The God Virus


Volume 2 - 32 A Man Looking At The Crowded City

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"We also investigated from where these many advanced techs like phones and cars are coming from and we found something too! All the tech seems to be coming from a secret lab in The Aldabra Atoll of Seych.e.l.les which was recently also bought by the same chairman of the company: Aizen Vee."

"There have to be scientists working and inventing new techs there, or maybe some super genius people working, I'm not sure as we could get no definitive information about that place, as the place's security is too tight, so the only theory I can come up with is that their scientists or super geniuses are in that island working on new tech and science, even if none of my theories are true I'm sure the source of their advanced techs is there." The person sitting behind the desk on the chair said.

"Wait a moment... " his boss on the couch finally talked as he interrupted him.

"what is it boss?" the person behind the desk who wanted to just resume his talk and continue talking stopped and said.

"You said that island was recently bought... but inventing those many phones seems impossible in a short period of time, it would require years of concentrated study and research! so where were those so-called super geniuses and scientists you talk of before they bought an island?" he asked.

Hearing this the person behind the desk said "Actually... I don't know where they were before...maybe in another country or maybe in some abandoned desert or jungle in an abandoned secret lab probably? I don't know, but I believe they were in another lab before coming to the currently built lab on the island."

"So you found almost nothing useful except that they seem to be clean and their sources also legal too huh?" The person sitting on the couch said with a frown on his face.

"Yes boss, it's just that I believe they have been hiding to make an appearance that would shock the world, so they have been preparing, probably for decades!" the person sitting behind the desk said.

He continued talking "but if you want to find something else I believe we need to find that person Aizen Vee's background and data first, then we might get to another conclusion or we might not, so I suggest you first try to find about him."

"I'll see what happens, was that all?" the person sitting on the couch asked.

"well... yeah... but other than those while we were investigating them we found something else too, almost all of the other phone companies seem to have joined forces to deal with The Virus Company... now I don't know what plans they have designed to deal with Virus Company as I'm not focusing my attention on them, but I'm sure they will be very brutal in whatever they're planning." The person behind the desk said.

"Well... I expected something like this would happen the moment those phones came to the market, as that company truly left no way for them to live, and if a person has no way to live, he will do desperate things as he will have nothing more to lose." The person sitting on the couch said,

"Should I investigate the allied phone companies too boss?" the man behind the desk said.

"Just leave them be," the man sitting on the couch said and then he stood up as he continued "Then I shall get going to report to my boss... "

Hearing this the person sitting behind the desk also stood up as he came from behind the desk beside his boss with papers in his hand. "here boss, this is the written result of the investigation."

Taking the papers from his hands the boss who was sitting on the couch left to report to his higher-ups.

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After his boss left the man who was behind the desk before said, "I have a gut feeling a s.h.i.+tty storm's going to happen soon."

Looking at her master who was looking out of the window with a cold and indifferent expression she thought unconsciously, "Master's so cool..."

Then coming to herself after being a little dazed by her master's cool back she said "Master... two sets of material are ready and here."

"Oh... " hearing this Virus was surprised a little as he hadn't expected them to be able to gather two sets instead of the ordered set only, but the surprise wasn't much as he was still looking out at the city without turning back.

The golden beauty continued without waiting for her master to probe and ask further "The uglies were able to somehow gather the next set you needed too somehow, so the CEO and Legal uglies just brought the two sets back before going back to do their own duties again."

"They were more efficient than I thought... that's a bit of surprise to me as they were able to exceed my expectations a little... " Virus said as he turned around looking at the Golden beauty's face.

and then he started walking toward the golden beauty while saying, "then we should start making the second thing I need... " It was at this moment that he had pa.s.sed the golden beauty but Bella was still standing without moving, seeing her not moving he stopped and then looked back at her face saying "What are you waiting for? Let's go..."


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