The God Virus


Volume 5 - 320 The Exact Date

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"Hahaha… don't worry, I didn't see 'everything'…" Falling into a long peel of laughter, Virus said jokingly. He purposefully emphasized the word 'Everything' too, trying to tease her further.

"Didn't see everything? Ummm, that means… you at least saw something! Master!!!" Unlike the past when it took her just an instant to notice her master's tease, this time, it took her a bit longer in order to comprehend everything. Nevertheless, she did indeed get it in the end as she cried out in total alarm while feeling greatly wronged by him.

"Haha…" Virus, however, continued to laugh seeing her frustrated face.

After being done cracking up, he said, "Alright… go prepare some tea for me while I wash up and make a call."

Coming out of his bed, first, he went to the bathroom and freshened up. Next, coming to the couch, he picked up his phone and made a call.

"Yes, master… are you finally awake?" Came the Island ugly's voice from the other side of the line. Actually, all of the uglies had gradually come to be aware of their master sinking into a deep state of slumber for unknown reasons over the past year. They didn't know the cause of this odd event, but neither did they worry too much after hearing everything from the mouth of the golden beauty herself. Since based on her descriptions, Virus had probably entered into a strange condition of cultivation or something similar.

And now, seeing Virus calling him, his eyes started to s.h.i.+ne as he picked up at once.

"Yeah… I'm awake. Have you been doing fine for the past year and a half?" He queried nonchalantly.

The Island ugly responded with a happy yet hideous grin, "Yes, and now that I'm hearing master's voice, I'm feeling great."

"That's good to hear. Anyway, what happened to that auction event which was going to sell the 'Pink Star'? The last time we talked about it you said roughly, it was going to be auctioned around a year and a half later… so, when and where is it going to be sold now? Its date should be very close, right?" Not beating around the bush at all, he directly stated the main purpose of his call.

"Ah… that, actually, at the time, I pa.s.sed the task of investigating and digging out everything related to that auction to the CEO ugly since his connections with the outside world are much deeper than mine. He should've already prepared everything you want to know about it." He clarified patiently and word by word.

"I see… alright, I'll hang up then." Mouthing this, he cut off the line while his gaze fell on the golden beauty who was cheerfully bringing a cup of tea toward him. She was obviously still very thrilled about entering her own biological body.

"Here, master… enjoy!" Placing the cup in front of him, the golden beauty exclaimed while displaying a brilliant smile.

"Good, thank you! Let's taste your tea…" Muttering this, he casually picked up the hot tea as he took a very small sip from it.

'Hmm… the quality has dropped a little compared to before…' Deliberated Virus to himself, but of course, he wasn't going to say it out loud and instead started complimenting her, "It's a great tea… you're indeed my Lil Tea Master!"

"Hehe… thanks, master. I'm glad as long as you like it" She replied back jovially.

"But… why is there only a single cup of tea?" He enquired in a vague manner.

And indeed, the golden beauty was really confused by the question, "What do you mean, master? Could it be you wanted to drink two cups of tea today?"

Hearing this, a bitter smile crept over his face as he uttered, "No, silly! I mean where's your cup of tea… now that you have a real body, it's necessary for you to eat and drink too! You didn't forget about that, did you?"

"Ah…" Covering her mouth in surprise, she said, "I did forget…"

"You silly girl, go bring a cup for yourself then!"

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Meanwhile, staring at the [Immortality Serum] within her palm in shock, the golden beauty honestly didn't know what to do. {A/N: Do you think she should inject it right now or later on when she has a more mature body?}

At the same time, coming outside, Virus spotted the CEO ugly already waiting for him there.

"Sit." Virus declared daintily while he himself strolled toward the couch nonchalantly.

"Yes, master." Obeyed the CEO ugly as he took a seat on the opposite side of his master.

"Do you know why I summoned you?" He questioned gazing into the CEO ugly's eyes.

"Yes… the Island ugly notified me."

"Good… then, tell me everything."

"Yes… so, according to my data, the Pink Star is going to be auctioned in less a month from now on. The exact date is the 10th day of next month." He explained everything before also adding, "Also, the auction is going to be held at Shanghai, China."

The 'Pink Star' was, of course, one of the main materials Virus required in order to create a particular device that could help him check his [Existential Codes] that had concerned him in the past. That was also why he had been so badly interested and involved in trying to get his hands on the 'Pink Star' diamond.

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