The God Virus


Volume 2 - 35 Aizen Vee

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It was at this moment that Virus heard a sound coming from the MDA and looking at it he saw the big 'READY' sign on the 3D screen, so he told Ella "Okay then, I have some things to do, talk to you later."

"Okay, tell me when you're not busy so we would go out, okay Ai?" Ella said hearing him wanting to close the line, this was actually the reason why she had called because she was feeling a little guilty for rejecting him, and also because she missed him and wanted to see him.

"Alright beautiful, bye." saying this he closed the line as he walked beside the MDA.



Since yesterday when Amara Martin had met Virus for the first time at the restaurant she had been busy with family related stuff but she hadn't forgotten Virus as he kept coming and appearing in her mind.

Although this was probably what happened to every single girl or woman that saw Virus as he was too otherworldly in looks so they couldn't forget about him.

But because she had interacted with him directly things felt even more real to her as she had talked to him and this made her feelings shot up as her heart couldn't stop beating.

She didn't know why but his cold att.i.tude that he had towards her had attracted her even more.

'Aizen Vee, Aizen Vee,...' She kept thinking about his name and kept repeating it inside her mind as if she was afraid she would forget about him, as she still hasn't told anyone to investigate about him.

And there was a reason why she hadn't told anyone to investigate him.

There was a secretary who was also Amara's driver and this person was always with her all the time.

Amara believed this secretary of her was reporting everything she did to her family, and if she told her secretary to investigate Aizen Vee she believed the secretary would definitely report to her family and she didn't want that because she didn't know what kind of reaction they would have or how they would use it against her.

She also couldn't tell anyone else until now because her secretary hadn't left her alone until this moment when her job was finally done.

She immediately picked up her Virus iPhone 1 and called someone from her contact list.

After some time of beeping somebody finally someone answered saying with a cold tone, although it seemed he wasn't trying to be cold as he wasn't trying to behave like that, this was his natural tone and personality "h.e.l.lo Miss Martin, how have you been? To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?"

Hearing the phone has been answered and hearing the voice of the person on the other line of the call she said "h.e.l.lo Detective Lock, I'm fine... actually I called because I have a favor to ask... "

"oh... is that so? Go on." He said hearing she had called because she had a favor to ask of him, of course with the same cold tone.

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John Lock was a very handsome genius detective who was 29 years old and he was familiar with the Martin family as he had helped them in the past with something very important to the Martin family.

"Yes I know, so here's the deal, I want you to investigate someone for me, I want to know everything there is to know about him, and by everything I mean literally that person's life's every little detail! I don't want to miss anything about him. Find out what he likes, what he usually does to entertain himself, what his background is and literally everything else." Amara said.

Detective Lock only heard her voice so he didn't know what kind of expression was plastered on her face right now, but if he was in front of her at the moment, he would have definitely thought she was in love as her eyes were obviously lovestruck and her pupils seemed to have turned into hearts.

But still only by her voice, Detective Lock could deduce some things as he was a genius detective, though he only thought she seemed to be extremely interested in this person she wanted to investigate and he figured that this interest was not in the way of seeing the person she wanted to investigate in a negative way, but in a positive way like she was extremely curious about this person.

"Especially, I want to know where he lives or where he usually goes to eat, work, or do something else." Amara continued, this was the most important thing to her, other details almost didn't matter to her as much as this particular detail.

"Alright Miss Martin, I'll investigate this person you talk of to the best of my abilities to every little detail. But who is this person you want to investigate?" He asked after agreeing to do the favor for her.

Amara said "I don't know anything about him other than his name and that he's extremely handsome... no... he's beyond handsome, the word handsome can't even begin to describe him... and that cold personality of him..." at this point, she was almost drooling and lost.

"Miss... just tell me his name." Detective Lock said speechless at this point as he thought 'Where's she going with this?' and also he became certain that this rich miss seemed to have fallen for someone, though he wasn't sure how to feel about that.

"Oh right..." Amara said coming out of it while blus.h.i.+ng, a little embarra.s.sed of losing herself thinking about Virus.

Then she finally said, "His name is Aizen Vee."

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