The God Virus


Volume 4 - 285 Deviant Vajra

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『4. Deviant Vajra Meridians DNA Core: 』

『 Descriptions: A miraculous type of meridian/Qi pa.s.sage/Dark Energy Pa.s.sage set which is believed to be near indestructible against any kind of energy storming within the meridians itself.

This type of Meridian appears very rarely among the cultivators. All of the carriers of this type of meridian, if they are successful in finding a suitable Cultivation Technique and unless they face premature death, grow up to be exceptional geniuses and experts. The Deviant Vajra Meridians also grants the person with seven pairs of meridians (14 meridians) instead of six pairs (12). There are other features to this set of meridians which will be discovered as the cultivation state increases.

Further Explanation: Meridians are used for circulating the energy and cultivation within the body. Or in another word, they are the energy channels of the physique.』

"Hmm? Deviant Vajra 'Meridians'? Not a bloodline?" Not expecting this, voiced the golden beauty surprised. Then, looking at her master's face, she proclaimed, "Master… wasn't I gonna choose from among different types of bloodlines? What's with this one?"

Shaking his head in response, Virus elaborated, "Who said only bloodlines were going to be among your options? I said a variety of physiques and bodies. And bloodlines aren't the only great characteristic that can be found in the vast multiverse of cultivation. There are many types of strange or heavenly bodies everywhere as you can find numerous stunning objects and subjects in our infinite world."

"Uh, that makes me wonder… if it's not a bloodline this time and a meridian instead, can't I just choose both, I mean one bloodline and one meridian for my energy channels? I would be so overpowered like that!" She exclaimed with s.h.i.+ning eyes of elation.

"Haha… if only it was that easy…" Laughing out loud, Virus muttered.

"What does master mean?"

"You see… a DNA Core is a very complicated matter as nearly every single DNA Core almost always affects every single genetic information within the body in some way, minor or major… meaning, if I place two DNA Cores inside a single body, they'll start to clash and fight as they'll begin to override and modify one another … and that's very dangerous since it leads to the eventual death of the body more than 99 percent of the times or that it neutralizes both DNA Cores… of course, sometimes, by some great miracle, they do work together and possibly, even result in some kind of mutation in one another which makes the body even more overpowered… but that's too rare to the point of it never happening." Explaining as simply as he could, Virus went quite.

"Oh… I see, but… master, didn't you adjust your appearance when you were creating your own body? Doesn't each of those adjustments to any part of the body also count as a DNA Core?" Wanting to clarify another doubt of hers, the golden beauty asked.

"Not at all… modifying and changing appearances, s.e.x, size, etc. Those are already explored or in another term, charted territories! I know exactly what causes a change in what."

After a momentary silence of deliberation, he continued, "Hmm, let me explain it in a more simplified way… you see, first, I input a certain DNA Core within a body, correspondingly, that DNA Core becomes the very foundation of that body itself. Then, I start targeting specific genetic pieces of information for certain modifications or adjustments in particular parts of the body, such as the color of the eyes, the size of the nose, heights, etc. all of which I comprehend fully. I make these changes since I know they won't affect the DNA Core since adjusting the way you look doesn't affect the overall function of the DNA Core in any way."

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"However, if I try to put two DNA Cores, both of which are all-encompa.s.sing, within a single body, as they both try to become the very foundation itself since they have a slight saying in every genetic information, they start an all-round battle with each other as they clash intensely." He said as he was finished with his description.

Shaking her head, she wondered helplessly, 'Again… Master and his tendency to keep interesting things to himself until the very end!' While externally, she voiced, "Alright… so, what's so great about this Deviant Vajra Meridians?"

Grabbing his chin, Virus started, "Well, it's exactly as it's said in the description. But in summary, Deviant Vajra Meridians have two main features which make it exceptional. First, it is the fact that it has one more pair of meridians, which basically results in the cultivation progressing much faster if the carrier finds an appropriate Cultivation Technique for it… of course, this is just one benefit of having one more pair of meridians."

"Secondly, it is the fact that this kind of meridian set is considered nearly indestructible against any kind of energy storming and forceful energy circulation by the cultivator itself… of course, it's only 'nearly' indestructible and that 'just' through the circulation of energy within the meridians itself! But nevertheless, this fact alone almost always guarantees a deeper foundation for the cultivator." He mouthed calmly.

"Deeper foundation? What's that any good for?" She could understand the notion of 'Faster cultivation', but she didn't know much about the benefits of the concept of a deeper foundation yet.

Seeing the confusion visible within her eyes, Virus clarified immediately, "Well… there are many advantages of having a deeper cultivation state, but the overall benefit is the fact that you would be capable of treading a longer path in your Dao of Cultivation. There are other positive points too… but you'll know about them yourself as you cultivate."

After hearing the clarification and the two main benefits of this set of exceptional meridians, the golden beauty's eyes began to s.h.i.+ne brilliantly as she murmured, "Faster cultivation… better foundation… amazing…"

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