The God Virus


Chapter 254: A Squad

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Chapter 254: A Squad

"Mr. President, are we going to also send Abnormals to the scene or not? I mean, according to our investigations, we discovered that both Korea and France has already deployed and placed a team of their own Abnormals in their own danger zones…" Currently, inside the White House, a certain secretary was talking to the President in an inquisitive tone. He and a lot of people were currently desperate to understand the President's next course of action. He was here as a representative of those people.

Hearing this, the President didn't respond for a few seconds before finally uttering with his fingers crossed together, "Hmm, according to the a.n.a.lysis of the surroundings around the rift, it's not a very suitable place for aerial attacks right?"

A bit confused, after a short pause, the secretary replied, "Yes, according to our data, since the rift has opened up inside the Angeles National Forest where it's filled with trees, it's not suitable for our air forces to engage in this kind of battle of defense. So it's highly unwise to try to utilize our aircraft…"

"That's what I thought…" After listening to his response, the President seemed to have sunk into an even deeper state of contemplation as he closed his eyes and remained silent.

Around a minute pa.s.sed when at last, raising his head, he stated once more, "It's not that I'm not going to dispatch a team of our own Abnormals… it's just that, the selection of our team wasn't finished before… I was trying to pick and bring a compatible team of Abnormals together. That's why there has been a delay with this dispatching."

A glimmer of understanding went through the secretary's eyes as he answered back, "I see, so that's why! How is the preparation of this team proceeding?"

"Fortunately, it's already done. I was done making the decisions right before you arrived! Here, this is the list of our special squad. Go and satisfy every need they have, we need to treat them like VIPs if we expect them to defend the country to the best of their abilities." A crescent smile found its way on the President's face as he placed a file on the table in front of him.

"Oh…" Letting out a sound of surprise, the secretary jovially picked up the file as he went through the list of names on it.

Five minutes later, after he was done examining the file, he opened his mouth again, "Not bad… with this, we most likely won't have any problems in dealing with those d.a.m.ned creatures… should I position them at the danger zone as soon as possible?"

"It's been twelve or thirteen days since the rift opened up, right? If our a.n.a.lyzers weren't wrong about this, we should have about two or three days before the creatures enter our territory, so just send them before the fifteenth day arrives." Voiced the President in a serious manner.

"Yes, sir…" Articulating this sentence, he added further, "Also, could I relay the content of our conversation to others too?"


"Alright! I shall do as I'm told then, sir." Vocalizing this sentence, the secretary retreated at once.




In the meantime, in Paris, an entire Army was encircling the danger zone as they guarded the rift. There were also a few people with special types of vests present at the scene, these people were sitting inside their own private tents at this time.

Among these people, only two of them were familiar. They were K and Dizzy.

"Old man, there's still a few days remaining till the rift opens up again… how about we go and have some fun?" Barging into K's tent, Dizzy proclaimed.

Hearing this, some traces of veins popped up on K's dark face as he yelled, "You smelly brat! Why are you still calling me old man! I said call me uncle!!!"

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"And about leaving our posts… that's not even funny Dizzy. Although everyone's rather casual right now since the rift probably won't be opening for at least one or two days… it's essential for us to remain here and keep watch!" A serious glint pa.s.sed through K's eyes as he uttered.

Of course, this silence didn't last for long before one of them who had a rather huge built opened his mouth, "Do you think we will be able to deal with them easily?" This big person was feeling a lot of distress for some reason.

Laying back casually, the young man who seemed to be in his mid-twenties began to phrase, "Don't worry, with me and her around… it won't that hard for us to finish everything as soon as possible…" As he mentioned 'Her', his gaze was directed at the gorgeous woman who was currently wearing a cold face. To be more precise, this frosty face appeared to be the only expression she could make since no one in the squad had even seen her smile, not even once.

Then, looking at the cute girl who was playing a game on her phone, he added, "Moreover, we have her in case anything goes wrong…"

"Hehe… yeah… don't worry burly bro… with me around, you have nothing to worry about." Without even bothering to raise her head, she voiced before continuing to play her game.

At the same time, the attention of the whole world was focused on the rifts because according to their rough estimations, the first crack in the fabric of very s.p.a.ce itself was about to open up!




In the meanwhile, without anyone's knowledge, an invisible s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was hovering above one of the three rifts. Inside the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, a young man who seemed to have just hit his early twenty was sitting while watching the screen in front of him.

This young man who could be considered rather handsome had dark hair together with dark eyes which matched his hair extremely well.

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