The God Virus


Volume 5 - 330 Yes

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'So, he's that kinda guy, huh? The kind that follows logic... finally, I understand him a little. This changes everything! I might be able to have my way easier now! Hehe…' An extremely happy yet evil grin sat on her face while she exclaimed in a thrilled manner, "Okay! Don't forget you promised!"

Then, without any pause, she proceeded, "Actually, there is a very important reason. You know, I've traveled to most of the countries in the world, thus, I know a lot of places and people all around the globe! Meaning, whichever country you're going to, I can give you a lot of advice and even introduce you to people for making your journey much more interesting and convenient. So, don't you think this is enough justification for you to tell me about where you're going?"

Throughout her talking streak, Virus was only listening while internally agreeing with her words. Honestly, although he knew every corner of Shanghai like the back of his hand, that still wouldn't change the fact that he wasn't acquainted with anyone there.

He could download the map of Shanghai directly into his head, but he couldn't just upload whatever he desired into the head of others and force them to act the way he wanted!

So, he thought having someone make a call and do the bothersome task of being a bridge with the purpose of a more convenient and fun trip wasn't a bad thing at all.

As a result of that, gazing into her bright blue eyes, he a.s.serted, "Alright, I'm convinced. Actually, Lil Belle and I will be leaving for Shanghai soon. Although our first destination isn't that city and we'll be stopping in another place briefly… but yeah, that's our final destination."

"Ah..." suddenly at this moment, moaning in agony, with the help of one of the employees of the restaurant, the man was finally conscious. Then realizing his mouth was full of blood due to his broken teeth, a flicker of fear sparkled through his eyes. However, remembering something, his eyes started to s.h.i.+ne as that hint of fear dissipated and was instantly replaced by wrath.

Taking out his Virus-brand cellphone next, he started dialing a number while mumbling, "You'll regret this!"

"Eh, mas- Ai… he's calling somebody… probably the police." Voiced the golden beauty. She was just about to address him as 'master' but recalling Amara was also with them, she a.s.sumed maybe it won't be appropriate to call him that, so she adjusted it to 'Ai', something Ella used to call him.

"Let him be." Was Virus' only response in return.

In the meantime, finally unearthing where exactly he was going to, while feeling extremely delighted inside, all of a sudden, a random idea popped into Amara's brain which resulted in an evil grin appearing over her face next. So, after some thought, she declared, "Oh my G.o.d! What a coincidence… believe it or not, I also have a deal I need to close in Shanghai. It's something I've been postponing for around a month! How about this… let me also tag along with you guys and the responsibility of reserving a nice hotel, food, etc. will be all with me."

While showing a smile which was yelling 'I don't believe you at all!', Virus instantly connected to the world network in order to unravel how much of her words were actually true. And indeed, the next moment he realized there was a similar matter just as she had stated, but… it wasn't something that she was required to go personally as she could even send a random employee to complete the deal.

However, although Virus noticed this truth, knowing it wasn't a bad idea to have someone handle the annoying stuff, he decided, "Alright… I agree. You can come with us."

"Yay!" She screamed in joy, truly happy that she could follow Virus along and go on a trip with him.

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A grave glow blazing within his eyes, the tattooed-man phrased solemnly, "We? We're both One-Star Guardians! So you must understand just who you've offended, right? Anyway, we won't make things difficult for you! You have two options, either let brother Bill slap you just like you did to him, or we will handle you personally. Also, don't even think about calling the police and taking shelter in the law since I'm pretty sure you know already they are very lenient toward Guardians like us these days."

Indeed, just like the tattoo-filled man had uttered, the government was pretty lenient toward the Guardians these days. There were even certain laws being suggested and implanted in some countries in order to give them more freedom and authority.

One of the reasons for this to happen was so those countries would be capable of drawing in more Abnormal Guardians to their countries. Of course, that wasn't the only motivation for these types of changes as there were also many covert rationales and b.u.t.tons being pushed behind the scenes.

By the sides, hearing that they were actually Guardians, and One-Star Guardians at that, Amara started to get nervous as she looked at Virus anxiously. She was truly worried about what might happen to him next.

Anyhow, after learning about his possible options of selection, entirely expressionless, Virus proclaimed, "Tell me my third option."

"There is no third option!" The fatty shouted, totally speechless.

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