The God Virus


Chapter 258: Is It Really This Easy?

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Chapter 258: Is It Really This Easy?

Being reminded of Ella, an odd glint went through Virus' currently dark eyes while he became silent for at least a few seconds.

Seeing her master stay quiet like this, the golden beauty felt a bit distressed as she felt like she had asked about something she shouldn't have, so, perplexed, she mouthed further, "I… I'm sorry master. You don't need to answer that if you don't want to talk about it."

"No, it's-"


Hearing this, a pleasant smile crept on Virus' face as he was about to say something, however, before he could finish his sentence, a m.u.f.fled noise interrupted him, which completely drew his attention to itself. So, pausing promptly, his line of sight was directed on the 3D screen in front of him. Then, in all seriousness, he voiced, "It's opening up."

Meanwhile, outside, the rift started to show reactions as the two sides of the crack began to grow bigger as they distanced themselves from one another.

"It's beginning! Be prepared!!! We have only one chance at this, if we fail, we'll probably face unimaginable casualties. So committing the slightest bit of mistake is totally unforgivable!" At the same time, the commander in charge of this round of retaliation against the monsters yelled toward the people in front of him.

Gazing at the great captain before them who was clearly exuding leaders.h.i.+p from all over his being, the people present inside the tent felt a slight s.h.i.+ver going down their spine as they became a hundred percent focused.

As he was done giving the most important order, turning around, he ordered the soldier behind him, "Go! Go tell those four to get ready at once! Although it's very unlikely, we might still need their help."

"Yes, sir!"

Simultaneously, inside a luxurious bus, the cold beauty whose eyes had remained closed up to this point abruptly opened them as she took a glance in the direction of the rift in the far distance. Then, opening her mouth for the first time in a very long time, she stated, "The rift is opening, gather up." This was everything she had to say.

"Oh, big sis… so you can really talk." Hearing her talk, the cute girl put aside her phone as she voiced toward the cold-acting girl with a sweet smile on her face.

Receiving no response in return, a little disappointed, her gaze was directed at the muscly-man who seemed to be still asleep as she said in a rather loud but cute voice, "Burly bro! Wake up! The bad monsters are about to show up!!! Or are you going to allow them to eat this little angel?"

Hearing this, the huge man abruptly opened his eyes as he jumped into his feet in fear. He was scared out of his wit due to her loud voice.

"You d.a.m.n little brat! You scared the s.h.i.+t out of me! With that tone of yours… I thought we're already surrounded by those monsters!!! Is this how you wake a person up?" After looking around for a while and finding nothing, anger began to bubble up inside him as he phrased toward the cute girl before him.

Seeing this, some traces of tears began to gather at the corner of the cute girl's eyes. And spotting those gathering teardrops that were about to fall, the muscly man who had a hard exterior but a soft interior immediately regretted his words as he tried to stop her from crying, "There, there… I was just kidding… thanks for waking the burly bro up… don't cry, I was wrong, okay?"

"Stop with the unnecessary words, we might be needed soon, let's go." The last male who was already ready to exit the bus proclaimed toward the muscly man in an annoyed tone.




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At the same time, the rift started to cast out a lot of monsters nonstop.

A distinguishable difference between these humanoid rabbits and the rabbits of France though was the fact that unlike them, these bunnies were covered in black fur!

Meanwhile, at the sight of the horde of monsters before him, the face of the leader who was watching everything on the screen turned pale as he mumbled with a low gasp, "Oh my G.o.d… there are so many of them! Will we be able to…" By now, beads of sweat had covered almost everyone's foreheads.

"Commander! The rift is closing up! This is our only chance… give us the permission before it's too late!" Seeing that their commander seemed to be totally lost at the sight of this line up before them, a soldier with extraordinary bearing shouted in his direction, which promptly brought the commander back from his stupor.

The next moment, he proclaimed with all his might, "Permission granted! Everyone! Now is the time!"

Hearing these words, simultaneously, every person who was sitting behind a computer pressed a specific b.u.t.ton.


Immediately, a loud noise of explosion reverberated everywhere as a cloud of blinding dust rose into the air and surrounded all around the location of the rupture in s.p.a.ce.

At the same time, inside the main tent where the leader was sitting, everyone was silently staring at those few screens which continued to display the scene around the rift. Most of the cameras planted in various spots among the trees were already destroyed due to the explosion and only a few had survived.

Unfortunately though, even those few cameras could show nothing since the cloud of dust was still covering the area.

"Did… did we succeed? Are those d.a.m.ned monsters all dead?" Without taking his eyes off of the monitors at all, in some doubt, the commander inquired. Meanwhile, he was thinking to himself, 'Is it really this easy…?'

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