus just picked up a syringe and directly injected it into her veins. This was for immunizing her cells against the impurities from now on.

"How do you feel?" He said, displaying a smile at her face.

"Awesome! Um, it feels like I'm sinking within the most comfortable hot spring in the world!" Closing her eyes, the golden beauty described her sensation at the moment.

"Haha, that's great. From this very second onwards, you've perfected the [Purifying] stage!" He responded before adding, "Now, before we join with Amara again, you have a vital decision to make."

Confused by his words, she queried, "Oh? What decision?"

Hearing that, Virus started talking, "Hmm, you see, now that you've completed this stage, you have two options. The first is for you straight away skip the upcoming stage, [Corporeal Tempering] stage and directly enter the [Energy Disentanglement] stage, you need to pick this one if you still haven't decided on when you want to inject the [Immortality Serum] to yourself. Your second choice is to inject yourself with the [Immortality Serum] right now and then go through the [Corporeal Tempering] stage."

"Eh, why?" She inquired with uncertainty.

"It's really simple if you think about it… the current range of your age can be considered to be the best period for starting the path of your cultivation… if it's any later than this, you'll lose the most efficient timing. Unfortunately, unlike what happened to me, for you, it'll take years to complete the Corporeal Tempering stage since we can't get our hands on another 'Brisk Balance Fruit'… thus, you'd need to take the Immortality Serum and persist through… if you prefer." Elaborated Virus while maintaining an expressionless face.

"Now, think and answer me. What's your selection… which path do you choose?" He also added before going quiet.

Understanding his explanations, the golden beauty sank into a deep contemplative state for a while.

A few minutes pa.s.sed, when finally, snapping out of it, she questioned, "Um, master, can you please tell me one thing before I tell you my preference?"

"Of course, what is it?" Came his cool yet short response.

"What are the general stages of cultivation? I want to know this because I believe it'll help in me reaching a final decision." Staring into his eyes with unwavering determination, she said.

However, hearing this question, a distant look appeared within Virus' eyes as he began murmuring, "Hmm… the general stages of cultivation, huh?"

It was soon followed by him saying, "Sure, if it really helps, I'll reveal some of the stages you'll be dealing with in the near future."

Then briefly nodding his head, he went on, "As you know already, first we start with the two optional pre-cultivation stages, [Purifying] and [Corporeal Tempering]," After a short silence at this point, he mouthed further, "and afterward, we finally officially initiate our cultivation with the [Energy Disengantlement] stage before, respectively, proceeding to the future stages, [Liberation], [Sublimity Emergence], [Embryonic Consolidation], [Seraphic Tempering], and [Expansive Forbearance]."

Reaching the end of his clarification speech, he ended with, "these are the rough information you need to know regarding the stages for now."

The golden beauty's eyes had long started to glimmer after gaining this seemingly futile yet essential knowledge as she felt like a new world had been just unlocked before her.

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"Let's move to the above ground. You can think about it on the way out." Uttering this, Virus turned around and started moving toward the unique elevator which would move them to the building above the floor grounds.

"Let's go wait outside, he'll catch up soon."

After that, the trio strolled out of the building.

"Can we walk to the sh.o.r.e? I'm really itching to go there…" Amara said while staring into the distant seash.o.r.e.

"Sure… why not." Nodding at her request, next, they walked to the sh.o.r.e of the atoll as Amara enjoyed the view while enjoying the sandy sh.o.r.e barefoot.


Several hours later, the trio was flying above a magnificent city of s.h.i.+ning lights. It was nighttime already.

"Woah! What a beautiful city! Master! Look at that spherical tower and its mesmerizing lighting!" Exclaimed the golden beauty while leaning on the window of the private jet.

"Haha… well, this is Shanghai, alright? And that's the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower you're looking at… basically, it's an antenna." He responded, bursting into amused laughter. To be honest, he was also feeling excited about this trip.

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