The God Virus


Volume 4 - 230 The Uncrowned King

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"So you're admitting to the crime of slaughtering all of those men in cold blood?" She asked in some amazement seeing how casually he was laying back as he described in detail about how he had butchered those men.

"Yep, that was me." Nodding his head relaxedly, Virus confirmed.

"Hahaha…" Abruptly, detective Argent began to laugh out loud before articulating, "With this att.i.tude of yours which holds no regret whatsoever for the great sin you're committed, I bet you're gonna get the lethal injection!"

"Is that so?" While smirking in amus.e.m.e.nt, this was the only thing Virus voiced in response.

Nonetheless, beside him, Ella nervously stuttered, "No… no… he… he didn't kill them, it was me! It was really me… he's just trying to cover for me. Please, you've gotta believe me." Hearing he was going to receive the lethal injection, color vanished from Ella's face as she nervously tried to convince the detective that it was her doing and not him.

Detective Argent was just about to open her mouth to inquire about another matter related to the case when to her extreme frustration, the door of the interrogation room was opened once again!

"What is it this time! Who are you?" Very agitated, she shouted toward the door where two men had barged in.

Hearing someone yell at them so rudely, displeased, the two men glared in detective Argent's direction for a moment before changing their eyesight to the rest of the room in order to find the person who had received the 'Under his Protection' insignia. First, their eyes fell on a woman as they thought, 'So she must be the receiver of the symbol, a beautiful woman, no wonder.'

However, the next moment, their eyes fell on Virus as a s.h.i.+ver went down on both of their spines!

Then, looking into each other's startled eyes, both of them could vaguely understand what the other one was thinking, 'Oh my G.o.d! It's that person!'

Of course, before today, from the moment they had signed the contract, the first thing they had done was to get their hands on the picture of the person who was called 'Party A' inside the contract, the chairman of the Virus Industries!

Before rus.h.i.+ng to the precinct, both of them had a.s.sumed this mysterious person, who until now, even the president himself hadn't personally seen, wouldn't be present here. And honestly, today, they were only here to flatter the person who had received the 'Under his Protection' insignia. And by flattering the holder of this insignia, they were hoping that she would relay how great of a job they had done in saving her. And like that, the mysterious person would come to know about them, and this would be the beginning of a wonderful relations.h.i.+p!

But now, shockingly, they were lucky enough to see him in the fles.h.!.+

He, who was literally the current uncrowned king of the United States of America!

After that, remembering how even the president was dying to see this person, they couldn't help but ponder, 'The President will definitely regret not coming here in person.'

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"I said who are you two! Someone! Come bring these two away! Gosh, what's wrong with today!"

She was just about to continue with her mocking words when she was abruptly interrupted by a middle-aged man who came running while being drowned in his own sweat.

"Who-" She was just about to bark at this man too when she finally glanced at his face, which instantly made her eat her own words while some beads of sweat began to pop up on her forehead as she greeted him respectfully, "Po… police chief! What… what brings you here?"

Not paying any attention to her words though, the so-called police chief who was actually the Chief of the New York City Police Department walked over before the two men who were standing in front of Virus and started talking to them, "Mr. chief justice, Director… what brings you, two sires, here to New York?" At the same time, glancing in Virus' direction, he wondered to himself, 'Just who is this man? Why would they come all the way here just for this man and why would talk so respectfully to him? And why would the President call me personally and tell me to come here and listen to whatever Mr. chief justice orders me to do? For this mysterious man?'

Simultaneously, hearing the way police chief addressed these two men, detective Argent instantly went pale as any and all traces of blood was promptly drained from her face as she thought horrifiedly, 'Wh… wh… what they said were true? They really are the director of the FBI and the chief judge? No… that's impossible… why would they come to an insignificant place like this precinct? And why would they come here at the same time?' As she wondered to herself in terror, her eyes suddenly fell on Virus who was silently looking in her direction in amus.e.m.e.nt as if he was watching something very interesting.

This unconsciously made every hair all over her body stand-up to their ends as she looked back at him, only this time… in utter dread!

As her body continued to tremble, she thought, 'Wh… who have I offended? Just who is he? Could he be the President's son? No… please…'

Meanwhile, directly gazing into the middle-aged man's eyes, Mr. chief justice started elaborating, "Police chief, I'll be blunt here. We have received specific orders from the people of highest authority to come here today in order to close a certain case along with destroying every file regarding it, including whatever evidence that might exist in relation to this. Also, from this moment onwards, we will all act as if this case didn't happen nor exist in the first place. Is that clear?"

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