The God Virus


Volume 4 - 286 The Fifth

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Meanwhile, in the outside world, every media outlet and every government facility was going wild over a mind-blowing piece of news that was just released by the Korean Government.

In this particular announcement, the Korean government revealed that it had decided to experiment and try the strange formula which had mysteriously gone viral a few days ago… and shockingly, they realized it did indeed work!

"According to the news we received, after swallowing the pill that was created as a result of the said formula, the intaker amazingly developed a 90 percent resistance to the toxicity of the red-crystals!"

"Then, as the Abnormal subject placed the crystal within his mouth and kept it inside without swallowing it, the flame-like red substance within the crystal was finally absorbed in around ten minutes! Moreover, the Abnormal's Trait also experienced a slight increase in power! The only downside was that the consumer still experienced a slight degree of pain, though it's entirely tolerable and safe now unlike before!" Voiced a Korean newscaster toward the cameras before adding further, "In order to test the duration of the pill and making sure it took effect just as described in the formula, the government tried it every hour, and finally realized that, after five hours, its wonderous effect indeed disappeared."




The front page t.i.tle of many newspapers in the world like The China Daily, The Guardian, The Times of India, The Was.h.i.+ngton Post, etc. were also about the same subject. For example, The New York Times wrote, 'A New Dawn For Humanity: The Discovery of a Safe Formula for Absorbing The Red-Crystals!'. Or that the China Daily posted, 'Resistance Ensured: The New Pill Enables The Abnormals to Safely Absorb The Stored Energy Within the Red-Crystal!'

However, there were also a few who typed a certain inquiry in their headline. For instance, The Was.h.i.+ngton Post wrote, 'Where Did This Shocking Formula Come From?'

All of these instantly sent several tremors all around Earth as every government began its production and studies on the fascinating formula in a rush.

Soon, without anyone knowing who started it first, automatically, everyone started calling it the 'Resistance Pill'. It was as if every single person had come to a prior agreement on what to call it. Because whoever was asked why he called it the 'Resistance Pill', that person would respond with, "Because this pill is probably our only hope of 'Resistance' against the invading monsters! Moreover, it makes the consumer develop a temporary 'Resistance' to the toxicity of the crystal, right? So what better name is there for it?"

Right now, regarding the production of this miraculous pill formula, most private facilities and corporations were in a wait and see state. Since the overall number of Abnormals around the world were rather low, no matter how they calculated, they could infer no possibility of profiting from this great opportunity. Furthermore, since all governments were already preparing to produce the 'Resistance Pills', they were most likely to cover all the demands on the market and leave no pieces of the pie for them. Of course, although they had no intention of producing Resistance Pills, they still set their experiments and studies on the said formula in motion, hoping to reach a great breakthrough in similar matters.

At the same time, normal netizens and even Abnormal netizens were talking on the same subject over the internet.

"Oh my freaking G.o.d, this 'Resistance Pill' changes everything!" Uttered a netizen called PenDrive. He was an all-timer online netizen who could be spotted most of the time.

Another user muttered in awe, "I know right? A new path of getting stronger has been unlocked for humanity! Although it's just a path for Abnormals, but still… wow!"

"Hmm… but where did this formula come from? Someone must've invented it, right? But who? And why would the said person hide it and just release it to the world free of charge?" Many were also feeling suspicious about this whole situation as they asked themselves, 'What's the catch?'

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"@AboveUser No idea… the only possible response I can think of is that it's either one of the top corporations in the field of medicine or the 'Virus Industries'! But if it was indeed one of them, why wouldn't they just reveal the fact that it was they who spread it to the world in the first place?"


The moment Virus said he was going to transmit the next DNA Core data, it directly popped into her head.

『 5. Fire Phoenix Bloodline DNA Core: Legendary-grade bloodline, Purity— Five drops of Fire Phoenix Blood.』

The moment these data showed up within her head, her eyes went wide open as she froze entirely. She felt like her entire world-view had just turned completely upside-down. She was very astounded indeed.

Seeing her bedazzled expression, Virus couldn't help but grin in amus.e.m.e.nt as he exclaimed while snapping his fingers, "Lil Belle? Lil Belle! Snap out of it!"

"Ah, yes… Master?!? Did I receive the correct information just now? Did I see wrong? Or… could it be you're joking around again?" Full of disbelief, the golden beauty queried.

Powerlessly sighing in return, Virus replied, "I wouldn't joke around in this kind of situation!"

Weirdly staring at his charming eyes, she thought, 'Yeah, right! Then who was the person that was teasing me just a few minutes ago?'

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