The God Virus


Chapter 255: The Second Rift

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Chapter 255: The Second Rift

'According to the time the rifts became visible, the first one should open up very soon-' Just as this line of thinking was pa.s.sing through the dark-haired youth's head, while pointing at the screen in front of them, a golden beauty who was standing beside him exclaimed, "Look, master!"

Of course, she was 'the' golden beauty while the dark-haired good-looking youth was Virus who had changed his appearance prior to coming here for some reason.

At this time, the first rift that existed in an out-of-the-way area in Jeju Island started to show reactions in itself as it gradually started to open up.


"It's opening!" A soldier yelled in Korean.

"The rupture is expanding!" Another shouted further.

"Be careful everyone! The monsters will appear soon."

Looking at the rupture on the very fabric of s.p.a.ce itself which was just like a spreading fissure on a breaking gla.s.s, the Korean soldiers surrounding the crack began to scream in horror, alarming everyone else.

Just like that, a few seconds drifted away when finally, monsters started to pop out of the rift one after another.

First, around fifteen six-legged coyotes were rejected. Then, it was followed by ten more one-eyed white tigers.

Almost simultaneously, another white tiger became visible in front of all of the monsters. The difference between this one and the rest of the white tigers was the fact that this one was much bigger in its physique than the rest. Clearly, this enormous white tiger was the leader of the first group of monsters. Both coyotes and white tigers included.

Anyway, after a short pause, the second group was also rejected from the agape fissure, however, this time, the unknown creatures had red flames in some parts of their bodies, their eyes included.

"Hmm? This time it's only bat-winged frogs? And it's just four of them?" Watching everything taking place from inside his s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, Virus muttered.

Just as he mumbled these words, the Korean Army began to move as they started the bombardment.





"It seems they want to kill as many mobs as they can while utilizing the army and their weapons before finally employing their Abnormals to the scene in the end… that's not a bad strategy…" Virus voiced while gazing at the messed up scene in front of him.

Like this, one coyote after another was buried under the bombardment of rockets and bullets as they were shredded into many pieces.

Many of the one-eyed white tigers also faced the same fate as the flash of bombs was the last thing they witnessed before taking their last breath.

Nevertheless, three of the normal-sized white-tigers together with the other gigantic white-tiger who was seemingly their leader was able to successfully escape unscathed. These were the survivors of the first batch of monsters.

In the second group though, there were no casualties as all four of the bat-winged frogs were successful in escaping from the wave of bombs without any wounds. Since they were extremely fast, no one was even close to hitting them effectively.

"The weapons won't be that practical on them from now on! We need to dispatch our Abnormal team right now! Otherwise, our soldiers will start dying one after another… that'll be totally in vain." A middle-aged man with a seemingly high rank in the military forces respectfully stated toward the old man in front of him.

The old man was in charge of coming up with the best strategy in dealing with the creatures of this rift. He was the final decision maker in everything today here.

Right now, the old man was holding his chin as he seemed to be pondering about something very deeply.

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A few seconds pa.s.sed without him uttering anything when finally, he said, "It's time, dispatch the Abnormals!"

Another international channel was displaying the scene of battle while reporting, "According to the latest news we received from our reporters, the drops from this round of collision with the hostile monsters have been numerous of those creatures, four unknown crystals, and a single bead altogether.

"At this time, no government in the world reveals anything regarding those crystals and beads… but based on their reactions and how interested they appear to be in those drops, we estimate they are extremely precious and valuable." A host explained to his viewers.

"Now… humanity's attention is mostly drawn toward two questions as they ask… which rift is going to open next, Paris or the United States of America? And will they come out triumphant from this battle of defense, or will humanity experience its first loss in this war of race?" A spokesperson proclaimed toward the camera.




"Those red crystals will make our Abnormals stronger. Alas, I heard that we can't consume them directly… thus, the first course of action we need to take right now is to find a solution to this vital problem. We need to discover another safe method to consume the crystals before other countries do!" With a serious glint pa.s.sing through his eyes, the President of South Korea commanded toward people of authority who were sitting around the table in front of him.

"Yes, sir!"

"We shall follow the orders, sir."

Not stopping there, he jumped to the next topic of their discussion, "Also, regarding the beads… I doubt it's something useless. Since the crystals are this beneficial, I believe those beads should have their own great benefits and utilizations too! So alongside the study on the matter of crystals, we also need to begin our research and investigation on that subject as soon as possible too! That's all for now."

"Yes, sir!"

"Good! You're all dismissed."

In the meantime, the second rift also went in motion as another wave of disturbance was released to the world.

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