The God Virus


Chapter 266 - To Keep A Promise

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'd.a.m.n you!'

At this point, the nippy sword was gritting his teeth as he cursed him internally while the Thread Mistress' cold eyes were staring in his direction in such a way that if looks could kill, the young unknown man would be dead already.

"Lemme try punching it first…"



As he uttered that, a heavy fist connected right into the gigantic pig's gut making it howl in pain. However, other than an additional round crimson-red spot appearing on the pig's frame, there was no other discernible opened-up wound. Even if there was internal damage due to the impact, like a broken bone or possibly internal bleeding, it was all hidden under its skin and thus entirely undetectable. Considering the huge size of its body and how small the youth's fist was compared to it, this sight was totally normal.

Due to going through a rather intense level of pain, the pig began to struggle, trying to free itself from the net, nevertheless, that proved to be useless and futile.

"Hahaha…" Witnessing the result of the unknown youth's punch, the Supersonic Sword started laughing in derision before phrasing in a voice filled with contempt, "Hmph, so much for mocking me. Look at you now!"

Looking at the Thread Mistress, Virus realized she was also gazing at him in disdain.

"Haha…" Scratching his head, the youth, however, seemed completely unperturbed by the nippy sword's remarks or the Thread Mistress' gaze as he only walked beside the now frowning swordsman as he proclaimed while staring at his sword, "Since I need something sharp, may I…?"

Then, before the nippy sword could even respond, reaching his hand, the youth grabbed the handle of the swordsman's sword without consent and pulled it toward himself.


"Thanks, I'll be sure to return it." While taking a short glimpse at the now unsheathed sharp sword within his palm, the youth uttered before turning around and walking toward the temporarily trapped pig once more.

At this point, both the Thread Mistress and the b.l.o.o.d.y Touch were gazing at the youth while wondering if the sword within his grab will make any difference.

"Let's see if the sword is any good, shall we?" Muttering this, the sword was brought above Virus' head.


The weapon then slashed upon the beast's body just like that.

And looking at it, the sword was starting to sink into the pig's skin as traces of blood could be seen.


The Thread Mistress and the b.l.o.o.d.y Touch's eyes were just beginning to s.h.i.+ne due to seeing this sight, when…


The sword's blade violently broke from the middle part.

"…" The youth.

"…" The Thread Mistress.

"…" The b.l.o.o.d.y Touch.

"…" The Winged-Pig.

"…!" The nippy sword who no longer had his sword.

"…" Everyone else.

Witnessing this scene, everyone became speechless and silent for a long time.

And this silence was at last only broken by a miserable scream, "My sword!!!"

Hearing the nippy sword, or maybe just 'nippy' alone now, scream in misery as if he had just watched his mother get murdered right before him, Virus felt somewhat awkward.

Nonetheless, grabbing the other half of the sword blade which was stuck within the Winged-Pig's frame, he pulled.


As every part of the sword was now in his possession, the youth walked beside the nippy once again. Then, first, he pushed the broken half of the sharp blade within the sheath around nippy's waist before proceeding and putting the other half of the sword within it too.

Then, as if he was just relieved of a great burden and responsibility, patting nippy's shoulders, he uttered, "Here it is nippy, just as promised, I made sure to return it. Thanks by the way."

"You!" Hearing his words, as if he had turned into one of the humanoid rabbit's himself, his eyes began to burn in flames of wrath while he could barely breathe. At this point, he was almost on the verge of pa.s.sing out due to anger.

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Virus, nevertheless, no longer paid him any further attention as he casually strolled before the Winged-Pig again as he started gazing at the almost fifteen centimeters injury on the beast's body.

"f.u.c.k… they're gonna be slaughtered now!"

"s.h.i.+t, s.h.i.+t, s.h.i.+t, s.h.i.+t, s.h.i.+t…"

"Those white so f.u.c.ked, man."

"Someone! Do something!"

While everyone was extremely worried watching the rampaging pig, within the control room, it was also chaos.

"What's the best solution for dealing with that creature if the Abnormal team fails to stop it, soldier?" Gazing at a certain soldier with particular capabilities, the commander inquired.

"Sir, I can only roughly estimate that we will need to launch a missile with the power of destroying at least two hundred meters surrounding the area… but even with that, I'm not a hundred percent a.s.sured since I'm not clear as to how hard that monster's body is." Proclaimed the soldier with an uncertain tone.

"Sigh…" Letting out a helpless sigh, the commander said, "Alright, give the orders to prepare that missile."

The entire control tent became silent after hearing the commander's order before the soldier-in-charge voiced at last, "Yes, sir!"




Meanwhile, the youth had long since made some distance from the Winged-Pig as he was totally safe now. Unfortunately, however, the Thread Mistress, the nippy, and the b.l.o.o.d.y Touch weren't as fast as the youth. Thus, they could only wait for their doom while the beast charged in their direction.

"We're dead…" With a face as white as a sheet, nippy uttered his soon to be last words.

In the meantime, seeing the Winged-Pig rus.h.i.+ng at the trio, Virus could only let out a deep sigh as he murmured, "It seems I can only use that…"

However, even after muttering that, he didn't start to move and take action immediately and instead, he watched as the Winged-Pig slapped nippy's body away with one of its enormous wings the very next moment.

"Ahhhhhh…" It was followed by a bloodcurdling scream from nippy as he was sent flying away.

And with that, nodding his head in satisfaction, the youth began his next course of action at last as he…

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