The God Virus


Volume 4 - 227 In Motion

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Listening to her words, Jack let out a laugh of anger as he began talking, "Haha, detective Argent, you doubting my professionalism is nothing but a huge joke! I've been working in this precinct for years now and no one has ever accused me of allowing my personal emotions interfere in a single case!"

He added, "What I'm saying here is that you have no tangible evidence to prove that she has truly murdered the rest of those people other than the one she just confessed to. But even that situation can be discussed since it seems like she was almost about to be raped!"

Pausing for a moment here and taking a breath, he continued, "You are just making a.s.sumptions based on her strength that can somewhat justify the situation, but where is your evidence? Or are you trying to force her to confess she has done it herself while she's obviously insisting she hasn't! It's true that critical thinking is an important factor in being a good detective, but forcing that critical way of thinking upon your suspect is in no way justifiable. h.e.l.l, it couldn't be far from the so-called justice you talked about just now."

At this point, a sharp glint twinkled in his eyes before he proceeded, "Now I understand that you are new to being a detective and in fact this is your very first case, but that doesn't justify you making such accusations on someone who has bravely stepped up to confess her own crime which is hardly one!" In the meantime, detective Brown began to think to himself helplessly, 'Aiii… I did it now. I should stop dreaming about having a little something going on between us now… sigh.'

Hearing this nonstop speech from him, detective Argent became speechless for a while. Finally, after gathering her thoughts, she opened her mouth again, "Detective Brown, let's say for a moment that my critical way of thinking is wrong. But if that's the case, why hasn't she told who has murdered the rest of those people?"

"Isn't that obvious? Maybe she's trying to protect the other party, or maybe it's because she really doesn't know!" He replied without even batting an eye.

"You forgot to mention the third possibility. That maybe she's really the one to murder them and now she's trying to mislead us all! And as I said before, considering her strength, the most likely answer to this question is my own suggestion."

A deep frown showed up on her forehead as she vocalized further, "But all of those things aside, I was just trying to test the waters to see if she will finally admit to her crime or to reveal those who have truly butchered those people! By the way, I knew I don't actually have any tangible evidence at the moment… but you were also the one to tell me that right now the court is really harsh and that the judges have special privileges to make decisions in these kinds of situations when it comes to the matters of FAP!"

"But now, you've ruined this for me entirely by interrupting us in the middle of my interrogation. You say you're not allowing your personal feelings from getting in the middle of your job, but in fact, you are doing exactly that." She finished her words with this ultimate conclusion as she even refuted the very beginning of Jack's speech.

"You-" Flabbergast, Jack became angry as he didn't know what to say to her anymore.


In the meantime, outside Ella's house, the Security ugly was still sitting inside the van while watching another video of a cute cat walking on two feet.

However, at this time, his attention was drawn to the door of Ella's house which was being opened. Immediately putting his phone away, he realized it was Ella's mom Megan who was standing before the door of their house as she was looking around a bit worriedly.

Seeing this scene, a bad premonition rushed at the Security ugly as he opened the door of the van and began strolling over, "Ma'am, is there anything wrong?"

Megan had long known that Ella's boyfriend had hired a bodyguard to protect them from the dangers of FAP, but she didn't know he was still around. So seeing him appear in front of her, she said worriedly, "Did you see Elle going somewhere? I can't find her anywhere in the house…"

"What?!" He promptly became stunned hearing this frightening piece of news as he uttered anxiously, "But she didn't come out of the front door at all…?"

Promptly, he began to remember that odd behavior of her when she was leaving the van, 'd.a.m.n it… she must've sneaked away! I have to find her as soon as possible or…" As this notion popped up into his head, without caring about the punishments he might face for connecting to the world, he attached himself to the internet of New York at once as he started to search every corner he was able to.

After five minutes of constant searching, at last, he succeeded in finding her, however, the instant he realized where she was and what was happening, his face instantly went utterly pale!

'Oh no… this is bad. This is above my league to handle. I have to call the Legal ugly and ask for his a.s.sistance.' As this line popped into his head, he was already running toward the van while simultaneously calling the Legal ugly anxiously. Before leaving though, he didn't forget to rea.s.sure Megan, "Ma'am, don't worry, I'll bring her safe and sound."

After the Legal ugly picked up, the Security ugly began to explain everything that was happening much to the shock of the always expressionless Legal ugly.

"What? Is this the truth?" He inquired as he had a hard time believing everything that was just told to him.

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At this time, the gravity was adjusted to twenty-seven times that of normal. By now, he had long arrived at the peak of the fifth and final level, Tempering The Marrow.

However, for some reason, he still continued practicing under the intense gravity of twenty-seven times. Actually, this had to do with a certain trick that the people of his past world had found.

By injecting the Synchronous Transformations Crystal into the body, the moment the system of the Corporeal Tempering Stage was 'in a way' broken, it meant that the pract.i.tioner could target every inch of the body to strengthen in whatever level he wanted, though the effects of this tempering wouldn't be as good as the time that pract.i.tioner was truly in that exact level.

Nevertheless, one point that was worth mentioning is that even after one completes every level of Tempering The Marrow level, many cells in the body still wouldn't be tempered to their absolute limit like the rest of the body.

And the solution the past Earth of the future found to this problem was to continue practicing the Corporeal Tempering Stage when one reached its absolute peak until the moment the STC naturally strengthened every single cell inside the body to their very limit.

Now, although doing this couldn't truly be considered a new level since no type of breakthrough was actually experienced by the body and the physique was still stuck at the peak of fifth level, mankind decided to name it the False Sixth Level, Remoulding The Residual Cells.

To be precise, Virus had already reached the peak of Tempering The Marrow when he started his practice under the twenty-six times gravity that of normal and afterward, he had begun training in this so-called False Sixth Level.

Now, after his body was able to persist under twenty-seven times gravity that of normal, he was finally beginning to feel that all of the residual cells inside his body were very close to their peak condition. This meant that every single part of Virus' body was about to reach the current peak condition and be one and the same in their temperament.

Alas, at this point, the golden beauty came rus.h.i.+ng toward him in an absolute hurry as she voiced impatiently, "Master… Ella… she-"

Listening to this part, Virus knew at once that there was something wrong with Ella, so not even waiting for her to complete her explanation, he directly connected to the whole world as he became aware of everything the next moment.

"I understand. Go tell the pilot to get ready, we're leaving to New York at once." Standing up, Virus proclaimed in an absolutely calm manner, as if everything was already under control. He was so abnormally calm that it made the golden beauty's heart tremble in alarm.

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