The God Virus


Volume 5 - 331 A Change of Hear

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"Oh? Is that so? Then, I'll just add the third choice myself," Vocalizing this, he proceeded while staying as calm as before, "and you said the government has been very lenient toward the Guardians? Hmm, what a coincidence… because the government has been even more lenient toward me these days," Talking to this point, promptly, an evil grin was painted over his face as he added, "anyway, my third option is… I'll beat the c.r.a.p out of both of you."

"You! You wanna f.u.c.k with us?" Enraged, the fatty exclaimed as both of his fists started to inflate to a bigger state.

Beside him, the tattooed man's nails also grew larger before they turned black and dangerously sharp, "Wrong choice. And I'm gonna ruin that handsome face of yours for that!" He said with a cold glint flickering within his eyes as he charged toward Virus before swinging his dangerous nails at his face.

Seeing the sharp nails gradually getting near his face, Virus could immediately guess that they were even sharper than a knife.

"Aizen! Be careful!" Screamed Amara in alarm. She was very afraid something might happen to Virus now.

But, without even a speck of anxiousness apparent within his eyes, Virus stayed entirely motionless. A few seconds pa.s.sed when, finally, just when the sharp nails were upon him, without moving his body, he just bent his neck to the side in a relaxed manner.


Instantly, the second he moved his neck aside, the sharp-edged nails went past it from a single centimeter distance.

"Ahh!" Horrified after witnessing the near-death experience Virus had just gone through, Amara cried out. She was very scared.

Nonetheless, although that scene seemed extremely dangerous from the sidelines since it looked like Virus had barely dodged it, in fact, it was completely the opposite.

Virus had been so carefree while dodging the nails that he could even calculate the very last moment in which he could duck the dangerous nails. But except the golden beauty, the others present at the scene couldn't comprehend that crucial fact and understandably a.s.sumed the other way around.

"Do you now realize your mistake? Next time, I won't miss it on purpose!" Wearing a dignified yet fierce expression, the tattooed-up man uttered. To be truthful, seeing how hard he had struggled in order to avoid his casual swing made him very satisfied with the current result.

"On purpose you say? Huh?" Feeling amused by this worthless thug of a guardian, Virus murmured.

At this moment, the fatty also said arrogantly, "Do you finally understand the situation you've gotten yourself into? Kneel and beg and I might just ask him to forgive you."

However, to this sentence, Virus returned the same words, "I'll offer you the same option, but a bit harsher… kneel and beg for forgiveness. Also, break one leg of your own preference. Then I'll let you two go unscathed."

"A-Aizen." Amara's face instantly went pale while pondering, 'It's all over now…'

"Hahaha…" Simultaneously, the two guardians started cracking up while howling, "He's so hilarious, bro! Did you hear him? Hahaha…"

"Let's just do the same to him. But let's increase the punishment by a bit too. He's f.u.c.king going on my nerves now, to be honest!" Saying that, the tattooed guardian dashed in his direction again, but unlike the previous time, he was absolutely serious this time around.


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Soon, he was upon Virus again as he stabbed his nails toward his stomach, now, he was going to seriously injure him without showing any mercy.

Then, easily lifting him up, after a brief yet direct gaze into his eyes which were trembling in fear, he, at last, squeezed his grip, thus breaking his neck right on the spot.

Promptly, an absolute silence descended upon the surrounding vicinity. Everyone, even the pa.s.sers-by, was deathly quiet! It was so quiet that honestly, you could have heard a pin drop.

The fatty's eyes were also wide open in shock, he had never expected something like this to occur at all, so now, dropping on his knees, he was completely dumbstruck!

"Ahhh… murder!" One of the pa.s.sers-by at this moment screamed in fear.

"Someone… call the cops! Someone committed a murder!" Another yelled while retreating away in panic.

Even Amara had been extremely stunned by the turn of events as she could only stare at Virus' face in total confusion while murmuring, "Wh-what did just… happen?"

"Dead… he's… dead… it's all over…" Lost in despair and filled with disbelief, staying on his knees, the fatty mumbled.

Meanwhile, acting as if nothing had happened, while slowly sauntering in the direction of the fatty guardian, keeping his emotionless facial expression, he started talking, "I didn't intend on killing him at first, but seeing how cruel he was acting… I changed my mind."

"However, you're different, I still haven't sensed an ill-intent directed by you in my way. So, you still have a chance and my offer remains… hmm, since you're already kneeling, ask for forgiveness, and break one of your legs… or, die." Still as emotionless as ever, Virus proclaimed casually, resulting in everyone witnessing the scene hold their breath tightly without daring to let out a gasp.

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