The God Virus


Volume 4 - Chapter 211: Crunch

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Chapter 211: Crunch

In Virus' past world of the future, at this period of time, everything had proceeded normally with no such videos popping up here and there over the internet. But now, against the past, with the world having the preconception that it was ending, the top people seemed to not have been bothered by this spread of news as they had more important worries themselves, to begin with. And thus, all of this eventually led to the ongoing revelations.




"Lil Belle, the Island ugly should've created what I need by now. Please go and tell him to guide us to it." Turning his head toward the golden beauty, Virus said all of a sudden.

"Ah, sure. Please wait a minute, master." Uttering this, the golden beauty left the room before coming back with the Island ugly and afterward, five minutes later, the trio were standing in front of another door inside the same building.

Not waiting for Virus to open his mouth, the Island ugly began talking by himself, "Master, I equipped it on this very room… though you have to know that with the current technology base we have at this time, the highest multiplication you can advance it to is at most twenty times. That's also the absolute limit this room can handle."

"Hmm, I figured that would be the case and it's actually more than enough for the current me. Anyway, you can retreat now… also… good job." Nodding his head in satisfaction, Virus dismissed the Island ugly.

After the Island ugly left, looking at the golden beauty, Virus vocalized, "From now on… you can bring my food to this room."

"En, alright. But what is this room exactly, master? What did the Island ugly do to it." Confused, the golden beauty inquired ignorantly.

"You will understand soon enough, let's enter." Muttering this, not even wasting a single second, Virus opened its door as they entered the empty room.

After he was inside, not bothering with anything else, Virus began to strip silently.

Seeing this abrupt act of her master, the golden beauty's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets as she helplessly pondered to herself, 'Here we go again!'

After stripping, he walked beside a piece of shorts that was laying in the middle of the room as he put it on, 'Hmm, I should start by adjusting it to 1.5 times… that should be the best for the beginning phase.'

Next, as if there was someone listening to him, Virus began to talk, "Fifty percent amplification!"

The golden beauty was just about to sink into an even deeper level of confusion when suddenly the room trembled slightly before going quiet once again.

"Ah!" Immediately though, the golden beauty let out a shocked moan as she felt her whole body get heavier by at least fifty percent!

At the same time, Virus' body also experienced the same thing as he felt a rather heavy strain on his internal organs for a short moment before he was able to resist it gradually.

"The gravity changed!!!" Proclaimed the flabbergasted golden beauty who clearly felt every part of her body get a lot heavier than before.

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"Haha… yeah… to be more precise, this room can now be called a Gravity Room." With a chuckle, Virus stated.

Three more hours pa.s.sed like that while Virus only stopped in order to take a breath or to eat food so as not feel hungry.

For a normal person, continuing this process for almost three hours without sufficient rest would've been very difficult. However, amazingly, even after three hours, Virus seemed to be still fine and left with a lot of unused energy! It was as if he was still boiling with energy and the more he sweated and practiced, the more energetic he became!

This was because, throughout the constant process of exercising, every fiber of his muscles all over his body was breathing the incredible energy being injected from the STC and this made him feel truly alive!

"Adjust gravity to 200 percent!" At this moment, believing his body was strong enough, Virus stopped his exercise and commanded the gravity to be multiplied by two times. Now, the gravity inside the room was two times that of Earth's.

The Instant the gravity increased, Virus experienced a heavy strain all over his body once again. So left with no other choice, he continued sitting in an unmoving position while slowly getting used to the tension of this level.

Five days pa.s.sed very quickly. Right now, inside the gravity room, Virus was covered in sweat in every part of his skin as if he had just showered! Nonetheless, he continued doing push-ups non-stop!

And shockingly, right now, the gravity inside the room was adjusted to six times that of the normal!

In the past three days, the muscles all over Virus' body had at first started to bulge and get bigger to an abnormal extent. However, from a certain moment onwards, they slowly began to get smaller once again until now. Currently, the muscles of his body were tuned and hardened to the extreme!

Every move he made with his body now gave the illusion of the most natural movement in the world which enhanced the charming aura around Virus to an even greater degree!

The golden beauty who had watched all of the astonis.h.i.+ng transformations that had occurred to her master's body in the past five days was currently observing his body with starry eyes as she thought with a gulp, 'Um, Ahh… oh my G.o.d, master's body is now simply heavenly! How can a muscle be refined to this extent, they are so beautiful… I really wanna touch...!'

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