The God Virus


Volume 4 - 216 Viscera Renewal And...

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"That's a very logical choice Sir Lancelot and I personally agree. Let's vote and see what's the opinion of everyone else. Those who disagree with the decision, please raise your hands." Said Mordred looking at everyone's face once.

After that, there was absolute silence for exactly a minute. Seeing no one raising his hand, Mordred talked once again, "Now, those who agree, please raise your hands."

Immediately, twelve people raised their hands as most of them truly liked the idea. Only one person stayed his hand and remained unmoved while his eyes were closed. It was as if he had fallen asleep and everything that was happening around him had nothing to do with him. He was the man who was sitting on the most luxurious seat.

"Okay… then unless the highest order has anything to add or has a specific decree. We shall proceed with this plan." Vocalizing this, Mordred turned his head around to see if the man shows any kind of reaction whatsoever. Seeing his eyes still remain closed, Mordred understood they could continue with the decision, "Then it's decided, we shall sign the contract."

At this moment, someone else suddenly opened his mouth, "The current President should've seen our real names and he knows our true ident.i.ties now. What action will be taken regarding that?"

Hearing his words, everyone else started nodding their heads, meaning they also had this particular concern.

Seeing through everyone's worry, Lancelot who had already expected this matter to be brought up first glanced at the man on the luxurious seat before pa.s.sing along the words, "Hmm, a good point, Lucan. We can't deal with him while he's the President… since it will lead to many headaches and possible variables. Like that time in the past. So if everyone agrees, we will shut his mouth for now and deal with him when his period of Presidency is over. Of course, all of this will be executed by Arthur himself since the only one who has authority when it comes to the matters of the secrecy of our ident.i.ty is him."

After Lancelot was done talking, everyone slightly nodded their heads in agreement as they no longer opened their mouth.

"Okay… if there is nothing else, this meeting shall be adjourned here. Please keep in mind that each of you will be summoned one by one in order to sign the contract. You may return." As he announced the ending, simultaneously, thirteen unknown people popped out right behind every chair as they teleported away with their own representative.


In another location, in a room filled with hundreds of screens, currently, some unknown people were watching a particular scene in front of them as their two spies landed on a specific atoll.

Afterward, they saw an enemy spot their spies. But that enemy was soon dealt with as they proceeded in their path. However, before long, another man appeared alongside a golden beauty.

"That's the target!"

Next, they were closely watching everything that was happening when suddenly, the man inside their screen directly stared in the direction of the satellite and smirked. That was the last image they received as the screen's connection was instantly cut off and they could no longer perceive anything!

"What happened! Fix it asap! Quick!" Said one of the men which clearly had a lot of authority among the men present inside the room.

After five minutes of failure, one of the soldiers replied, "Sir… the satellite seems to have run into some sort of issue… this may take a while."

Yelling in anger, another man cursed, "d.a.m.n it! Why is this happening now? Could it have something to do with them? No… that's simply impossible! They did absolutely nothing and they definitely didn't know we're coming! So what can they do in this time frame? f.u.c.k, how can we be so misfortunate?" By the end of his sentence, he was fuming at this random coincidence.

"Continue trying to fix it! You have to make it work as soon as possible no matter the cost! If you can't, then you can pack your things and leave, understood?" Declared the other man.


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Time pa.s.sed just like that and soon, it was six days later. Currently, Virus was sitting cross-legged inside the gravity room with his eyes shut.

Now, normally, this would've lessened the duration required in order to reach a breakthrough even further and with that, Virus should've already broken through a few days ago!

However, Virus was obviously still at the peak of Viscera Renewal. This had to do with an adjustment the Technology Universe had made to the third level of Corporeal Tempering Stage, Viscera Renewal.

In the Cultivation Multiverse of Qi, normally, this level comprised of every organ inside the body except one. And that exclusive part was the brain and the nervous system.

What the Technology Universe did was to develop an additional way in order to concentrate the energy utilizing the STC on the nervous system too!

And obviously, coming back to the reason as to why he still hasn't broken through to the fourth level, that was it. Since with this adjustment, the time required to reach a breakthrough naturally increased.

So, right now, Virus was sitting inside the gravity room under a whopping gravity of ten times that of the normal as he practiced his special breathing method which was obtained by his past world's Earth. A part of his consciousness was also focused on the rotation of the Dark Dragon's Metamorphosis Revolution.

In the meantime, the golden beauty had brought a television and a couch to right outside the door as she was watching a movie while eating some popcorn along with it.

Simultaneously, at this time, soundlessly, Virus shattered the final barrier of the third level at last as the energy capacity of every organ reached the absolute limit of this level.

Then, all of a sudden...

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