The God Virus


Volume 5 - 311 A New Discovery

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In the outside world, four days escaped by in the blink of an eye.

Currently, the golden beauty was within Virus' room as she was anxiously staring at the body that was emitting a slightly dark hue from itself. The owner of this figure was, of course, Virus.

It has been four days since her master had sunk into his deep slumber, but to this moment, there had been no signs of him waking up and that worried the golden beauty to no ends.

Four days ago, a few hours after Virus had immersed into this deep state of sleep, much to the shock of the golden beauty, his body had started to release an almost invisible dark aura from his body for some reason. This was instantly noticed by her causing a deep yet lovely frown to show up on her forehead.

At first, she had been extremely disturbed after seeing this strange phenomenon, however, after constantly witnessing this odd darkish hue for many days, it had become something ordinary now.

But at this moment, the golden beauty was especially worried for another reason.

'Why isn't master waking up? He hasn't eaten anything for days… if this process continues he would eventually starve to death… sigh… no, things can't continue this way! I can't just wait, hoping for him to wake up before he's in a dangerous state…' Thinking up to this point, after a slight hesitation, connecting to the world database, she uploaded every knowledge she needed to know regarding how to nurse and keep a comatose person alive and healthy.

'Hmm… There are many things to do, but for the start, he needs specific IV drips, some tools to empty his bladder, etc. in order to remain in a healthy condition.' A s.h.i.+mmer of comprehension shone within her eyes as she understood exactly what she needed to do now. Thus, going into motion, she left via the elevator.

A few hours later, Virus was still sleeping on his bed, but now, there were a few additional things such as IV drips inserted into his veins.

'Phew! Embedding the needle into master's vein was so troublesome… the needle simply couldn't sink in. Instead, the needle got bent! I had to first make a hole on his vein with my sword before inserting the needle into it.' She pondered in a helpless manner since it had been an extremely hard task trying to keep his master's body alive.


Four months pa.s.sed by quickly. During these four months, a lot of new rifts had cracked the s.p.a.ce of Earth open in various locations. The number of rifts had multiplied by two during this short period! This in return distressed many people around the world as they wondered how long they would last in case things persistently got worse like this.

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Obviously, as a result of this ceaseless increase in the number of rifts, the Abnormals of Earth had become busier trying to deal with these hazardous rifts. Of course, overall, the Abnormals too were gradually getting stronger through the consumption of Red-Crystals.

In the meantime, hearing this startling piece of news, everyone watching the channel indeed entered into a deep state of stupefaction and chaos! Their eyeb.a.l.l.s were already almost on the verge of popping out of their sockets as they stared toward their televisions.

At this point, the newscaster proceeded, "More detailed statistics reveal that roughly there is a 0.0001 percent chance that a normal human being would awaken his or her trait after consuming 'one' Red-Crystal."

"The rate respectively increases as more Red-Crystals are consumed." Saying this, he added further, "When a second crystal is consumed, the possibility of this awakening grows to approximately 0.001 percent."

Without any stop in between, he mouthed, "When a third crystal is consumed, the likelihood of this awakening is enlargened to around 0.01 percent. Of course, keep in mind that these numbers are very inaccurate since Korea possessed inadequate crystals in order to reach an exact and reliable percentage."

Furthermore, he firmly stated, "Also, up to this point, these results are as far as the Korean government could experiment as their sources of Red-Crystals seem to have been currently emptied out!"

"This is indeed a shocking revelation for our world since it means anyone could be Abnormal as long as he or she has access to enough pieces of Red-Crystals! However, even though it's a world-changing piece of discovery for our Earth… we shouldn't forget the fact that the Korean Government could unearth these findings through the performance of forbidden experimentations on living human subjects… which is illegal and a violation of human rights!"

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