The God Virus


Chapter 272: The Red-Crystal

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Chapter 272: The Red-Crystal

And due to all of these, Virus was absolutely elated. Because now, he had something new to discover as he was going to walk an uncharted territory.

He was very thrilled with the idea of having many things to uncover regarding the red-crystals and their source, which might change the course of history entirely! And thrilled about being at the epicenter of this world-defying phenomena!

So, grinning from ear to ear, with an intense light of enthusiasm and elation shooting off his eyes, he deliberated his first course of action, 'First, I should place the red-crystal within the microscope…'

As this notion went through his head, he reached his hand and placed the Red-Crystal within the entry that was a bit bigger than the size of the Red-Crystal itself.

"Master, why are you trying to study the Red-Crystals? Don't you already know what they are?" Voiced the golden beauty at this time.

"Not really… like I said before, there are many things even I don't know or understand in this limitless world." Replied Virus, not taking his eyes off the Red-Crystal at all.

Listening to his response though, the golden beauty was a bit astonished because she had almost never seen her master not know the answer to anything!

After placing the Red-Crystal in its right spot, he thought, 'Hmm, now, scan.' Meanwhile, his mind directly connected to the microscope and gave it the command of scanning the crystal.

Immediately, for a few seconds, an intense light covered the entire inner part of the microscope before turning off.


Afterward, staring at another device as small as a phone, he sent it the findings of the microscope. Then, a 3D image became apparent above the phone-like device.

Immediately, a gigantic 3D image of numerous molecules appeared before him.

Looking at the way atoms came to be held together by the chemical bonds as they created the molecules, Virus was quite amazed because he realized he was looking at a new type of structure.

The image was the molecular structure of the crystal.

"It's amazing how such a crystal was created within a living biological being…" He wondered to himself.

Next, doing a sliding motion in the air, Virus changed the view to another part of the crystal, as he tried to find the molecular structure of the red flame-like gas. But unfortunately, no matter how he looked, he couldn't find it anywhere!

"What's going on?" He whispered in confusion as sent a new command to the microscope, 'a.n.a.lyze.'

Instantly, in a matter of single second, tens of thousands of formulas, etc. momentarily blinked on the 3D image before it disappeared entirely. This was the process of the crystal being a.n.a.lyzed by the microscope which was also shown on the 3D screen.

'a.n.a.lysis' was another feature of the [Microscope 1.0]. The function of the 'a.n.a.lysis' was to a.n.a.lyze everything related to the material placed within the microscope and to state all of the characteristics and features of the said material.

Now, as the a.n.a.lysis was finished, a few words were displayed on the 3D screen.

『Degree of hardness: Its hardness is around half a diamond's, substantially different than a diamond in structure.』

『Unique characteristic of the crystal: Capable of storing [Unknown] in [Unknown] conditions. 』

『Influences on Humans: Lethal, poisonous, and indigestible to the stomach.』

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『Melting point: 1500 °C of temperature. 』

Putting one hand under his chin, Virus began to contemplate, 'Which means since the flame-like gas behaves just like a soul and enhances the Trait which originates from the soul itself… then, this flame-like substance must somehow affect or perhaps empower the soul of the Abnormal user… thus enhancing his Trait…'

"It's simple math to be honest. So, my conclusion is probably correct." He murmured under his breath.

"Did you unearth the mysteries of the red-crystal, master?" Seeing him mumbling something in a low voice, curious, the golden beauty inquired.

"Hmm… not even close. I now understand a bit only." He replied, full of dissatisfaction.

"I only realized that the crystal itself is poisonous to human beings and the flame-like substance behaves similar to a soul, and since it empowers traits which also originates from the soul of a person, then it must somehow affect an Abnormal's soul and result in his trait getting stronger." He explained in the most simple way he could.

"Wait, what? Traits originate from the soul?" Shocked, the golden beauty asked since this was the first time she was hearing about this.


Just getting the confirmation without any further delineation on the subject, slightly frustrated, she could only throw another question at him, "I see… um, but anyway, now that you understand the flame-like thingy a bit… what now?"

Hearing this, Virus could only respond in a helpless tone, "Even in my previous life in the future, mankind had a hard time studying things related to the soul… so now at this time, it's even more impossible to try to study anymore regarding the flame-like gas through technology…"

Not stopping there, he continued, "Which means, the only way to even have the slightest chance of unearthing anything related to the flame-like substance is through doing trials and errors on human beings themselves."

"But for that, I need to find a way so it would be possible for them to consume the flame-like substance without facing any dangers." He stated before saying, "Like that, without me needing to lift a finger, the humans themselves will begin finding and discovering everything I want to know about the Red-Crystals."

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