The God Virus


Volume 4 - Chapter 233: Two

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Chapter 233: Two

"Was that everything you wanted to say?" After listening to whatever the CEO ugly had to say, Virus inquired while gazing deep into his eyes.

"Uh… yes, although my personal choice would be the latter, master is still the final decision-maker. So, I'll follow whichever one you pick." Bowing once in respect, the CEO ugly uttered.

"Hmm, the second option was truly a better and more logical choice." Nodding his head, Virus voiced before proceeding with a sharp turn, "However, it takes too much time to accomplish that. For us to enter into one industry and then consolidate our position before jumping into another one and afterward continuing with this process would need at least decades to accomplis.h.!.+ And I don't want to wait for that long to be honest. My goal is to dominate the economic world in a rather quick period of time before jumping into my next purpose and goal."

Pausing for a moment, he gazed toward the CEO ugly's direction before continuing, "So, I'll have to decline on that. However, bear in mind that this is not a complete refusal. I do admit your words truly hold some merit to themselves, so I'll present you with two routes to tread simultaneously. In the first route which I'll temporarily call it the 'Foundational Path', you will start with the basic industries just like how you suggested in your second choice, but, we won't wait until our position is totally consolidated which would take too much time. The point of the 'Foundational Path' is that it will gradually allow us to achieve the perfect cycle you just mentioned."

At this point, the golden beauty who understood Virus' current sunken mood better than anyone else in the world brought a cup of his favorite tea over as she silently placed it in front of him while Virus began talking once again, "Anyhow, in the 'Foundational Path', the moment the last branch we established is able to function by itself, and it starts to bring us a good percentage of profit, and at last, when it's able to supply the other branches we have with sufficient goods, we will jump over to the next one."

Showing two fingers, Virus went along with his instruction, "Also, because it's the beginning phases of our plan and furthermore, since we have a lot of capital at hand right now, we will jump into two basic industries one after another in a quick manner. First we will establish the Mining branch before jumping on the second one, the Manufacturing Industry. Just like you mentioned previously."

"Nevertheless, this is not the end and other than the 'Foundational Path' you're going to tread, I might also tell you to break into some other industries from time to time which wasn't originally among your list of 'Foundational Industries', but that will remain for another time to talk about." At this time, he picked up the cup as he took a small sip from the hot tea in front of him.

"Anyway, you can start with these general directions I gave you for now, do you understand?" He concluded.

"Yes, master… so for now, we shall set foot into the Mining Industry, I shall promptly begin its paperwork… however…" Talking to this point, he suddenly stopped talking and didn't continue further.

"What is it?" Frowning a bit, Virus asked.

With an awkward tone, the CEO ugly responded, "We have no mines to start mining."

After that, a deep silence began to loom over the room for a few seconds before Virus at last burst into a laughter of amus.e.m.e.nt. Then, he said, "Haha… mines? That's easy to solve. I know a method of discovering the best mines on this entire earth. It's only that it might take a little while to create this particular tool I have in mind. No worries though, I'll immediately send the blueprint over to the Island ugly to begin its production process at once."

"Alright, then I'll start doing its paperwork as soon as possible with no worries whatsoever." Nodding his head, the CEO ugly said obediently.

"Good, for now, let's extract every little bit of precious mineral Earth carries on itself. By the time we get them all, we will be already at a stage where we can expand our Mining Industry to s.p.a.ce!" Virus proclaimed, bringing a fresh light of motivation to start burning inside the CEO ugly's eyes.

"Yes, I'll definitely do my best, master. Also, we are about to release a new generation of a variety of automotive to the world which I withheld previously due to the world being in chaos. Now that the world order is restored, I believe this is the best timing to do that."

"Do as you wish." Shaking his hand, Virus signaled him to leave as he picked up his cup of tea once more.




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After the short meeting was over, the CEO ugly left to get busy with the matters of the company while the golden beauty and Virus stayed back.

"Oppa… thank you." Replied A-Young, who seemed truly touched by her boyfriend's words.

At this time though, as a beautiful view of the sea was displaying itself right outside the of the restaurant, while the two remained sunk deep into that romantic moment, a shadow pa.s.sed by from in front of the restaurant in an extremely quick speed.

Soon, another two meters shadow pa.s.sed from in front of the window of the restaurant.

If the people inside the small restaurant had paid any attention outside, they would've found this odd quietness very strange. Right now, no one pa.s.sing from in front of the window of the restaurant anymore. It was as if everyone had left the area already.



However, at this moment, a car changed directions toward the small restaurant as it charged into this small place.

For a few seconds, it was chaos as the car crashed into the restaurant and ruined its front wall and a lot of furniture within the diner itself. In the process, an old man who was sitting on the chair closest to the door was also flattened by the violent smash of the car.

Soon, utter silence became dominant within the small place before finally, a dazed driver rushed out of the door of the car and began running in a random direction in terror while yelling, "Monsters! Monsters!" From the way he looked, it seemed as if he had just witnessed the scariest and the most horrifying thing in the whole world!

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