The God Virus


Volume 4 - 283 Happy Misunderstandings

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Listening to him, the golden beauty indeed did sink into deep contemplation. She began considering every aspect as she calculated many things such as the chances she would get mortally wounded in the future, the possibility of her death, and many other points that needed to be taken into account.

However, in the end, she realized, with her enigmatic master beside him, she couldn't get any accurate number for any of her calculations. Her master was just too big of a variable. Nonetheless, what she understood was that the possibility of something bad happening to her as long as Virus was by her side was very unlikely. Moreover, she felt like Virus would be greatly disappointed in her if she did indeed cower away from such tribulation in her life.

Being the rational Artificial Intelligence she was, in case Virus didn't exist, she would've never even considered the choice of whether to enter a body or not. But now that she had the biggest and the most solid wall behind herself to lean on, she felt like there wasn't much to consider at all.

However, if there was one problem that greatly bothered her, it was the fact that she would be of very little a.s.sistance to him from now on. She wouldn't be strong enough to fight by his side, she also wouldn't be smart enough to support him in vital matters. Although that would undergo a change as she got stronger and more powerful.

At this point, as she believed she had considered nearly every pro and con that would follow after entering a body, a great glimmer of determination began to s.h.i.+ne within her entrancing eyes as she proclaimed, "I've made a decision master!"

"What is it? Just remember, no matter what you choose, I'll always support your decision." Voiced Virus wearing an a.s.suring smile.

Catching this warm phrase, the golden beauty felt like her artificial iron-hard heart had just melted away as she replied resolutely, "I still choose to enter a body!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! I want to possess a real physique and then I want to get stronger as soon as possible so I would be able to help you once again. No… I'm not just going to be helpful this time… I want to be strong enough to be able to protect you from all danger!" She uttered in such a resolve that surprised even Virus a little bit.

"Hahaha… good!" He cracked up in entertainment feeling her unwavering determination. So, knowing her final decision, he started to explain, "Actually… entering a body isn't as bad as you think with me by your side. I was just making them sound so bad in order to test your resolve."

He went on, "First of all, I would never let you die. Secondly, I won't let you get injured that easily, and even if you do get wounded in any way, I'll do my best to heal you. Moreover, as you cultivate and get stronger, those disadvantages will also disappear slowly as you will become as powerful as you are right now… no, you will even exceed your current strength easily."

After a short silence, he added further, "Then comes the third and last main disadvantage… which is a decrease in your AI and mental capabilities… hmm, to be honest, this is just a temporary setback for exceptional AI cultivators, since the more you progress in your cultivation, the higher the capacity and capabilities of your brain increases, meaning, it's only a matter of time before your brain, which is a medium for your 'Dependant Consciousness' to function, will advance to the same level as your true AI capabilities… no, if you become even stronger, I promise you will surpa.s.s even your current AI and mental competency!"

By now, an even more intense fire of great determination was burning within her eyes as she gathered every point of will power she had and decided to commit all of them on this great resolution of hers.

"Yes, master!" She exclaimed loudly.

Nodding his head in content, he started to mutter, "Okay then! Now that everything's settled… let us get to the next phase of our conversation."

"What we're going to talk about now is extremely crucial since it has to do with what kind of body you will choose… so, again… think very hard before reaching a final decision, understood?" He asked grimly.

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Without any hesitation, she replied firmly, "Yes!"

Finally comprehending what nonsense she had just spouted out of pure anxiety, she became double-thunderstruck, as she tried correcting it in a hurry, "No, no, no… I was just joking! I actually love master's body!"

Yet again, putting on an even more solemn face in an absolutely humorous way, Virus murmured word by word, "You… love… my… body?"

Seeing she was misunderstood once again, she no longer knew what to say, as she just stuttered around, "I-I… y-you… you… w-we… n-no!... I…"

Watching her adorable expression which appeared to have been greatly wronged, Virus no longer could bring himself to tease her as he burst out into loud laughter, "Hahaha… I… I was just kidding, hahaha… look at your face! Of course I understood what you meant both times!"

Finally realizing she was being played with this whole time, her face became totally red due to anger as she screamed in what could only be described as lovely, "Maaasteeer!!!"

"Hahaha… sorry, sorry…" Apologizing, Virus went on, "Actually, the real reason why I'm not giving you my body…" Reaching this point, catching the unintentional hidden meaning behind his own words which could be misunderstood easily, and then noticing the slight blush on the golden beauty's face, he fell into another peal of laughter, "Hahaha…"

The golden beauty too couldn't stop herself at this point as she began to giggle appealingly, "Hehe…"

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