The God Virus


Volume 4 - 237 Liliana Tudor

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Another week pa.s.sed by very quickly. By now, almost the whole world had gone back to the way it was before FAP. Common citizens were spending a great deal of effort in order to make a living and moreover, now, with the existence of the dormant Mutated HIV, they had to save some money for their whole family to take 'Ai Virus 001: The Savior' every year without missing a single one until the permanent cure was ultimately created.

The previous outbreak on Jeju island was still the topic of many mouthes as a variety of television channels had yet to cease their a.n.a.lysis of this odd and inexplicable incident.

Even the United States of America had requested some of the remains of those savage beasts from the government of South Korea, however, until this very moment, South Korea still hadn't responded to this request.

This was because they felt like with these, they would be able to make great breakthroughs in many fields of their studies and science. And that meant giving them away would be a great loss.

Anyway, currently, one of the most famous international television channels in the whole world was holding a program regarding both the Mutated HIV and the strange incident on Jeju island. Today, they had invited a rather well-known fortune-teller who claimed she could see a few seconds into the future of certain individuals. And with her power of fortune-telling, she had truly helped a lot of powerful individuals in the economic world in successfully pa.s.sing through many crises for the right amount of money.

Of course, under normal circ.u.mstances, such a famous television channel would not have invited this kind of person who was most likely a fraud. However, this time it was an exception because they were directly requested by the owner of this channel to allow her to be present on this very program. It seemed the owner truly did believe in her power and according to him, she had helped him a lot in becoming the owner of one of the most famous television channels in the world.

"Good afternoon everyone, today, we are here with you together with one of the rather well-known fortune-tellers of the world called Liliana Tudor. She really wanted to be present at this program because according to her, she has some very vital matters to announce to everyone." The host seemed to be having a hard time taking this whole situation seriously as he thought, 'Is this for real? We are bringing fortune-tellers to our program now?'

"So, before we start, miss Tudor, would you mind introducing yourself a bit to our viewers?" The host added.

At this time, the camera was focused on a beautiful woman who had brownish eyes and a curly golden-red hair, "Sure, h.e.l.lo everyone, I'm Liliana Tudor, I'm 25 years old this year and I'm a fortune-teller. Well, not exactly that… since my power or maybe trait is a bit different than fortune-telling and I actually call it the 'Foreshadow'."

"Now I know many of you won't believe that I actually have this power, but that's okay since I have faith that you'll all soon come to believe my words when the world has more clarity upon the truth that there are many people with special traits living among us. Anyway, I won't elaborate on how exactly my power works and I'll just pa.s.s on this one." She voiced showing a beautiful smile at the camera.

Hearing her words, many viewers truly did not believe her words, however, there were also a lot of people who had seen and believed the video of people with traits or even better… some of them had even seen people utilizing their traits in front of their own eyes.

"Miss Tudor-"

"You can call me Lily." Interrupting him, Lily voiced.

"Alright, Lily, could you please tell us why you wanted to be with us here on this stage today?" At this point, a bit frustrated by her words, the host asked.

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"Of course… I've come only to pa.s.s along some facts regarding my power and what they could actually represent and mean." She said as she stopped talking for the moment.

Not allowing him to finish, Lily started articulating "Yes… my power exactly has to do with them. Actually… after 2000, it had become extremely difficult for me to see the foreshadows, but the point was that I could still 'see'!"

"However, this all began to change when the Mutated HIV started to spread to the whole world because after that, I could only foreshadow on very few occasions and even those were extremely limited since almost all of them were mostly useless stuff. Everything else regarding probably important phenomenon was totally dark to me." She explained her views and thoughts to this point before proceeding, "Moreover, now, after the Jeju island breakout happened… everything became entirely dark… I can foreshadow nothing anymore."

'Good, now you can, at last, go back to living like a normal young beautiful woman.' The host deliberated with a smirk.

"I believe this is probably because the world is heading toward a planetary devastating direction… which means… our planet is in grave danger as we all face the risk of total annihilation. Anyhow, from the moment the Jeju island incident took place, everything probably went on motion since it was from that moment onwards that I faced total darkness." She concluded her speech and explanation as she no longer said anything else.

"Lily, was that all?" The host questioned while pondering, 'f.u.c.k, I knew bringing her to the program was a big mistake… he's just trying to scare the world!'

"Yes, I'm done." Lily muttered with another beautiful smile appearing on her face.

"Hmm, good… alright… thanks for being present with us here… the allocated time of our program has also hit the absolute limit. So I shall bid goodbye to all of our viewers and our dear guest, Liliana Tudor. Goodbye, everyone." The host ended the program with those closing words.

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