The God Virus


Volume 4 - 288 Next Please!

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Nodding his head in response, Virus went along, "Yeah, that's it! In my past world, a group of explorers went to that ruined planet in order to search for anything that might be of some value… in doing so, they found some cultivation techniques, the data that had caught my eyes, and some other valuable stuff that may or may not prove to be useful later on."

Then, without any pause at all, he continued, "Anyway, when a cl.u.s.ter of explorers came back with that specific group of scouts that had searched the ruined planet, almost barely, I was successful in gaining access to those data before the [Main AI] itself. And it was at that particular moment a certain piece of information caught my eyes."

His eyes showing a strange light, he phrased, "Thus, since I was almost certain about how invaluable this piece of information was, I wanted all that data for myself alone. And for that to happen, I had to do something so the ruined planet won't draw anyone's attention ever again. And my solution to that was to make the planet seem just like a very low-tier planet."

"So, I erased every piece of high-quality information and physical evidence that might leave a gap and thus result in that planet becoming the target of further investigations. Furthermore, I even had to gradually remove that group of explorers… since they were an unpredictable variable!"

"The conclusion I'm trying to reach here is the fact that this Unknown DNA Core was also among one of those findings which I also deleted along with many other discoveries… in fact, that DNA Core was the only extractable DNA Core found on the entire planet."

Greatly muddled by his words, she asked, "What do you mean, master? Why was it the only one?"

"You see… when one of the scouts was exploring a particular ancient site, apparently, he triggered a certain trap mechanism as he was instantly teleported to some mysterious closed s.p.a.ce, a prison of some sort! And it was exactly in that place when he discovered a magnificent throne, a throne which he believed to be beyond ordinary!"

"However, what bewildered him wasn't that fact alone… what stupefied him was the corpse that was sitting on the throne itself!"

"W-what was it?" Already immersed within the story, the golden beauty asked anxiously.

"It was the corpse of a woman! Not just any woman though. Based on the words of the scout, it was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his entire worthless life!" Saying this, he added further, "However, what bewildered that scout to a great extent was the fact that the corpse was as intact and preserved as a corpse could possibly be… it was as if she had died in that very moment itself! That fres.h.!.+ Moreover, based on that scout's description, at the very moment he gazed upon her, he received this grand feeling as if she had vowed against the heavens to never rot and fade away… as if she was against the heavens itself!" At this point, even Virus was displaying a slightly amazed expression.

"Woah… how could that be?" Astonished, she said curiously.

"Well, truthfully, I'm not sure… anyway, seeing that heavenly corpse, the scout walked before her as he tried moving her body from the throne. He wanted to take her away with himself because bringing back something precious like that would definitely result in him receiving a very handsome reward! Unfortunately, much to his disappointment and shock, he realized he could not move her at all. Not even a millimeter!" Shaking his head as if he himself was also disappointed at this regrettable fact, Virus continued, "After trying every method, helplessly, he could only take out his special DNA Core extracting device as he successfully stored the data within his tool."

"Afterward, with an advanced teleporting tool he had on himself, he appeared before their s.h.i.+p once again. Sadly, he was never capable of returning to that mysterious s.p.a.ce ever again!" Going silent for a while, he uttered, "Being aware of this matter which would definitely attract a lot of attention to that particular ruined plant, I, of course, erased every piece information concerning it, including the DNA Core, that scout, and his companions since the last thing I wanted was any further surveillance on the planet!"

"My final point is… I put this choice among your options because it originated from the same planet I found something very invaluable… also, that woman appears to be extremely mysterious. Though I'm confident about her worth or power."

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As she finally had a rough picture of the entire situation, her awareness was once again drawn to the data her master had just sent her.

『 Descriptions: The background of this Dantian is not clear. The only known data is that the carriers of this DNA Core are all exceptional cultivators when it comes to taking the path of flame cultivation and control!

Roughly, this type of Dantian appears only once every fifty thousand years among the cultivators of the entire Cultivation Multiverse of Qi. All of the carriers of this type of Dantian, unless they face premature death, and 'if' they are successful in finding a suitable Cultivation Technique related to flames grow up to be extraordinary geniuses and experts. There are other mysterious features to this Dantian which will be discovered as the cultivation state increases.

Further Explanation: Dantian is where the energy absorbed from the world is stored at.』

"I'm not very knowledgeable in regard to this particular Dantian… I'm only aware of the fact that this Dantian is a magnificent one for cultivators with their focus mainly on flames and fires." Stated Virus before going quiet.

A few seconds pa.s.sed as the golden beauty studied every detail stated within the description in absolute focus.

Finally, finished, nodding her head in satisfaction, she voiced, "Next please!"

"Haha… what 'next please'! That was the last suitable one for you. Now… it's time for our Lil Belle to make a decision!"

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