The God Virus


Volume 4 - 222 The Painful Experience To Come

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Her master was there no more!

Nevertheless, knowing this was because he had just jumped, she immediately looked high into the sky, only to realize her master was more or less ten meters above the ground itself! Seeing this scene in front of her, the golden beauty's eyes went round in disbelief.

A moment later, Virus began to descend toward the ground.


The moment his feet landed on the ground, a rather loud noise reverberated around the area as dust covered the scene.

"Master!" A bit worried, she looked at the direction her master had just landed on.

"I'm fine." However, completely fine, Virus walked toward her in a relaxed manner while he wondered to himself, 'Huh, so around ten meters is my current limit. Though if I strain myself, I'll be able to achieve a bit higher.'

Now that he was done with his little jump experiment, without any further ado, he distanced himself from the golden beauty.

"Shall we start?" Then, he asked with a wide grin plastered over his face.

Seeing her master was truly fine, at first, she became astonished by imagining just how hard her master's bones had to be for him to be totally unharmed from such a fall. Afterward, letting out a sigh of relief, she replied while wearing a half-smile, "Whenever master feels like it, Lil Belle is ready." Now, there was a serious vibe emitting from her entire body which didn't exist on the previously cute and casual golden beauty.

Hearing the confirmation, showing a playful smirk, Virus charged. With each step, a small footprint was left on the ground as a result of his great momentum.

Soon, he was five meters away from the golden beauty when he abruptly… jumped forward!


Naturally, this time, the height of his hop was much lesser compared to the previous one as his main purpose was to reduce the distance between the two of them in the blink of an eye.

In the meantime, as he was still on the air, drawing back his fist, he sent a straight punch toward his landing spot where the golden beauty was currently standing at.

However, at this moment, a mischievous smile showed up on the golden beauty's face before she began maneuvering at the very last moment as she effortlessly dodged the incoming attack and moved out of the way.


Some dust rose on Virus' landing spot once again. Nevertheless, without a second of hesitation, Virus leaped toward the golden beauty's current location once again, only this time, he had placed an even greater amount of power behind his feet before springing in her direction. Also, this time, he was clearly going to land on both feet, meaning, he was going to perform a dropkick on her.

Then, just as he was about to succeed, the golden beauty once again smiled and swiftly moved out of the way.


Even more dirt scattered around as he failed once more.

After that, Virus was just about to rush at her again, when to his surprise, before he could do anything, the golden beauty stormed in his direction.

Then, not even a moment had pa.s.sed, when she was already in front of him as she instantly placed both of her hands on the ground and swept with one foot at Virus' legs.


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As a result of that, Virus easily lost his balance and was knocked down on the ground the very next moment.

"Hmm, yes." Taking a sip from his currently favorite drink, tea, Virus mouthed before asking, "With the current technology base and foundation we have, is making the 20 times gravity room really the utmost limit? It's proving to be inadequate for my final level of training." Previously, Virus had a.s.sumed 20 times gravity would've been more than enough. But now, with those two heavenly phenomena existing inside his body, he had become much stronger than expected, so he needed an even stronger degree of gravity in order to continue his training.

Listening to his words, the Island ugly didn't respond immediately and instead seemed to sink into deep contemplation.

Virus didn't interrupt him while he was thinking and instead took another sip from his cup of specially made tea.

Around a minute pa.s.sed when the Island ugly finally opened his mouth in order to provide his master with an answer, "Master, that's truly our limit at the moment… however, if you still insist on making it, I can adjust some parts forcefully in order to raise it to 28 times gravity. Also, since the building can't resist such a degree of gravity, we can only make a gravity spot for you in our underground world. Nevertheless, that's still beyond our level of technology base so there will be a lot of strain and pressure on the gravity device… with that, it would at most last for twelve hours before it breaks down. So we would need to keep making new ones for master's training."

After listening to his words, Virus pondered for a moment before replying, "Alright, make them. Also, I need you to gather a lot of some specific herbs and materials. I'll transfer them to your head."

Blood seemed to disappear from the Island ugly's face after hearing he had to gather some materials once more.

Seeing the Island ugly's face turn a bit pale tickled Virus as he spoke further, "Haha, don't worry, you don't need to go to those kinds of extreme places any time soon. Actually, the location of all of the things I need this time around can be accessed rather easily, so you can even buy them from other people if you want."

After letting out a sigh of relief, the Island ugly responded, "Yes, master."

"Okay, you can leave now." Signaling with his hand, Virus dismissed the Island ugly.

After he left, muddled, the golden beauty inquired, "Master, what do you need those materials for? Are you gonna make something like the Synchronous Transformations Crystal again?"

Turning his head to look into her rich golden eyes, Virus answered, "No, it's not anything like that. It's just that training this level is much harder than you're imagining right now… so I would need to take a special route of training in order to smooth the path for myself and to decrease the time required for finis.h.i.+ng this final level."

Afterward, while thinking about the painful experience he had to go through from now on, he took another sip from his cup of tea.

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