The God Virus


Chapter 264 - Six Humanoid Rabbits

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At this time, the Winged-Pig also descended upon the trio led by the Thread Mistress once more. Nevertheless, already expecting this, the Thread Mistress created two consecutive net above herself, thus successfully stopping the flying pig for now.

Meanwhile, six humanoid rabbits were upon the dark-haired youth who called himself the Dark Savior.

Then, taking a glimpse of each and every one of these creatures surrounding him, he showed a smirk, a smirk which reeked of evil.

Two of them were about to punch his face and his chin while the rest of them had decided to use the most powerful part of their body, their legs, in order to send a kick to various spots on their enemy's body such as his lungs, his heart, his legs, etc.

'Should I test how hard and dense my bones have become? Or how firm, solid, and flexible my flesh is now?' Wondered the youth to himself.

Since the time Virus had achieved the 1st, the 2nd, and the 4th level of Corporeal Tempering Stage, respectively True Skin Conversion, Altering The Flesh, and Bones Dense As Steel, his skin had simultaneously become much more flexible, elastic and tough, his muscles and flesh transformed to be malleable, tensile and firm, while his bones became extremely dense and solid.

Moreover, due to his special Corporeal Tempering Technique, the Dark Dragon's Metamorphosis Revolution, each time he made a breakthrough, other than that specific part of the body he was making a breakthrough to and from, the previous levels also strengthened to a whole new degree alongside with it.

So now, it could be only imagined how solid, firm, flexible, dense, etc. each part of his body had become.

Additionally, he had also broken through to the unprecedented True 6th Level of Corporeal Tempering Stage, Ethereal Metamorphosis, which once again elevated the entire quality of his body. So now, probably, only the word 'terrifying' could define the anatomy of his body.

And that's why he was currently tempted to receive their attacks directly without making any movements.

'Nah, let's just dodge them all, I'll test those later.' However, knowing that he can't risk being injured in this kind of situation, considering the Winged-Pig being the next in line, he could only temporarily put that thought to rest.

As he was done making a decision, next, a chain of calculations began just to finish almost immediately.

'The first bunny's going to attack my chin from a 47-degree angle from the east, which means I just need to slightly move my head to the right, 5 centimeters to be more precise.'

'The second one's trying to punch my face from a 31-degree angle coming from the west, this attack influencing my the previous maneuver will force me to recalculate... Overwriting… done! Now, I need to move my head to the left by 7 centimeters. That will result in their fists punching one another.'

'The third one's kick is coming toward my right leg, I just need to move it 7 centimeters to the front while raising it slightly.'

'The fourth one is trying to kick my heart from an 88-degree angle, the response to this attack while considering the previous movements of the body will result in retreating my right shoulder to the back by 78 degrees.'

'The fifth…'

'And the final bunny's offensive move while overriding and overwriting all of the foregoing a.s.saults will result in maneuvering my overall body in…'

Although it looked like these calculations had taken a lot of time, in reality, the second they began was the second they had finished. And so, just like that, he arrived at the most optimal conclusion immediately.

Then, much to the stupefaction of others, as a thunderbolt went off inside everyone's head, they watched an eye-opener sight before them. A sight they couldn't understand and deemed as impossible prior to now.

This was because, the very next moment, when the a.s.saults finally reached him, as if he had turned into a robot, the dark-haired youth's body began to move in a very precise and robotic manner almost instantly and at once. This strange and robotic movement was ensued by none of the attacks actually hitting any part of his frame.

Even though everyone was experiencing a deep blow to their world view after watching this sight as they experienced a variety of mixed feelings, the ones who were most shocked and traumatized were the humanoid rabbits themselves as their eyes went wide-open the following second.

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Actually, if the humanoid rabbits were much faster than Virus himself, no amount of calculation would've helped at all since his body would've had no way of responding and reacting to his desired motion and activity. Fortunately for him though, unlike before, he was fast enough now.

Then, as they continued trembling, their instincts were yelling that there was no time for retreating and that attacking this beast in front of them was the only possible choice they had. So, left with no other choice, a determination to attack pervaded them.

Afterward, as if they had pre-planned, mustering every ounce of power they had, two of them sent a front kick toward the dark-haired youth while the other two sent a side kick.

Of course, all the dark-haired youth had to do was to calculate his next course of movements again in order to avoid these attacks which were much simpler to calculate now since their numbers had decreased from six to four.


Once again successfully dodging the incoming attacks with his automaton-like moves, the youth started a.s.saulting his opponents as he victoriously took out two more.

Grunt~ Ah~

By now, the last two remaining rabbits had instinctively realized that attacking was completely futile. So was escaping.

Therefore, understanding their inevitable fate, filled with fear and horror, while producing strange noises and screams, they made a final effort of running away.



Unfortunately for them, that action hastened their demise even further as two punches conveniently landed on their skulls, thus instantly killing them.

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