The God Virus


Volume 5 - 305 Within

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Meanwhile, as the golden beauty was guarding the entrance to the elevator, she abruptly sensed someone approaching her. So, turning around, she immediately discerned the ident.i.ty of the other person, "M-master! Are you okay now? Is everything fine?" Slightly shaken up, she inquired.

Noticing the lump in her throat and feeling that she was almost on the verge of bursting into tears but still forcefully stopped herself, letting out a helpless sigh, he walked in front of her and whispered while patting her head gently, "I'm fine, don't worry. Also, master's sorry for yelling at you just now. I hope my Lil Belle understands."

Hearing this, as if something within her had melted down, at last, no longer capable of controlling herself, a line of tear was drawn on her face while she stuttered sadly, "M-ma… sob… master… waaaah!" Unable to finish her sentence in the end, she threw herself into Virus' embrace as she hid her head within his arms and continued to wail right in there.

Hugging her back in return, Virus repeatedly patted her head in consolation.

Around three minutes pa.s.sed. Finally, seeing that she had calmed down, separating her from himself, he gazed into her moist eyes very solemnly and began talking, "Little Belle, I need to do something… I don't know what the result would be… I want you to take care of my body until I wake up. Can you do that for me?"

"E-eh… what? Is it something dangerous?" Distressed by her master's new words, she asked anxiously.

"Don't worry… it's not going to be anything dangerous, just take care of my body, alright?" Deciding to lie, showing her a warm smile, Virus replied.

"That reminds me… master, what happened to your body a while ago? Why were you in so much pain and agony? Did it harm you?" Disturbed and worried, she inquired.

"Haha… don't worry, it was just a part of my cultivation process…" Displaying an unbothered laugh, he lied again.

"Ah… okay then, I promise to protect master's body with everything I've got! When is master going to do it? And where should we go for it?" Relieved that it wasn't anything hazardous, she agreed readily.

"Right now! And the location is right here… I'll lay on my own bed and then I'll sink into a deep slumber just like entering a state of coma, which you probably won't be able to wake me up from… until I open my eyes myself that is." He answered before asking something else, "Was the situation outside handled?"

She responded, "Ah, yes, the CEO and the Legal uglies dealt with it accordingly."

"That's good to hear… let's go to my room then. I'll initiate the process right now." Turning around, he sauntered away toward his own room with the golden beauty following closely.


"Ah! Master! Your bedsheets covered in blood!" The moment they entered his room, however, the golden beauty's eyes went wide open as she exclaimed loudly.

"Don't worry… those are foul blood, change the sheets for me please."

"See you soon." After laying down on his own bed with its new sheets. Uttering this shortly, he closed his eyes.

The moment his eyelids were closed, his unique awareness was released as it covered all around him as he guided and centered it all on his left hand.

Another point worth mentioning was the fact that there wasn't the slightest of hesitation whatsoever in his smooth action of ditching his awareness on his left hand. This was because the second he had decided to do this, he was determined to do it without holding back or dilly-dallying in the least.

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Soon, as the location of 'Origin' revealed itself to him, he focused all of his awareness right on it.

Every direction he could sense, there was only darkness at sight. It was as if he had fallen into the darkest abyss of h.e.l.l, where there wasn't the tiniest of light discoverable at all.

The degree of this darkness was so great and profound that it wasn't even plausible to observe a single centimeter outside his hovering consciousness. Furthermore, it felt as if his ma.s.s of consciousness had been locked somewhere in this mysterious dark s.p.a.ce as he couldn't move it in the least!

In addition to that, it wasn't even feasible to discern west from the east or south from the north at all! He couldn't even make out the difference between up and down!

'Is something blocking my senses and stopping me from seeing or comprehending anything regarding where I am right now, thus all I see is darkness just like when one closes his or her eyelids?!? Or am I truly covered and surrounded by absolute and real darkness? Also… am I caged here now? Was 'Origin' really trying to imprison me here? Why can't I move in the least?' Just as these chains of notions popped into his disturbed mind, four words invaded his mind once again. Of course, these four words were stated in the most common language of the Cultivation Multiverse of Qi which Virus happened to be knowledgeable about from the start.

『Origin Pa.s.sage Creation Art』!

'Again? It transmitted these four words alone aga-' Just as he was about to complete his sentence, however, he was interrupted by a ma.s.s of information pervading his head nonstop.


'Ah… what is this…' This immediately made Virus dumbfounded and even stupefied because the wave of information that had just invaded his head wasn't uttered in any language whatsoever!

Instead, it was just a ma.s.s of emotions!

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