The God Virus


Volume 5 - 308 Considerations

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'But it's not like I have any other alternative. Only these options are placed before me, and I have to make a decision from amongst them in the end…' As this fact was clear to him, Virus knew he had to make a decision. So, he started a.n.a.lyzing the name of each selection with utmost care.

While he considered each option, his mind also began to make use of every knowledge he already possessed prior to coming to the modern day of today. He was taking into account every piece of information, experiment results, theories, hypothesis, etc. that was gathered by the scientists of the Technological Earth of the future.

In his past world, the future, numerous scientists had given a lot of theories regarding what would be the most optimum set of Energy Pathway for a cultivator.

Due to that, a lot of considerations were made as many types of Energy Pathways were experimented on or theorized upon.

Years pa.s.sed. At first, humanity could indeed only agree that the most ideal kind of Energy Pathway was those that were already regarded as the best and the most powerful sets of Energy Pathways in the Cultivation Multiverse of Qi in all aspects such as overall balance, speed of cultivation, foundation building, etc.

And it indeed was…

Anyhow, that claim was maintained and truly believed for many years, until, a new perspective came into the picture. A new point of view called the 'Naturalist' perspective.

This frame of reference was put forward by a certain scientist in the related field of Energy Pathways and it opened a whole new door for the other scientists to tread upon.

Anyway, that particular scientist firmly believed that the common energy pathways that the greatest percentage of human beings naturally inherited and carried with themselves were the most flawless type of Energy Pathway in existence when looking at its overall design and wiring.

He was convinced that the reason other types of heavenly Energy Pathways were capable of dominating the normal human Energy Pathways was not because of their dissimilar and strange design and wiring throughout the body. No. It was because of their special substance and amazing qualities they held due to various mutations that had taken place throughout the countless eons.

In his theory, he explained how due to various grounds, those heavenly and gifted Energy Pathways were indeed superior in their substance which gave them many miraculous attributes and effects that either greatly sped up the cultivation process or gave them magnificent features or abilities in their entire path of cultivation. However, he also believed that they were far inferior to the common Energy Pathway in their overall design and wirings which occurred the most naturally in a human body frame.

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This view, which was originally derived from Darwin's process of natural selection, stated that the universe itself gradually selects the most optimum sets of Energy Pathway wirings and designs and slowly removes those unfavorable factors and qualities as a human body adapts and progresses toward the ultimately flawless Energy Pathway type!

'According to the things I considered up to this point… since the general substance and attributes will be the same no matter what type of Energy Pathway I pick, for the moment, I would say the most perfect and flawless choice for me is the first one, 〈Common Human Origin Design〉. Hmm… but that's not all.' He pondered before proceeding, 'Let's contemplate on and consider a few other types of Energy Pathways too.'

'〈2. Zenith Saint Origin Design〉… I don't know anything about this one, but looking at its name, it must be something for extremely good-natured people, I'm not 100 percent certain though. But no matter what, I don't believe this kind of Energy Pathway would be even close to being suitable for someone like me. I mean… come on, me… a saint? Haha… I couldn't be far from it!'

Continuing his deliberation, he went on further, '〈3. Heavenly Dragon Origin Design〉… Although I'm not sure if it indeed has anything to do with a dragon or whatnot, I'm really tempted by this option to be honest. Since I feel like it would be extremely befitting of my body… taking into account how I reached the [True 6th Level: Ethereal Metamorphosis] utilizing the [Dark Dragon's Metamorphosis Revolution]. Nonetheless, let's resume the considerations for now.'

'The fourth one's called 'Hegemonic ***** Origin Design', I wonder what the word which the algorithm couldn't translate is all about… but the term 'Hegemonic' alone is an exceptionally grand and aspirational name. It can't possibly be anything you can easily underestimate.'

'And the concept 'Prodigious Asura' was used in the fifth pick. Unfortunately, I don't know what they represent either. Sigh…' Shaking his non-existent head, Virus proclaimed to himself in a helpless manner.

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