The God Virus


Volume 5 - 301 *Title Mentioned At The End*

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Five minutes later, extremely grave and dejected in mood, Virus was sitting in the middle of his laboratory, staring at a corner hopelessly while different notions were pa.s.sing through his head. Now, after digging every piece of knowledge he had within his database, he was pretty confident he knew no methods of saving himself from this incorrigible situation.

'Maybe there is a method in the current Cultivation Multiverse of Qi, who knows… I mean, many things should be different in this era, right? Should I go there and start searching every galaxy, every system, and every planet I can think of?'

'There must be something, someway, somewhere for me to go in order to save myself, right? Nothing's impossible and there are so many odd and mysterious objects in the world, so there must be something out there that can help me restore my Energy Pathways!'

These were the first impulses he could think of, then it was soon followed by…

'But why did this happen in the first place?'

'Why me?'

'Everything was going just fine until now, but just then, this tribulation had to hit me like this!'

As these questions popped into his head, he recalled the image of a s.h.i.+ning object which was so bright in its brilliance that he couldn't even recognize its external shape at that particular time in the past.

'Origin!' He determined with a murderous glare.

A terrifying murderous intent immediately began to emit from his entire body as all of them were directed at his left hand while he thought wrathfully, 'It's all that d.a.m.ned object's fault! I don't f.u.c.king need something like that, something that harms rather than do good!'

Afterward, with no hesitation whatsoever, he tried focusing some parts of his awareness on his left hand. He was about to inspect just where this cursed object was placed in his left arm so he could just forcefully scoop it out of his flesh right there, right then!

Actually, from the very first day he had acquired what he named 'Origin', he was never capable of sensing it anywhere within his body no matter how hard he searched his physique utilizing his own unique awareness. Apparently, it was as if 'Origin' no longer existed anywhere within his body, as if it had simply teleported to another location entirely!

However, although sometimes he doubted whether the 'Origin' had truly teleported away somewhere else in order to find another more suitable carrier or not, he firmly believed it still must exist somewhere in his body, it was just that it was highly proficient in hiding itself, even from his own unique awareness, just like a ghost!

Even if that wasn't the case, it must've just temporarily entered another dimension or something while still being attached to him in essence.

Now, even though he was rather dubious regarding his ability in being able to pinpoint the exact location of the 'Origin' within his arm, already going through the despair and instability he had experienced, he honestly didn't care anymore as he just immersed some parts of his awareness all around his left hand, especially in the spot which was previously glowing in a profound radiance that had bewildered the entire city of New York a while ago!

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"Ah!!!" The moment he concentrated some of his awareness on his left hand, however, he clearly felt the existence of the 'Origin' which even now he couldn't make heads or tails of its shape! But what shocked Virus and forced him to let out a surprised squeal wasn't that fact! It was due to the fact that the second he tried observing it, a simple rush of information directly invaded his brain.

This happened because the four words were…

『Origin Pa.s.sage Creation Art』!

'Wh-what?!' Shaken down to his very core, Virus could only stare in a random direction with his jaw nearly wide open. His thoughts were no longer functioning as he could only remember those four words…『Origin Pa.s.sage Creation Art』.

Some seconds flew by when, at last, coming out of his stupor, those traces of despair and despondency, and those flickers of madness seemed to have momentarily vanished into the back of his head while some signs of hope started to bubble up from deep within the abyss of his eyes.

Virus was feeling hopeful once again!


Chapter t.i.tle:『Origin Pa.s.sage Creation Art』

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