The God Virus


Chapter 273: Experimentation

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Chapter 273: Experimentation

"And how are you gonna do that, master?" The golden beauty asked.

Hearing this question, as if he was also explaining and talking to himself, Virus started on his elaboration on the subject, "Easy, Lil belle, actually, many secret and forbidden experiments are being done in Korea, France, and the US on living Abnormals as we speak… I'm pretty sure the other countries will start doing it too as soon as they get their hands on Red-Crystals…" Pausing momentarily at this point, he added, "And from the data and results I collected and stole from these experiments, I realized that the red flame-like gas starts to get absorbed into the body as long as it's in direct contact with any part of the body. It's as if the flame-like substance is attracted to the human body."

He went on, "However, the speed at which it gets absorbed on different parts of the physique varies… for example, the slowest body part which absorbs the gas substance is the skin… according to data, it takes roughly two weeks for a person to absorb the substance through skin contact alone, but apparently, most of the flame-like gas gets wasted and dissipates into thin air during the process. So, this method is considered highly impractical, inefficient, and time-consuming, although it's currently the safest procedure for absorbing the substance danger-free and without any pain, since the poisonous and the indigestible characteristics of the crystal also doesn't affect the body in any way, thus, the consumer also feels no torment whatsoever."

"Another means of absorbing the gas substance is through putting the red-crystal in direct contact with blood through a wound. This is currently considered one of the fastest routines of drawing the substance into the body as nearly all of it gets sucked in, in around a minute. However, the downside of this practice is that the consumer feels an even greater pain than directly swallowing it into the stomach due to the toxic attribute of the crystal. This method is currently considered highly lethal and deadly since both of the experiment subjects who tried it this way are now dead." He proclaimed while shaking his head.

Not dilly-dallying at all, he continued talking, "The flame-like gas can also be absorbed through simply placing and keeping it within the mouth without swallowing it, like a lollipop. In this way, the substance gets sucked in around ten minutes with the minimum amount of wastage. The amount of pain experienced during the process is also regarded as barely tolerable with less chance of dying compared to directly eating and swallowing it. Thus, currently, this method is the most practical one as out of every five intakers, only one of them dies."

After a rather long silence, he also added, "Other procedures of intaking the Red-Crystals such as a.n.a.l and were also experimented on, sigh… who would even do that? Anyway… I don't even want to start on them since I don't understand why they would study them, to begin with."

"Pfft!" Looking at her master's serious face and absolutely funny reaction, the golden beauty couldn't stop a laugh from escaping from her lips as she was truly amused.

"My point is, many methods of absorbing the flame-like substance have been already thought of. And now, the only problem they face at this moment is the matter of crystal's toxicity which brings about great agony to the intaker, which means, I just need to find a counterattack to the problem of toxicity and immune the body!" Finally, at this point, he concluded.

"And doing that is almost very easy for me, as my microscope has already roughly determined which part of the crystal is toxic to the human body, thus, my only job now is to create the counter of that toxic attribute which would immune the body or resist the poison." Stating his final point, he went silent.

"Oh… I see…" Uttered the golden beauty while nodding her head in total understanding.




Eighteen days elapsed just like that, in those eighteen days, seven new rifts had popped into existence in various locations around the world. Nevertheless, Virus paid them no more heed as he continued with his experiments.

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Of these eighteen days, since he didn't have a full understanding of the crystals, Virus spent the first three days trying to find the right combination in order to immune the body to the poisonous attribute of the Red-Crystals.

"Oh! Great! I'll go prepare some tea for you then!" The golden beauty who nearly never left from her master's side uttered in happiness.

Hearing this, after gazing at a certain bead on the counter briefly, Virus followed.


As Virus was sitting on the couch sipping from his cup of tea from time to time, the golden beauty questioned, "What are you going to do with those formulas now, master?

Still in his relaxed mood, while smelling the fragrant scent of the tea, he replied, "For now, I'm gonna do nothing with the first four formulas, but I have my plans for them for a later time…Right now, I'm just going to release the last formula to the world, free of charge. This formula only makes the body develop a 90 percent resistance to the poisonous property of the crystal for 5 hours."

After a simple deliberation, understanding her master's intentions, showing a brilliant smile, the golden beauty mumbled, "I see."

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