The God Virus


Chapter 267: Thinking Death

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Chapter 267: Thinking Death

'I-is this how I'm going to die?' The Thread Mistress thought as she watched nippy get slapped away to the faraway distance as the Winged-Pig began charging in her direction this time. Then, in despair, she started wondering to herself, 'I don't want to die yet… there are still so many things I wanna do in my life! Like falling in love!'

'Or experiencing my first kiss-' As her deliberation reached this part, she suddenly realized a fact, 'Oh, right… I just had my first kiss with that stupid coward.'

By now, the Winged-Pig was only a few meters away from her as it was going to crash into her the very next second. Meanwhile, as the image of the Winged-Pig reflected itself within her gloomy eyes, drowning in despair, the very last notion pa.s.sed through her head, 'I don't wanna die! Please, someone… anyone-'



Closing her eyes, she screamed for help with all her might.

Due to her cold personality, this was actually the very first time she had desperately yelled for help throughout her entire life.

However, it seemed too late as the loud noise of something colliding into something else was heard right after her desperate shriek.


Watching the scene of the Winged-Pig das.h.i.+ng toward its next target, who happened to be the Thread Mistress, Virus let out a helpless sigh while thinking, 'It seems I can only use that.'

Not wasting any more seconds, he connected to the ring on his left hand and commanded.

'Trigger Median Configuration – Fragmentary Integument'

Immediately, pitch-black scales started to cover both his legs and arms. Of course, between the scales, a s.h.i.+ning blue light became apparent all over. Thus, creating a beautiful sight to look at.

'Let's test how much more powerful I get after combining the natural strength of my body and the Fragmentary Integument.'

Actually, before today, when 'Median Configuration – Fragmentary Integument' was triggered, due to his weak and fragile mortal body, the dark scales covering her arms and legs basically used to replace the function of both his bones and muscles, thus making him unnaturally strong.

However, this process came with a rather huge disadvantage. And that was the fact that the scales covering his arms and legs were in fact forced to tolerate all of the pressure from the movements, attacks, impacts, etc. of the body.

Yet at this moment, after deactivating a certain function of 'Median Configuration', his body now in fact mostly relied on his own bones and muscles while the scales only played a supporting role.

This meant that his own natural strength and the supporting strength of the scales covering his physique were now added up together.

Anyway, the instant the pitch-black scales covered his limbs, he heard a shrilling scream asking for help as the Winged-Pig was upon the Thread Mistress.


Not wasting any time, he dashed in the direction of the Thread Mistress as he appeared before her and the enormous pig monster the next moment.

Then, seemingly unconcerned by the pig's incoming attack, the dark-haired youth only sent a normal punch toward the frightening pig.


A loud noise reverberated around the area as his fist connected to the monster's body directly.

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And just like that, while the eyeb.a.l.l.s of the b.l.o.o.d.y Touch and everyone else watching the scene popped out of their sockets, the gigantic pig was sent flying away.

Simultaneously, watching the whole process of him get covered in dark scales, appearing before the Thread Mistress, and sending the monstrous pig flying away, everyone seeing this scene alive became dumbstruck down to their very being.

Then, slowly, everybody started talking in their houses or over the internet.

It was especially crowded in the chat section of live playing video on the internet.

"Oh… my… Gaawd! What is he!?" User6969 wrote.

"Nani the f.u.c.k?!"

"d.a.m.n! An extremely powerful man had appeared! A new hero!"

"But did he just transform?*EyesBulgingOutEmotion*." IHateFighting proclaimed in shock.

"Who understands what's going on?" Voiced another confused user.

"Everyone please calm down and let me explain. It's very simple actually *OtakuDramaticallyAdjustingHisGla.s.sesEmotion*." Said OtakuNumber1.

"Really? Sir, please explain then." Another user called PenDrive stated in antic.i.p.ation.

"Well, you see… previously, just as we all saw it, obviously, that dark-haired youth and that cold lady had very intimate experiences with each other. That was the beginning of something big as that dark-haired youth probably fell in love with her at first sight and thought along the lines of 'I love her… she's mine now!'. However, then, the flying pig entered a rampage as it first slapped the swordsman away… now, it was fine till this point since the dark-haired youth obviously didn't care about the swordsman and thus felt nothing toward him getting smashed away." This was the first part OtakuNumber1 had sent as it was followed by the second part of his long explanation instantly.

"But then, the pig turned toward our protagonist's love, the Thread Mistress… thus sending both of them into the abyss of despair. Anyway, as he watched the flying pig charge in her direction, the dark-haired youth started screaming inside himself while thinking 'Nooo… I have to save her!!! Strength!!! I need strength! I want power! I want to be stronger! I want the power to be able to protect my precious and loved one! And…"

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