The God Virus


Volume 4 - 289 To Make Impossible Possible

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"So, which one did you pick?" Two minutes later, seeing her make eye contact once again, Virus asked.

After two seconds of remaining silent, an intense resolve showed up within the golden beauty's eyes as she replied, "No matter how hard I think, I still think it shouldn't be me who makes the decision… it should be master doing it for me."

Pleased and a bit surprised by her response, the corners of his mouth were raised upwards as he mouthed, "And why do you think I should be making such a crucial decision for your life?"

"Because master's more familiar with the World of Cultivation and even more so with those DNA Cores you transmitted into my mind. So, considering everything, I still strongly believe master would make the best choice for me." Smiling in return, the golden beauty proclaimed earnestly.

"Hmm, that's a good answer, but are you confident you won't regret whatever decision I make?" Looking forward to her answer, Virus queried.

Initiating and maintaining eye contact, she replied with a giggle, "Of course! I trust master no matter what! Even if in the end, master's decision proved not to be the best one… or even if it was the worst one, I still won't ever regret it!"

Clearly spotting that resolute glimmer of conviction within her pupils, elevating his chin, he voiced with an adoring gaze, "Good! My Lil Belle's so smart!"

Listening to Virus' tone which appeared to be proud of her as he praised her, the golden beauty's eyes began to gleam as she showed a gentle smile on her face, "Of course, don't you know who created me!"

"Haha… yes, yes..." Saying this, he added wearing a sly smile, "Anyway, now that Lil Belle has made me responsible for making the decision… I'll do just that, however, I have a condition."

"Hmm, what is that, master?" Rapidly blinking in confusion, she asked.

As an evil grin crept on his face, he said, "I won't be telling you what my picks are going to be!"

"Ah… that's…" Speechless, she thought, 'Sigh, master's such a s.a.d.i.s.t… he enjoys keeping others in suspense…'

"What? You don't agree?" With the corners of his mouth drawn down, Virus uttered.

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"Ah… no, no, no… it's not that I don't approve! I totally do… It's just that I'm a bit confused about something else." Immediately changing the subject, she jumped on another matter which was making her feel doubtful.

Pulling her brows together in a scowl, she voiced her thoughts, "Hmm, I indeed do recall those words of master, but, as you said it yourself, that's almost impossible and it just happens by some miracles… what did that have to do with us? Could it be master wants to create billions of bodies with two DNA Cores in them and see which one works? Though currently, that sounds impossible even for master…"

Falling into a burst of loud laughter, he clarified further, "Hahaha… of course not! I didn't mean it like that." Sinking into silence shortly, he picked up the rest of his words, "Did you know? In my old world, the future, mankind had discovered a certain method, a miraculous liquid to be exact, to substantially increase the possibility that two DNA Cores would come to work in great harmony within a single body!"

"Ah… how is that possible?" Stupefied at this point, with her eyes wide open, she questioned.

Grabbing his chin softly, he initiated his explanations, "You see, adding this specific liquid to the process of body creation would duplicate and produce the best womb in the world. It would create a 'Supreme Womb' to be more exact! The function of this miraculous womb is the fact that it forces the fetus to grow in the most optimal condition ever! The most optimal condition means, that it would coerce the two DNA Cores to coexist and even start functioning in harmony! This happens because the Supreme Womb compels the two DNA Cores to begin overriding one another's genetic information only in the parts that do not affect or harm them by much or it even forces the two to start complimenting each other! Or in the best situation… it can even possibly result in a beneficial mutation! Though that's very rare even for the Supreme Womb."

Seeing she still wasn't receiving the full picture, Virus elaborated in more simple terms, "Hmm, if I wanna explain this more plainly… the womb acts like Darwin's process of natural selection. Only instead of it showing itself across generations, it shows in a single person. Within the fetus, only the advantageous traits remain while those disadvantageous traits which can't provide any benefits will be dealt with within the framework of the two DNA Cores themselves."

"Woah… that's awesome!" With flas.h.i.+ng eyes of astonishment and comprehension, she let out.

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