The God Virus


Volume 4 - 223 Painful Process

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A day drifted away just like that. Virus didn't continue with his training since without the gravity room or the other things he needed, training by himself for a single day wouldn't be able to help him progress in the fifth level of the Corporeal Tempering Stage, Tempering The Marrow, at all. So, he decided to rest for the day and release all of the tension that had gathered on his body.

Right now, both Virus and the golden beauty were standing in front of a two meters long device while the Island ugly explained, "Master, this is the gravity device. With some adjustments, I had to make it bigger for it to be able to tolerate the pressure. Also, its diameter of effect has been reduced to only five meters, further than that, the gravity won't work."

"Okay, that's adequate… is the other thing I told you to make ready?" Nodding his head in understanding, Virus inquired further.

"Yes, I'll order one of the Worker Robots to carry it over." Replied the Island ugly respectfully.

"Alright, where are the other materials I need?" Opening his mouth again, he asked.

"Please follow me, they are placed in another section together with the MDA"

Afterward, the trio went to another section where the MDA and the herbs Virus required were placed at. Nodding his head in satisfaction, Virus first sent the Island ugly away before telling the golden beauty, "Lil Belle, I'll send you a recipe, it's called 'Basic Blood Replenis.h.i.+ng Pill'. I will need a lot of these pills in the Tempering The Marrow level. You shall be in charge of creating these pills. So whenever my stock gets empty, you come here and create new ones, alright?"

"Yes, master." She answered cheerfully. As long as she could help her master, she was happy.

Showing her a brilliant smile, Virus stated, "Good, now, create a few ones and let me see how you do it."

After watching her make a few 'Basic Blood Replenis.h.i.+ng Pills' Virus took those few pills and left.

Coming back to the area where the gravity device was placed at, Virus spotted a new tool there. This new tool was strangely in the shape of a big tank and from its body, a long flexible conduit for conducting liquid was sticking out and a needle was attached to the end of this hose.

Virus walked beside this new tool as he grabbed the end of this hose before abruptly jamming it into the vein of his right arm.

At the same time, the tool started to function as it sucked his blood in a rather quick manner.

Seeing it work perfectly fine, Virus popped one of the pills into his mouth as he ordered toward the gravity device, "Twenty times gravity."

Instantly, an intense gravity pressed upon him, however, he realized this wasn't his true limit and increased it once again.

In the end, he realized the best gravity for the current him was twenty-two times gravity that of normal. So, finding the most suitable level for himself, he sat down on the ground, closed his eyes, and started his next session of training.

Gradually, Virus' face went totally pale as a lot of blood was drained from his whole body. He had lost so much blood that he was experiencing an odd and intense type of pain by now. However, simultaneously, gritting his teeth and persisting, he began directly guiding all of the energy from the STC to his bone marrow. This was an extremely painful process!

After losing that much blood, his bone marrow was naturally forced to work with all its might to replenish that lost blood.

However, at this time, the pill's effect also began to kick in as it forced his bone marrow to overwork even further to another level while it absorbed all of the energy around itself like crazy. This speed of absorption was so fast that every last bit of energy that appeared inside his bone marrow was instantly sucked in.

Slowly, fresh blood began to fill up his whole body. The difference between this new blood and his old blood lay in the fact that this blood's quality was a tad bit better.

His bone marrow was also a little tempered. Though this temperament was not worth mentioning at this moment.

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As his lost blood was finally replenished, the blood-sucking tool began to work again as it drained his blood once more!

To be honest, it didn't matter if they tried to stop those videos anymore because most people had seen it already. However, a lot of people still did not believe those videos and called them altered videos that have been photoshopped or professionally edited. And since no government showed any kind of reaction regarding these videos on the surface, they just a.s.sumed it to be false and not anything worth mentioning.

Anyhow, as time pa.s.sed like this and many startling events were taking place in the outside world, Virus proceeded with his training without any care in the whole world.




Right now, the Security ugly was sitting inside the van in front of Ella's family house as he pondered to himself, 'Although master's back… he hasn't come to visit miss Ella… not even once.'

'Sigh… I wouldn't have originally cared about this, but miss Ella keeps asking me when will he be back nearly every day. She even asks twice at some particular days. And looking at the way she looks, I can say with certainty that she's not at her best shape these days-' Just as he deliberated to this point, the door of his van was abruptly pushed open as an ashen-faced Ella appeared there.

She was crying!

Her eyes were filled with tears as she covered her mouth with one hand and questioned, "Ahh… Security… bro… I killed… sob… I… I murdered someone?!"

Seeing this unexpected scene in front of him, the Security ugly's eyes promptly went wide open as he thought while being totally at a loss, 'Oh no! She remembered!'

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