The God Virus


Volume 5 - 302 Risks

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With a deep glow of determination, his eyes displayed a hopeful brilliance as he reached a simple a.n.a.lysis of those four terms, 'Hmm… It says 'Origin Pa.s.sage Creation Art'! That could only mean it's something that creates a new set of Energy Pa.s.sages, aka Energy Pathways, within the body! This might actually work!!!' By this point, a happy grin was plastered on his face, a broad smile which was exactly the opposite of the Virus of a few moments ago.

"This could be it! My salvation!" He yelled rather loudly before continuing to murmur, "But, how do I use this so-called Art? I mean, only these four words were transmitted into my mind without anything else to follow… could it be…" Going quiet at this moment, a frown replaced his previously happy face.

'Do I need to allow 'Origin' to suck my consciousness into itself? Isn't there another way?' With his fingers stroking his chin, he wondered.

'That's a huge risk…' Afterward, he entered a rather long session of deliberation as he started to consider the pros and cons of attempting this path and option.

He a.s.sessed and evaluated if it would be better for him to just start searching for another method of obtaining Energy Pathways in the Cultivation Multiverse. And in case he faced a failure, it was never late to take this risky option called 'Origin'.

'But… that's going to take a long time… too long perhaps.' Shaking his head in the end, he dismissed the idea momentarily.

'If I take this path, this is going to be the second time I'm taking such a huge risk…' Contemplating up to this point, he went on, 'The first time was when I picked the [Dark Dragon's Metamorphosis Revolution] which was quite a risky choice with an indefinite outcome, but in the end, my choice bore fruit as I entered the [True 6th Level: Ethereal Metamorphosis] which was something unheard of even in the Technological Earth of my previous world, the future. Perhaps an uncharted territory entirely.'

He proceeded shortly, 'Even though I can't determine the outcome of this risky option, I'm getting the feeling that I'm going to regret my decision if I didn't pick it as soon as possible.'

'But who knows if 'Origin' has a hidden agenda by doing this… maybe all of this was just a simple bait, a trap, in order to tempt me into permitting my consciousness to be sucked into the 'Origin'… sigh, I'm truly in a dilemma this time…' Reaching up to this point in his thinking process, shaking his head, he continued pondering.

A few minutes pa.s.sed as he kept weighing the two sides of the scale in order to reach a definite choice, but eventually, he understood this dilemma of his wasn't something which he could simply weigh and pick the heavier side. No, it was much more complicated than that. There was no light or heavy side between the two options. It was simply that… mere options.

'One selection would consume an indefinite amount of my time with no definite outcomes.'

'The other selection, I could be either trapped by it, or I could find a way out of this gloom into salvation.'

'One is a waste of time, while the other is like a two-edged sword.'

A few minutes later, shaking his head, he muttered while letting out a helpless sigh, "Sigh… well, if I don't want to waste tons of my time, it's not like I have any other options… I risked it once, and I faced unexpected gains that far outstripped my expectations. Who knows, maybe if I do it again, this time too, I received rewards which were truly out of my imagination… so, let's risk it for a second time.'

After a prolonged period of deliberation, at last, Virus had arrived at a final conclusion… he was going to take the risk!

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Instantly, a luminescence of determination flickered into existence within his eyes as he rose to a standing position before vanis.h.i.+ng from the laboratory.

While those who were nearby and were able to see 4 Times Square became greatly alarmed.

"OH MY G.o.d!!! What's happening with 4 Times Square?!" A young man screamed while pointing at the highest floor of 4 Times Square, attracting everyone's attention.

Immediately, a lot of people were greatly alarmed as they turned toward the building. The next moment, however, their faces went pale as many fled in random directions, while a few were standing paralyzed in their previous spot.

"Wh-what's going on? Isn't that the headquarters of the Virus Industries? What's the Virus Corporation doing?" One of the middle-aged men who was staring toward 4 Times Square with wide eyes of shock proclaimed.

"What is Virus Corporation doing?! Is that a bomb or something? An EMP perhaps? What the f.u.c.k is going on? What are they doing? Are they gonna blow up the entire city?" A shrill scream of a woman full of drama was also heard.

A while later, in different sections of New York, the police, the FBI, etc. were all alarmed and rattled.

Currently, in the FBI office of New York City, an emergency meeting was being held.

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