The God Virus


Chapter 250: Fun?

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Chapter 250: Fun?

After the monster breakout in France and Korea, the whole world had been feeling an invisible thread of fear and pressure weighing on their hearts as a single question dawned on them repeatedly. That question was, 'Would another rift open somewhere else in the near future?'

As a result of this, every country was in a state of absolute caution as they would move the moment any rifts opened anywhere in their territory.

And today, just as some people were having a bad premonition, a soldier who was searching the Jeju island spotted a new rift in the s.p.a.ce of the island. This promptly sent shockwaves throughout their country and even the world once again.

However, it appeared the world felt this level of shock wasn't adequate, so just a single day later, yet another rift appeared around the same area in Paris!

Alas, this horrifying sequence seemed yet to be done as on the very same day, the third crack also popped into existence at a rather crowded location in the Angeles National Forest, about 50-miles northeast from Los Angeles. This rupture in the fabric of s.p.a.ce was spotted by someone a day later.

With this, the entire planet went into a state of shock and terror which seemed to be the norm these days. Meanwhile, the media were going crazy with their reports.

After getting the news of the cracks, the governments of Korea, France, and the United States of America also respectfully went in motion as they discharged their army to those specific locations.

"The President has already given the order to dispatch the Army to Angeles National Forest before today. Moreover, he has already promised that he will deal with this problem while trying to keep the casualties at the bare minimum." A reporter of CNN who was currently standing in front of the building of the White House elaborated toward the camera.

In the meantime, another reporter of FOX was currently standing in a viewable spot from the rift in the Angeles National Forest as he talked toward the camera non-stop. He was standing at the utmost limit of entry that was allowed for the reporters and alike.

"As you can see, we are currently reporting to you this piece of news while standing in the closest distance allowed to us. The rift seems to be almost exactly the same as the one that had appeared in Paris…" After that, he went on to talk about many facts and pieces of information regarding the rift until finally, he reached another important juncture in his report, "Currently, we have yet to see any of those Abnormals present at the scene… everyone seems to be soldiers. This brings us to the questions… could it be the President is confident he can deal with this disaster while solely utilizing the Army and the weapons we have at hand? Or could it be that he is going to dispatch some of those extraordinary people soon enough? Stay alert for further updates regarding the answers to these questions."

A journalist of the New York Times also wrote, "At first, they appeared one by one. But now, three of them have shown up simultaneously! Could this mean our world is truly doomed to destruction and war?" Of course, by 'They', he was referring to the rifts.

The situation in Korea and France wasn't any better either. If anything, they were in a state of even more shock and terror since this was the second time they were being struck with this b.l.o.o.d.y disaster. So, their emotions could only be imagined.

Currently, in a chatroom in Korea…

"Sigh… I don't have a Trait like those abnormal people… so what I can do in the face of these disasters is simply… nothing!" A sad user typed.

Another user who seemed to agree with the comment of the above user replied back, "I know right? When I heard there are actually people with Traits in this world… I was so happy and excited, thinking I would soon obtain my own Trait and keep getting stronger every day until I'm the strongest… but now? That seems to be a joke! Sigh… how can G.o.d be so unfair to me…?"

"Joke? Let me tell you what the real joke is here! This noona here has a Trait… but it's a completely useless one! Isn't this the real joke here? It's as if I'm being messed with! To be granted with something extraordinary, but it happened to be the tras.h.i.+est one among them! Totally useless! Why!!!" Someone else cried.



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Then, just as he was about to proceed, his phone began to ring.

I'm a virus, an infectious particle~

A nano-thug, a pirate, the genuine article~

Ebola, chickenpox, west Nile, influenza~

Yellow fever, AIDS, herpes, SARS, I'm comin' right at ya~

Pressing the green b.u.t.ton, he queried into the phone, "What is it, Island ugly?"

"Master… I just wanted to notify you that the tool you wanted for our new Mining Industry is ready… should I call the CEO ugly and tell him to come and pick it up?" The Island ugly replied in an inquisitive tone.

"Hmm… currently, I have nothing better to do anyway, so I'll come and pick it up personally, this might actually be a bit fun!" With a smirk showing up on his face, he declared.

"I see, alright. Then travel safe, master." Answered the Island ugly while pondering to himself helplessly, 'Sigh… Master and his obsession with fun.'

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