The God Virus


Volume 5 - 312 She's Here Again?

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"These illegal experimentations which were carried on Korean prisoners or alike without their full consent is said to have killed three people in its earliest days! Based on the shreds of evidence, the cause of these deaths was the intolerable agony and torment those subjects went through since the 'Resistance Pills' were not introduced at the time!" The newscaster also added in the end before continuing, "The Korean government has yet to state anything related to these evidence-backed claims to this moment. But please be a.s.sured that this channel will be covering it the moment they do announce anything regarding their heinous acts."

And with that, the newscaster proceeded to the next piece of news professionally.

But that was just the beginning since with that simple spark, the fire started to spread everywhere as the other media all around the world also started covering and broadcasting that startling piece of information.

However, after hearing the news regarding these forbidden experimentations which were carried on prisoners or alike without their consent, unsurprisingly, what most people were shocked or concerned about was not the experimentations itself being illegal or against human rights. No, mankind was stupefied by the fact that they could also 'Awaken' their Traits!

Only that aspect of the reports mainly concerned them because that was the most staggering side of the story that actually came to involve them and truly had an impact on their lives per se.

"I can be an Abnormal too? Cool!" One of the viewers vocalized in a loud volume after hearing the news about the rate chance of how a normal human can turn into an Abnormal. This was a phenomenal and world-changing chunk of report to him.

"Oh my G.o.d! I have a Trait too! I just need to awaken it!" Another common person exclaimed jovially. This was a dream-come-true to him, to be honest.

Cheerfully, a teenager born with a silver spoon said, "Wow… this is like being the main character of a fantasy movie! Dad! Please buy me a few of those Red-Crystals! I want to awaken my Trait!"

"Ah… son, I think that's gonna be a bit hard at the moment since no government's willing to sell it as of yet. But don't worry… the second they do, dad will buy you as many as you want! We will all awaken our Traits! We'll be a family of freak abnormals!" Was the father's response. He was also looking forward to awakening his own Trait.

Meanwhile, another girl with a mediocre background was gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth in frustration and hate while thinking, "I want to 'Awaken' my 'Trait'! But for that… I'm sure I need money in millions at least… how should I go about that? How do I buy a Red-Crystal? Why is it that the privileged people are always ahead of us in everything!"

Over the internet too, everywhere was chaotic as all netizens were excited by the fact they could also possibly awaken their Traits now!

One day after the release of the news which sent quakes everywhere in the world, the Korean government finally responded, "Korea rejects all claims saying we have done these experimentations illegally or without those human subjects' full consent… all of it was done after getting their unconditional permission. We also deny that there have been any death casualties during these experiments as we first made sure it was absolutely safe prior to acting."

"Oh, so it wasn't illegal or against human rights, huh? They made it noisy for nothing." Someone said in return after seeing the announcement of the government which wasn't backed by any pieces of evidence unlike the previous widespread piece of news and videos that had gone viral.

"f.u.c.k… what was all that fuss about then? Those media just exaggerate everything!" Dissatisfied, another phrased.

That was just how it was. Most people trusted governments over rumors. No matter how true that rumor might be.

"Ah… we should thank Korea for unraveling such truth! We now have a hope of turning into an Abnormal because of them!" Another uttered in delight over the internet.

"Thank them, my a.s.s! They wouldn't have released this piece of confidential information if it was up to them! It's all because of that good samaritan who revealed everything about their experimentations!" A netizen called PenDrive also replied.


While the world went through another phase of change, Virus was still in a deep slumber on his bed.

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'Why hasn't master waken up yet? How long is it going to take?' Thought the golden beauty looking at her master's sleeping body.


For the past four months, Ella had been going on and off to her university. That has become her daily routine. Pa.s.sing her life in a quiet manner. Nevertheless, during these past four months, one thing about her life that was worth mentioning was the fact that she had gotten closer to a certain professor of hers. That professor was called John Lock.

She didn't know the reason, but Professor Lock apparently was very fond of her as a student, thus he always called her to his own room for anything related to their cla.s.s which was almost at its ending points by now since the semester was nearly finished.

And right now, too, he had just summoned her to his office. So she was on her way there.

Knock~ Knock~ Knock~

"Please come in." Came a m.u.f.fled voice from inside the room.


Opening the door, Ella's eyes automatically landed on the good-looking professor Lock who was currently sitting behind his desk in a casual manner.

"You're here?" He said wearing a shallow smile.

"Yes, Professor, what did you call me here for?" Queried Ella rather formally.

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